Aug 30

We’re not only writers; we’re readers and below are some of the highlights of the past few weeks that we wish to share: Pinching Pennies Is Good for Your Dating Life – Being tightfisted with money is not usually thought of as a desirable characteristic in a date. Sites like eHarmony and publish posts listing ways to detect a cheapskate date — who ostensibly should not be worthy of a second get-together.And yet in the economically uncertain postrecession era, many surveys and studies have shown that being responsible with money — perhaps even to the point that you might be considered cheap — bodes well for your love life. (TIMES) Women, Drop The Pink Dumbbells and Lift Heavy!  – The simple fact is, women should be lifting heavy weights. Yet, fitness magazines show models standing on one leg on top of a BOSU ball… [Read more]

Aug 29

Although it is hard to understand why Lafayette is such a big deal for men watching True Blood, I will say that you will be hard-pressed to find many men of his quality in the show. What’s so great about Lafayette Let’s start by addressing the giant purple elephant in the room, the character of Lafayette is that of a gay chef/hustler who is played by a straight man Nelsan Ellis. Nelsan is arguably one of the best actors on True Blood and possesses a charisma that bypasses any gay/straight paradigms that would probably have doomed his character otherwise. When you first meet Lafayette he will throw you off – I know he threw me off – because his character is nothing like you would expect from glancing at a photo or seeing a clip. Lafayette is one part gangster, and another part ride-or-die best… [Read more]

Aug 28

Have you ever found yourself dating someone who you genuinely like, but they support a cause that forces them to “other” you as a man or woman? Stay with me now because you just might be going through this and don’t even know. If a woman says that all men are rapists, but you happen to be a well-behaved rapist, how do you take it? Do you laugh it off with some old “oh girl you so crazy” and keep it moving because she’s hot and the sex is bananas? What about women that marry men who firmly believe that a woman’s place is somewhere horizontal with her legs up? Is it all about ignoring the bad stuff to concentrate on the good, or is it all about “knowing what their heart believes” or just the old “bad self esteem” fallback? I’ve never really understood… [Read more]

Aug 27

When I wrote about beautiful women being both bullied and worshiped by society, I had no idea that it would receive the sort of response it has over these last 2 years. We have had men and women come on here to tell the world that beautiful women are just looking for attention and have nothing to complain about but the amount of women that have commented to say otherwise has spoken volumes. There is a problem with the way that we see and treat women that are considered “beautiful”, “drop-dead gorgeous” or anything similar. The problem is that like people who have money, we all assume that they always have it good. All you have to do is to step back, take yourself out of the equation, go neutral and observe for yourself to see it – trust me.  I’ve seen it, many others… [Read more]

Aug 26

Penis size seems to be one of the many confidence inhibitors for young men – we have written about the reasons many times here. I say “young” men because I’ve noticed that as I get older, I notice less men discussing this issue, and more men being comfortable with themselves to let it all hang out no matter who is looking on. Hell, I know guys who would happily stand back 10 feet from the urinal just to see the urine arc if the rest of us weren’t ready to kill them if they ever tried it. Most men don’t care about another man’s “junk” unless that man is lacking confidence and curious to see if you’re bigger than them. Sigh. How much impact does size have on a woman? Recently I overheard these teenagers talking about sex education in school and how their teacher… [Read more]

Aug 23

Imagine Tom Brady using a Surface tablet to dissect his latest touchdown pass – discussing the play from a variety of angles while sitting on the sidelines minutes after the pass. Or Bill Belichick scrolling through different plays on his tablet rather than checking a stack of printouts on the sidelines. And for the fans at home, imagine watching the game live, video chatting your friends in another city, and tracking your fantasy team’s performance – all from your TV screen. Thanks to a new partnership between Microsoft and the NFL, the way coaches call the game – and the way fans experience the game at home – is about to change. The New Deal The Microsoft-NFL deal, announced earlier this year and valued at an estimated $400 million over four years for the NFL, will put tablets on the sidelines and offer fans at… [Read more]

Aug 22

Bad Boys, for some reason these guys have some kind of magnetism about them – not that all girls date the bad boy but it seems like the bad boy always has someone in their lives.  Luckily for me, I got over my bad boy phase in my younger years.  And some research would connect this draw to the sexy, dominant, physically attractive and yet hopelessly unreliable man to ovulation. Whew and here I thought I had some control over my rational thinking! And just to be clear, when we are referring to these ‘bad boys’ we are not referring to men that are violent, abusive or criminal, those men are just dangerous. “Bad boys” are dangerous in another sense altogether, in a way that author Adele Parks refers to as: “…much more subtle… he oozes untrammeled masculinity, confidence and independence, all of which we… [Read more]

Aug 21

Texting has unfairly become the scourge of dating. People will text more willingly than they are at attempting to carry on a normal telephone conversation.  I totally understand the draw to texting as it is convenient, you can reply at your leisure, and you can do other things while you are at it.  Texting almost makes things TOO convenient to the point where, it is easy to avoid talking on the phone and opt instead to text message.  It’s much easier to launch a new relationship by exchanging texts than it is to talk, and quite easy to say and do things over a screen that one would never have the nerve to do face to face (or say ear to ear). Let’s be real here, texting is here to stay, it is not going anywhere, so you need to learn how to manage your… [Read more]