Apr 30

As a grown man who loves music there may be times when your instinct is to dress according to the musical culture as opposed to the safe boundaries of “grown folks” gear. We’ve all seen it… and we have all judged the man based on his clothes. You know exactly what I am talking about; men in sideways caps and jerseys, old 80’s rocker t-shirts, wife-beaters… I can keep going. See the problem with dressing this way is that you are expected to do a bit better than follow “the wave” as a confident man. Some old-school rappers still dress a certain way but even though it represents the culture, and is expected of them, it still looks childish to anyone on the outside looking in. This is why we stress a time and a place for your wardrobe. Clothing for the metro-man is like armor for… [Read more]

Apr 29

Ever met a woman who completely put you off your game despite your own personal reservations? Of course you have, and though it may be something unique to your life experience that she has to make you go so weak, it’s still a magic that you can’t describe. Certain types of women have this sort of thing going on and many of us men can agree that it is unsettling. Women’s magazines have written since forever about men that they can’t resist so we know who they are and many of you are even pretending to be them. We thought it would be a great idea to give our take on the other side. The women who we fantasize about, think about at the risk of our own relationships, and list off as our “ideal” whenever we are asked. 1. The Forever Young Cougar –… [Read more]

Apr 26

This version of Vodka and Lime looks real pretty, but has a little too much bite for me. However, the man in my life was cool with it and asked for another. If you find it too much for you, add more of the sugar to take the edge off. Honey also works, but make sure you add it before you add the ice or it will be harder to mix into the drink.  Ingredients: 1 lime, cut into 6 pieces 3 tsp powdered sugar Your favorite vodka Crushed or cubed ice Directions: Mash the lime and sugar in a cocktail glass to get the sugar to mix well with the lime. Fill the glass with ice. Pour your vodka over the mixture leaving just a little space for sipping on top. Enjoy.

Apr 25

This is another classic video on the way Blue-collared males are received by high income, high education females but it illustrates another problem with this common trope. The video shows the lengths that a man will go through sometimes just to get a romp in the sack but I will give this man a pass… chances are he is uber-rich and this was more of a revenge-f#$! Let’s examine the facts – A woman’s attraction to a man is heavily based on our perceived income, assets and power… Handsome mob bosses take note! If you lack the following then you better be handsome and a maestro of the sex-arts. Feminists can argue against this until they are blue in the face but study after study has shown this to be true. I love that the video takes shot at both sexes though because the man… [Read more]

Apr 24

From blaming Video Games for gun violence to blaming rappers for rape, it never ceases to amaze me how the fad of generalizing becomes so popular when it never fixes the problem at hand. Do you know what I find funny about the current assault on Hip Hop with labels such as “rape culture” (since Misogyny is no longer the popular word of the day)? I find it funny that while the implications are serious, the people making the most noise do not buy, have never bought, and will never buy the albums of the rappers that they are going in on. Look at it this way, it comes off as if they are skipping over everything else wrong with radio hip hop in order to find the few instances of alleged rape. Bear with me here rape is a brutally terrible crime but what… [Read more]

Apr 23

This isn’t easy for me to write as in my life, I’ve been both and now i strictly speak as a boss chick. Recently, I was watching a program where this girl tries to dress up for her man but doesn’t QUITE know how to do it. She comes to his office event wearing heels and she’s stumbling everywhere. Her husband gets super pissed and just asks her to go home because she inconvenienced him. From both sides, I understood the problem. Girls need to understand that men don’t particularly care what you wear as long as you can pull it off and look good; and men need to understand that she did this ALL for you. Stop hurting her feelings and at least acknowledge her without being a heartless bastard. It helps and pays dividends in your life because the grudges women can keep… [Read more]

Apr 22

Ever see a well-dressed old man? There is something almost regal about a cool, grey-haired player with what comes off as an immortal mojo to his style doesn’t it? Well if you aspire to have a style that goes beyond fads, your wife dressing you, or social conventions, then keep reading as we guide you on the path to cool. When you decide that you want to be a gentleman there are a few events, situations, and random annoyances that will pop up to which you will need to be in attendance. It is for this that having the appropriate attire for said events should be purchased and kept in good shape so that when they occur you are not scrambling to purchase a tie, have the salesman tie it for you, and then run off with a crushed up shirt and belt that doesn’t match! Men make the… [Read more]

Apr 18

I’ve heard it said before and I do agree that dancing is sexual. Dancing can bring about the thought of bodies gyrating, twisting, coming together and apart very much like that other thing does and I think this is why women dancing is a sexual aphrodisiac for men watching… Now you understand why Elvis was such a big deal when he did it in front of all those daughters of old Southerners back in the day. Not all dance moves are sexy don’t get me wrong, some are either too flamboyant, too restrictive, or too crazy for us to get that out of it. For those having trouble understanding where I’m coming from with this, let us take a look at Janelle Monae since she stays about as clothed as you can get out of a modern musical celeb and still is considered a very… [Read more]