Sep 28
dragon bites

We’re not only writers, we’re readers and below are some of the highlights of the past few weeks that we wish to share: Ray Lewis Is Not as Mean as He Looks – The funny thing about Ray Lewis is you’re struck by the amount of people for whom he’s played this kind of father-figure role. Whether it’s a teen he’s met through his charity work or other players… (ESQUIRE) It’s More Than Just a Running Club – I’m a runner. Yep one of those people who thinks that half-marathons are better than sleeping in on a Sunday morning. About 18 months ago a I helped to launch the Atlanta chapter of Black Girls Run… (SpeakingLife) The Wu-Tang Comics That Never Were: Wu-Massacre – Here are some pages ANIMAL exclusively obtained of a short Wu-Tang comic book that was based on the clan’s Wu-Massacre album… [Read more]

Sep 26
angry black woman

If you read the commentary on sites that are woman-centric and harboring a generally hostile community, you would feel as if the world has gone to hell and women were all out to get theirs at the expense of any man dumb enough to date them. But I have had a much different experience out in the real world where women have been respectful, sweet, and courteous and I can count the number of nightmare experiences on one hand… I know… lucky me. Do you realize that the reason why so many men get ambushed by evil women on dates is because the majority of their experiences were actually decent women? Sure, chemistry may not work out to make for a love connection, but it’s only once in a blue you get that bossy, loud-mouthed user who demands you follow her expectations to a tee… [Read more]

Sep 24
arguing couple

If you’ve ever tried having a civil discussion with a “strong” woman of today you will know all too well what happens when you suggest that women of a former age were a lot more feminine, lovable and supportive. We as men lose the chance to speak when we utter certain words – namely: feminine, submission, and gold digger. Any of these words will turn the conversation into an argument and you will have gone from a “man” into a “misogynist” in her mind. As a Modern Gentleman it is no longer our prerogative to tell a woman what to do and what to say. Using the word submit, obey, or “cater” will bring forth the wrath of every self-proclaimed feminist to tar and feather you into the netherworld of shame. Today’s woman will not be treated like a Betty Draper or a Margaret Schroeder…. [Read more]

Sep 21
super business woman

Editor’s Note about Chicks We Dig: There are tons of angry women (and men) out there, confused with life because they hate men, claim they don’t need us, yet are attracted to us all the same so they feel forced to lash out in numerous creative, sexist ways. Here at Hall of The Black Dragon we don’t subscribe to men who hate women and women who hate men. To this end we would like to highlight women who  are able to do that feminist thing without delving down the lazy path of hating our entire gender, so we’ve created a new section called Chicks We Dig because hate is lazy and unproductive and we believe that those who do things right should have all the exposure in the world. GirlWritesWhat is my new hero.  She sits at her kitchen table and spits the truth about… [Read more]

Sep 20
couple on couch

“I met this young lady at the gym and we had a few conversations then I asked her to lunch. She accepted the invite with the understanding that I knew her source of income (She told me off the top). My plan was just to have a good time but then I got to know her. She’s been there for me when noone else has. She makes me feel comfortable enough for me to think she’s not cheating or hoeing her self… But anything is possible. Can I marry this woman, under this situation?” – Jimmy Hey Jim, thanks for writing me about this lovely lady of yours. It sounds to me like you have some doubts my man and doubts will make that whole “eternal trust” thing a tad too complex to be happily married (just my opinion). What you need to do is… [Read more]

Sep 19
young wyclef and lauryn

Do you know who controls whether or not a man and a woman has an affair? Easy answer – both parties do, at least when the situation doesn’t involve slavery or sexual abuse. So it confuses me to no end when I hear women blame Wyclef Jean for the disaster in life that is Lauryn Hill. This pattern of finger pointing is something that people have been doing for quite some time now and it is not only unfair to the person blamed but shows a dangerous bit of tribalism displayed by the accuser. The pattern I outlined in the intro is part of the reasoning for the Wyclef blame and we can mix in Twilight’s Kristen Stewart because she now suffers from the same public scrutiny that Wyclef has for all these years since the Fugees as a group had split. People pick the… [Read more]

Sep 18
friends laughing

Despite what standard culture will have you believe, It is not impossible to become friends with your former lover. Many believe that because you had sex with somebody in the past, there’s no way you’ll be able to be friends with them once the connection is over. It really all depends on the individuals involved; if your ex is immature and will use the friendly relationship as some way to “hold on” to your previous relationship – then of course it might not be a good plan to keep them around. Life is too short to hold grudges and it seems absurd to exclude someone from your life that you cared about and had great times with. They probably understand you more than anyone else, and beyond the physical attraction, is a really good friend. You made a conscious choice to make this person a… [Read more]

Sep 17
beautiful black woman

In my old age I’ve found that women send back signals that many of us should pick up on but don’t due to our inability to understand them. No I don’t mean obvious crap like touching your hand, giggling, or I don’t know – flirting with you. What I am talking about is the involuntary mannerisms that let you know whether or not she’s approachable. Think about the things that a woman does when she’s comfortable around you and think of the other things that she does when she doesn’t care for you. Everyone is different and we all have our own ways of showing discomfort and relative comfort with one another. Within a setting of many people, different interactions and uninterrupted focus, a focused man can determine whether it’s worthwhile to ask a woman out or not. Real Life Example – The Meeting with… [Read more]