Oct 31
betty draper

Many of us get called things that we dislike and hate but usually there is a reason behind the name-calling that extends beyond childish attacks and bullying. Lately I’ve seen a few articles by women who are upset at being labeled “bitter” by their male and female counterparts. It rings hollow to me when I know of instances where the author has thrown around words like misogyny to label men—who did not deserve it—and other names towards people who didn’t agree with her. Some people ARE bitter but don’t want to deal with the label when people write them off with it. Let us observe the word as it is defined by Dictionary.com: bit·ter adjective, bit·ter·er, bit·ter·est, noun, verb, adverb having a harsh, disagreeably acrid taste, like that of aspirin, quinine, wormwood, or aloes. producing one of the four basic taste sensations; not sour, sweet,… [Read more]

Oct 30
average guy

Why do we as a society act as if mediocrity is such a shameful thing? Most people are average—by a huge margin—yet we pretend as if everyone has the potential to become “great”. Children are pushed to maximize their efforts in the pursuit of material bliss only to grow into miserable adults when life comes back mundane.   We Can’t All Be At The Top The irony in our average-shaming society is that the ones who ascend need the average people in order to maintain position. People who become rich use the money of the average populace to amass wealth. I have always said that the quickest way to wealth Is to find the best way to exploit the ignorant and it is very true of a lot of successful businesses. Athletes, their coaches, and the team’s owners and general managers make ridiculous salaries because… [Read more]

Oct 29
people dancing

How many of you out there spend with your hearts and not your brains? Think about it, are you all about experiencing things now and then figuring out how to pay for it later, or are you a planner who makes sure the money is there with enough left over for bills and life before spending? CreditDonkey.com, a credit card comparison company has done a survey of over 1,100 people and found that 41% of them had less than $500 in their savings account. YOLO (you only live once) right? Yet why does this statistic not surprise me? People will blame every aspect of life but their careless spending in order to not feel foolish about being one of those 41%. I personally know that part of the problem with this statistic is that the people with no savings, investments, and nest eggs are able… [Read more]

Oct 26
korean bbq

Music and food are two of the most important elements to truly experiencing another culture when you travel. This is why it always surprises me when someone goes to another country or region and skips out on the food for fear of any number of things. You cannot truly experience if you don’t taste what the locals taste and this is why the most studied and the most adventurous have the best times. When you go to a new place it is very important to study up on the customs, methodology and the history of the place you are going to. While there, engage in conversation with your travel guide, taste foods from the street vendors who are most popular–the vendors with a line around the corner–and make sure you try some of the local fruit while you’re there. Many of us see the globe trotting… [Read more]

Oct 25
couples argument

Man Up! It’s bad enough that in this day and age men can’t be solid on what defines manhood without some buffet feminist slapping us with a Misogyny stamp let alone for someone we love to tell us to man up. What exactly is manning up and why would a woman know it any better than another man? It’s an emasculating and uncompromising utterance aimed at men to mask the true intent of telling us that “we are acting weak and feminine”. This is why it is an unforgivable statement in most circumstances. Even if your man is being a punk it is not up to you to tell him to “man up” ever. You Don’t Own Me! Sure none of us own one another truly but isn’t that what the labels, the rings and the commitment is about? What do you mean I don’t own you?… [Read more]

Oct 24
kim kardashian and reggie bush

There seems to be a lot of exposés being filmed on the token broke, once-millionaire athlete. The sexy fall from grace that audiences lavish almost as much as the rags to riches story. As more athletes get revealed for their poor financial choices, or bad luck in investing, it seems as if more of us are putting out our opinion on them. And what are our opinions? They were immature, stupid, careless, and greedy. We ponder on how it is that someone can gain so much capital throughout their career but have nothing to show for it in retirement. Many of us with these opinions are not financially educated ourselves but we assume that with that sort of money we would have taken the time to get educated. I cannot sit here and say that I believe this to be true, what I do believe is… [Read more]

Oct 23
gucci mane smoking

New Hip Hop sensation 2 Chainz said the very line I used as the title in his song “Crack” to echo the sentiment used by many supposed ex-drug dealers turned rappers concerning money; if the rap money runs out then the crack money will always be there. It is an interesting admission being that it gives transparency to a world that runs off of drug money, gangsters, and reformed thugs. This isn’t a diss as much as it is truth. One of the original groups to have exposed the money behind the music was N.W.A. who used the drug money from hustler turned band leader Eric “Easy-E” Wright to pay for the studio time and venues needed to get themselves noticed. NWA was not the only group to start out thisway and as their businesses grew it allowed for them to become more and more… [Read more]

Oct 22
halle berry

Lady Dragon Halle Berry is a very likable, pretty, and pragmatic woman when interviewed. In magazine spreads and in front of the rolling cameras she is goddess-level bad! But recently when I see her name on places all over the internet it is likely to be accompanied by the word crazy. Halle’s life has been an open book to the world for a long time. She has somehow become the face of the beautiful but crazy stereotype due to her failed relationships and that one incident where she hit someone with her car and kept driving (tsk-tsk-tsk). Halle is a realistic woman when asked about all of this in interviews and she knows very well how she’s perceived and sees her man issues as a lack of good judgment on her part when it comes to mates. Halle on her bad choices in men: “My… [Read more]