Nov 30
sara jean underwood

There’s just something about yoga pants that makes a woman so gosh darn irresistible.  Is it the way they converge upon her, hugging her ever so soft yet supple skin, accentuating the vast curvature of dat ass?  Indeed. Don’t get me started on those compromising yoga and pilates poses.  I promise I’m not staring at you while you perform your ustrasana.  I just never knew Hollister made yoga pants in pinkish cream. Not surprisingly, underlying this raw physical attraction is something that’s a little more primal in nature. Women often wear yoga pants during their strenuous physical workouts.  When we sweat we release pheromones into the air, which in turn causes a chemical reaction within the person smelling it – we’ll call them the “smellee”.  This reaction triggers within the smellee a response, in this case, sexual arousal. So the next time you see a… [Read more]

Nov 29
man and woman talking

What would you do if you met the woman of your dreams; married her; had sex with her often; then one day she begins to cheat and skip out on you before letting you know that she was born a man? Stop me if you’ve heard this one before because it seems like I have – at least something similar. According to The Telegraph, a Belgian man is looking to get his 19 year marriage annulled after finding out that his Indonesian wife was born a boy who later got a sex change: The man, only named as Jan, married Monica, his family’s former au pair in a previous marriage, in 1993 despite legal difficulties raised by the Belgian immigration authorities. But it was only in recent weeks that he discovered that his wife had originally been a man and had undergone a sex change. “I feel I’ve… [Read more]

Nov 28
maria gorrostieta

In a country (Mexico) ravaged and run through by violent drug cartels one of the true warriors to fight back was Dr. Maria Santos Gorrostieta. Maria fought the good fight and doubled her efforts after losing her first husband in one of two unsuccessful assassination attempts made by the cartel on her life. Maria Santos Gorrostieta could be called many things in life – a devoted mother, a strikingly beautiful woman, even a fearless heroine. One reporter gave her the monicker of “heroine of the 21st century”. To know Maria you have to look at her history of work, her survival under deadly fire, and her defiance to the very end. Fighting the Impossible Fight In 2006 Mexican president Felipe Calderon declared war on the drug cartels to rid the country of their influence. The results of this has been a bloody road of assassinations,… [Read more]

Nov 26
man and woman talking

One of the chief complaints women have with the dating game is that there are quite a few guys who they assume “fear commitment”. In the past when I heard this accusation I would translate it to “he won’t make me exclusive in the time I have decided is reasonable”. Many times the guy doesn’t fear commitment, he just doesn’t want to commit to YOU—but you know this already. Most men will commit once they find a woman who they want to be with – or can’t be without but there are some who like to fly free and the following list is an attempt to explain why they feel better alone. A List of 5 Reasons That Some Men Fear Commitment 1. Warning from Married Friends When you have more than a few buddies who took their vows early telling you to enjoy life… [Read more]

Nov 23
dragon bites

Do We Allow Men To Be The Fathers We Ask Them To Be? – We’re always begging men to step up, complaining about the prevalence of deadbeat, absentee fathers. There are plenty of them; but when there are men who are stepping up, are taking the initiative to care for their children, just like women have been and continue to do… (MNOIRE) Washington Redskins Alfred Morris Drives The Best Car In The NFL – In something that is on the opposite side of that spectrum, Washing Redskins running back Alfred Morris drives probably the least valuable vehicle in the NFL.  Morris is driving around in a 1991 Mazda 626 sedan, and it’s got a name as people around the Redskins organization call it, “The Bentley”… (SSESSION) 10 Years Later: What I Learned From The Man Who Told Me I Was Not His Ideal Woman –… [Read more]

Nov 22

Being pussy-whipped can be a circumstantial thing or a habitual thing. Some men live to surrender to any woman who has sex with them and it comes at the expense of friends and family. Even regular guys may have it happen to them once in a blue moon when they run into the woman of their dreams—or a woman who is so good in bed that it takes them by surprise and blows their mind. Some men aren’t that crazy about sex and will always keep their minds despite how good a woman is in bed. To men like this it doesn’t matter how beautiful she looks, or how liberal she is with sleeping with them; they keep their heads. Other men are not as strong and fall quickly in love whenever sex starts happening. Then there are the guys who we call suckers, or “sucker for love” who… [Read more]

Nov 21
blonde doing yoga

Everyone wants it – that nicely toned, slender, and sexy body, but not everyone knows how to obtain it. With the right amount and types of exercises, combined with a healthy eating plan that suits your specific eating style (vegan, vegetarian, plant-based, raw food, etc.), you can definitely achieve a fit body. A fit body is one that not only “looks” good, but that is very healthy on the inside as well. Strength Training The best exercise to increase your strength, slenderize your body, and increase your metabolism is weight-bearing exercises. There are several choices to tone your muscles, which create that sleek and sexy body. The most common tools in strength training are free weights, weight machines, strength bands, and kettlebells. No matter which tool you decide to use to build and tone your muscles, the important thing is consistency in training. You should… [Read more]

Nov 20
lindsay lohan

Can somebody please explain to me why America is so obsessed with Lindsay Lohan? I could understand if she was a gifted, super-talented necessity to cinema that happened to fall by the wayside but from where I’m standing she’s just another child star who turned out rotten. A very cliché result of Hollywood parenting Why does this woman get 24/7 media coverage from gossip sites like TMZ? If Lindsay misses her probation we hear about it, if she’s found drunk we hear about it, if Lindsay has another garbage project—there have been quite a few—people act as if it’s her return to glory. What in the world is going on? Look I know the media has it’s favorite targets to saturate the world with — like Kim Kardashian, but with Lohan there seems to be this odd adoption of her by the consumers that confuses… [Read more]