Sep 05

meditative black man

  1. It’s okay to burn a bridge if that bridge is a selfish user that consistently has his hand out to beg.
  2. Most people are unreliable and will disappoint so if you find a reliable friend keep him/her close and make sure that you yourself can be counted on equally.
  3. The key to getting better at talking to women is to actually talk to women.
  4. It’s easy for a man to lose his mind in a strip club – but if he realizes that the women dancing have no love for men it will keep him sane, rich and without incident.
  5. Most times grieving over death is a selfish act since it is about how much we will miss the person.
  6. A dreamer with no ambition is a worthless person.
  7. Shortcuts can lead to long-term problems.
  8. Everyone should keep a little black book of ideas. When a light bulb goes off – write it down.
  9. A man that talks too much about subjects he knows very little about is a worthless person.
  10. The key to getting better at fighting is to actually start fighting.
  11. There is no spoon.
  12. If you’re going to apologize, do it with your heart, look the person in their eyes and mean it.
  13. Most people want validation; even if you are the strong silent type make sure to compliment good work and extra effort always.
  14. Fear is the root of all evil.
  15. Doodads or “possessions” are life’s shackles, they take time to collect, time to move, and time to remove if necessary. The freest men are void of numerous possessions.
  16. Live and let live.
  17. The journey is what we remember more than the end-goal (as a Capricorn I forget this easily).
  18. Music is the ultimate expression and one of the only universal languages.
  19. Always go with your initial instinct – a second guess will only upset you in the end.
  20. Never neglect a child.
  21. Surround yourself with equally ambitious people and you become The Avengers. Surround yourself with people who see you as the “successful” superstar and you will never grow.
  22. Frustration or anxiety stems from living in the past or future; always dwell in the moment.
  23. Motivating another adult is a waste of time.
  24. Always show appreciation and love to the people who support you.
  25. None of us truly knows what happens after death.
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  • McThick

    Pretty good…except number 22:
    “Frustration or anxiety stems from living in the past or future; always dwell in the moment.”

    Bullshit. Dwelling in the moment is a complete lack of ambition or regret and frequently espoused by the idle rich or the chronically unemployed. Fail.