Jul 30
kristen stewart

When a woman cheats on a man it can be just as devastating as when a man cheats on a woman… maybe even worse. It’s embarrassing, it makes you feel inadequate, helpless, devastated. It brings emotion to a party where it has never been invited and to tell you the truth – most men are not prepared for it. Recently I saw a man get the death penalty here in Florida for walking in on his cheating wife, then getting his pistol and executing them both in cold blood (they were begging and pleading). In the courtroom he was stoic, calm and seemed to be at peace with his fate. He did what many men talk about doing when among their brethren if ever they were to catch their lover with another man. One unforgettable case I saw dealt with a man whose wife drained him to… [Read more]

Jul 27
hot blonde on date

Men how many times have you read articles written by confused women asking why it is that they are single when they have sooo much to offer? How many talk shows, Reality TV interviews, books, etc. have shown us this drop dead gorgeous woman complaining about her inability to find a guy? Tons of them right? What does a man say when he reads, hears or watches this stuff? A man thinks to himself “that’s all fine and dandy, but I bet she has a real annoying personality, or even worse – a ridiculous sense of entitlement.” I know that’s what crosses my mind, having known enough strong women in my time who remained chronically single, unaware that their poisonous demeanor was the culprit. I have learned that we all have a poor sense of self when reflecting back on why a date went south…. [Read more]

Jul 26
naughty angelina

“Dear Dragon – What if you had a girl that all she thinks about is having sexual intercourse with you, and you’re like, “I don’t want to” but she insists on seeing you, knowing all she wants to do is have sex. Would you break up with her because of their nympho ways or you would just give in?” – Patrick Give in! If you are young and not really looking to settle down just yet then you are going to regret turning down all of that hot, unbridled action in the future. If you are an older man in your late 30’s and trying to find a wife then maybe you move on, but it is completely up to what you ultimately want out of that relationship. Most men pursue women for companionship and of course some sweet sexual intercourse. When you hit the lotto… [Read more]

Jul 25
man on couch with women

Men, are you guilty of having chased the wrong woman in the past only to blame other women that came along for your bad luck? Well this seems to be the newest backlash by women who have grown tired of the “back then you didn’t want me, now I’m rich you’re all on me” narrative. When I first heard this backlash it forced me to back up and do some self-reflection… am I guilty of this? I haven’t had the privilege of having a woman that shot me down in the past come back to “push up” but I still thought on the types of women that I WAS interested in during my College days. Thinking back on it, the women that I sought were normally of what I assumed to be the reserved, cute, and intelligent type. I was largely unsuccessful because that type… [Read more]

Jul 24
rihanna hair

I don’t know much about Women’s fashion; some men do (and I applaud their attention to detail) but I choose to remain ignorant to it just like many things in Men’s fashion. I am aloof to the entire subject but I can tell you what I do or do not like. This attitude of mine is pretty common amongst men being that our focus has little to do with what you are wearing, how your hair is done, or what color shoes you chose to go with your dress. Our focus is on you – are you attractive or aren’t you? Being attractive may come from your hair but we’ll let you tell it – if you ask a man what hairstyle on a woman he likes best, do you know what he will say? It’s easy; the man will say whatever hairstyle the majority… [Read more]

Jul 21
chad ochocinco

Hate on Chad Ochocinco all you want, it is good to see one NFL player who has managed to keep his nose clean, take up the mantle for common sense in the NFL. The wide-receiver recently shared with the world his 6 rules for keeping out of trouble and I had to re-post them here for our NFL fans to see. From Chad Ochocinco: It’s unfortunate that a lot of my peers have been getting into some serious trouble this off-season. What is it like 28 now? I have lost count. Thus, I figured I would share with you the 6 AFC and NFC acronyms I use to stay out of trouble. Excuse the Ebonics by the way, it is a more fun way to really express how I feel about this. ALCOHOL So you want to get wasted. The dumbest –ish you can do in… [Read more]

Jul 20
man and woman with money

Mind Your Business And Tell Nobody! Seriously I know that most people have the urge to tell the world of their new found wealth because of the power and prestige they think will come with it but this is the worst thing that you can do. Imagine what would happen if you were in a world void of water and your family found a tiny oasis only capable of keeping you alive. What do you think would happen if you announced to everyone that you have it? Not only would every person that barely knows you show up to beg for water but they will never believe you once you tell them that you ran out. Eventually after everyone is aware you have it you will be robbed. People are stupid when it comes to money, absolutely stupid. They will never understand why you won’t pick… [Read more]

Jul 18
peter parker and gwen stacy

If you are a socially awkward guy that has issues talking to women, you should check out The Amazing Spiderman. No worries on the movie sucking as it is actually top notch, so hesitation is unnecessary – I just want you to see Peter Parker’s swagger. In the original Spiderman starring Tobey Maguire, the character of Peter Parker was an overly nice smart kid whose childhood love interest was a red-haired girl-next-door (Mary Jane Watson) played by Kristen Dunst. Peter allowed his much cooler, richer, better looking best friend to take this average looking girl away from him, while he just waited for her to choose. Many guys do the same thing in life then end up upset when the woman chooses the better package deal. The new Peter Parker is socially awkward, but unlike the former he is dark in a way that works… [Read more]