Jan 25

Everyone knows that some women fake the funk when it comes to crossing the finish line in the bedroom. What people (men) don’t seem to understand is why she would do that. It definitely doesn’t always make sense and the to fake or not to fake debate is always a heated discussion. However, make sense or not, the woman sometimes makes her decision based on the following (three) factors:

1. She doesn’t want to hurt your feelings

This usually occurs during a long term relationship and feelings are put first.  Unfortunately you may not be the beast that you thought you were in that department. You simply don’t satisfy her but she loves you and doesn’t want you to know about your short coming. While I always question the judgment for this reasoning, it can be considered a twisted back handed compliment in that she is willing to sacrifice her satisfaction to save your ego.

2. She is self conscious

Lesson in anatomy and physiology boys – she may not be able to achieve her happy ending by penetration alone. The tried and true key is in pleasuring the little man inside the boat, not to try and make the boat sink by pounding a hole in it. Contrary to popular belief, while some women can get there in that way, it is not the norm.  With cable TV making it appear as if most men have the ability to make her scream while in a missionary, the fact that she doesn’t feel that way can make her feel as if there’s something wrong with her.

3. It just isn’t that good to her

All women want to enjoy themselves while making love and if she isn’t, then the sooner it’s over the better. Considerate men (those who wait until she’s done to finish themselves) make this extremely hard. She may really like you and thus allowed the relationship to enter that next level. If you blew it that first (and last) time, sometimes it’s just plain old necessary to end it nicely since she already knows she will not be back for more.

Whether or not her reason is valid, it is her reason. Why anyone would want to continuously put themselves in a situation where they would have to fake it or want to deal with a man who isn’t strong enough to take the truth is beyond me. If you suspect your lady is faking it, ask her with the intent of fixing the problem (no accusations). She will probably welcome your determination to satisfy her for real and it can change the sexual relationship for the better.  A satisfied girlfriend is a good girlfriend.

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