Aug 31
dragon bites

We’re not only writers, we’re readers and below are some of the highlights of the past few weeks that we wish to share: Queenierich Rehman, Philippines’ Miss World 2012 Contestant, Beatboxes (VIDEO) –  For the talent portion of Miss World 2012, currently happening in China, Rehman sang… and beatboxed. At the same time. And girl is one hell of a beatboxer… (Huffpost) LL Cool J puts a beat-down on burglary suspect – LL Cool J delivered a broken jaw and broken nose to a suspected burglar at his Studio City home in the wee hours Wednesday, police sources told… (LATimes) Long Hair, Do I Care?? – What’s interesting to note is that most men have all of these precursors when it comes to seriously dating a woman. From butts to breasts women HAVE to have these things for a man to even be attracted to… [Read more]

Aug 30
tika sumpter

When asked about being called “Chocolate” and whether it was offensive to her, actress Tika Sumpter answered: “I think it’s a term of endearment. I don’t think it’s anything negative. Chocolate’s my favorite thing to eat. So I can’t live without it. And I know when Mike Epps says it, he’s just like ‘emph! Look, if Tyler Perry wants to pay me the money to call me ‘chocolate’ and be an ass, I’m cool with it.” I feel the same way, having been called chocolate quite a few times myself… except I would offer my name callers the chance to take a bite out this big ‘ol DIP! But  oddly enough I had no takers :/ but this isn’t about me, complexion, or people calling fine, dark-skinned women chocolate. No sir this is about Tika… delicious, cocoa brown Tika (does a Hail Mary). Just see… [Read more]

Aug 29
librarian hawte

Dark hair pulled back in a bun with glasses, and a cute shape is the abstract… she has on a formal business suit (skirt of course) which shows enough leg to let you know that there is fire hidden under that guise. Does this woman even exist anymore? Has she ever existed? The job title is one that no longer has the backdrop of a million tomes and the mysterious desk where she sits; ready to scold us for being too loud or give us a stern look while peering over her glasses. Today’s librarians are regular guys and gals, some being kids doing a side-job to get through school or earn extra money. The hot librarian has become a fantasy of adult movies and raunchy short stories. But when I think about it, the librarian and the “hot teacher” are the same creature aren’t… [Read more]

Aug 28
usain bolt and mo farah

Muhammad Ali said “I am the greatest!” Usain Bolt said “I am a legend”. What confidence! I can think of a few others such as Beanie Man who answers this question based on his sexual prowess and attraction as he chants in his song – “Who am I?, the girl dem sugar!!!” This question has the power to elicit confidence as well as confusion, delusion, and doubt. Often times the question comes from the need to introduce oneself. With hand outstretched, do you give your name? “Hi, I am Delaney”, or “My name is Jordan and I am a singer/song writer”. This kind of response indicates the perceived value of associating “who you are” with “what you do”. Have you ever seen the reaction of “Hi, I’m David and I am a doctor” to the response of, “Oh, nice to meet you David, what kind… [Read more]

Aug 27
sad woman with abuser

Many people assume that prostitutes are unintelligent victims of overly smart street hustlers with a hard backhand, a 9mm handgun and a lack of empathy but the truth of the matter is that there is a method to the madness that is The Game and the art of making and breaking a prostitute. The main source of power that a pimp has over his/her product is called psychological imprisonment and I would warn that many of you judging the prostitute may be a broke day and an act of loyalty away from being one yourself. The following 7 rules are a variation of The Laws of The Game that have been used by pimps since time immortal and they are accompanied by my insights as to how your marriage or relationship could very well be along the same lines as a pimp/prostitute relationship. Sure your… [Read more]

Aug 25

Everyone’s favorite blonde – Kate “I can do the Dougie” Upton (dat hawte) is on the cover of GQ Italia and it is such a blazing hot photoshoot that we just had to share with you red-blooded denizens out there. Make sure you boys wear your extra dark shades because Miss Upton has her brights 100% on! Please find below 4 of the 17 images courtesy of (with an extra bonus…) to whet your taste buds; but if you want the full Monte then you will have to visit: (Kate Upton’s GQ Cover Shoot)   Are You Not Entertained!? Still can’t get enough of Kate? Check out her own personal Lady Dragon page right here on the Hall! Just be sure to leave everything where you left it… I can just see the haters navigating the place and whispering “everything looks neat except for that damn… [Read more]

Aug 24
olympic man hug

Rule #61 (Support): In times of need and heart break it is necessary for a man – as a friend, to step up and lend support. This is normally a need brought about when a friend has split with his lady or kicked out of the house due to infidelity (by either party). A man must lend a hand whether this is done through taking the injured male to a strip club, or just talking it out over drinks; it is a man’s duty to be available. While being as manly as possible is part of the warrior’s way,  being a supportive friend is an even bigger part. If a friend decides to come out of the closet about his homosexuality, a man should not only show support but continue to treat said friend as a friend. This does not mean that a homophobic man should… [Read more]

Aug 23
lane cries to draper

There’s something that just feels wrong about a man who whines and complains. Nobody has patience for it, and nobody wants to hear it. Machismo has always been attributed to the strong, silent type; men who take action when the time calls for it but keep it to themselves otherwise. The only acceptable time for a man to complain is prior to action and if there is no intent on action then that man becomes every bit akin to a barking Chihuahua – loud, annoying, and only able to garner sympathy from his owners. We have all been in the presence of a complaining, whiny man and I am more than sure that he grated on your nerves as much as he would mine. Men, if you want to stand apart in society then you have to pick and choose your verbal battles and avoid… [Read more]