Jan 31

Ray Lewis could very well play his last game on Sunday, and whether Ravens win or lose the Super Bowl it will be a dream ending.  Ed Reed says that Lewis may not be done, and could get an itch to play next year, but that’s a discussion for another time.  It’s only fitting that Lewis had to go through two of the biggest Titans in the NFL to get there.  He conquered two men at the top of the food chain in their respective careers, and bested both of them facing the end of his career..  Football may be a team game, but the Ravens have galvanized themselves around Ray Lewis. When Lewis announced he was retiring it spurned a lot of reaction mostly positive, but there were those who saw fit to bring up the 2000 murders of Jacinth Baker and Richard Lollar… [Read more]

Jan 30

If you are an American citizen who isn’t into guns or firearms you may have seen the crazies on television shows like Piers Morgan and Anderson Cooper and wondered at the people who vehemently defend their 2nd Amendment rights. It doesn’t take a scared person, a paranoid person, or an illogical person to sum it all up to gun owners being a bunch of radicals wanting guns to shoot down the scary government agents that want to take their guns away. This is a false face of gun ownership that our media is presenting to the nation with only showing the crazy gun owners.  The men and women I personally know are not represented by the nuts on television, or on our Facebook timelines. The people I know are not paranoid, not overly medicated, and not any of the number of things that I see people push to defend their right to… [Read more]

Jan 29

Shame on me for reading an article on marriage from the king of conservative websites, but my curiosity led me over to Fox News to read Steven Crowder’s A man’s top 5 reasons to grow up and get married. Expecting a solid piece giving new energy to the notion of marriage, I instead got an offensive piece of Beta man garbage rife with insults at any man who didn’t fit into the married club. The narrative was one of fairy-tale fantasy that directly contradicted the realistic view that intelligent married couples have been trying to present in the last few years. The pragmatic married couple who single folks respect will tell you that marriage takes work, it takes sacrifice, and the rewards may not always be worth the effort. The people who argue for marriage will tell you that for all the hard times you… [Read more]

Jan 28

Time and time again I have asked men to refrain from going into the bathroom, rolling out their business and snapping pictures in order to send it to the girls that they want to sleep with. Not only is the penis an ugly, serpentine creature unworthy of a photo, but it will more than likely leave you at the mercy of some vengeful skank with connections… right Brett Favre? Lately the tide has shifted and men are taking to the internet to do passive aggressive things (read: female activity) to strike back at their exes by posting up their naked photos for other losers to fap to! You did not misread that my fellow denizens, men are airing out their exes for profit. I know, I know… money + revenge is the sweetest deal… but this isn’t classy! Recently Marianna Taschinger (a pretty hot blonde in… [Read more]

Jan 25

Rule #66 (Paper-Blocking) It is rarely okay for a man to get in the way of another man’s money unless that man is a competitor or rival in business. People who stop you from making money out of jealousy or some twisted ideology on morality are some of the worst people to have in your life. If you are a man and see that another man is about to become successful off of his smarts or hard work, you should either congratulate him or get out of the way. There are way too many paper blockers in life to deal with compared to the men who genuinely back us up and lend support. Rule #67 (Reckless Eyeballing) As a general rule men don’t stare at other men unless when attempting to provoke an argument or a fight. The standard “peaceful” length of time for a man to… [Read more]

Jan 24

Recently a leaked email was circulating on the internet by former crapper Lil Bow Wow (Shad Moss) where he’s practically pouring his heart out to a video girl to be his lady. Of course the court of public opinion spared no opportunity on clipping his balls and calling him every sort of bitch and punk in the urban dictionary but it made me think – who are we fooling? Here’s a pro-tip for those of you paying attention; the smoothest, coolest, most ass-getting bastards you know in your life have probably pushed all-in for a girl at one time or another. For some guys this is their trade secret. You may ask them advice and they will respond like a hard-rock but on the text messages they are all “baby, baby, baby, i’m here for you when you need me baby” in order to score… [Read more]

Jan 23

So yesterday the wife of New Englands Patriots Wide Reciever Wes Welker – an ex-Hooters model by the name of Anna Burns Welker decided to throw Baltimore Ravens’ star Linebacker Ray Lewis under the bus and join what seems to be a sorority of dumb New England wives who can’t shut the hell up (looking at you Gisele) after their husbands lose. Anna got on Facebook and wrote the following, before the internet backlash forced her to make an apology: “Proud of my husband and the Pats. By the way, if anyone is bored, please go to Ray Lewis’ Wikipedia page. 6 kids 4 wives. Acquitted for murder. Paid a family off. Yay. What a hall of fame player! A true role model!” Since apologizing for posting the comment and becoming e-famous for being stereotypically hot and dumb, Anna was the subject of much article commentary that were… [Read more]

Jan 22

The video above will be met with some controversy because on one hand it denounces the fake “cool” nerds of today who are obviously using the term as the newest trend; while on the other hand it paints nerds into with a narrow brush as a monolith. I felt the need to post it here however is because it almost feels necessary to remind people daily that “nerd and proud” is bull crap. If you grew up in the time when I grew up (or earlier) you can remember that nerds were not proud, nerds were in fact outcasts; not the theme of the day that popular culture has turned it into. Nerd has actually become somewhat of a modern day “n-word“, except that well – everybody can use it without being punched in the mouth. I want to send this video to the celebrities… [Read more]