Dec 26

annoyed blog reader

1. Lists for the sake of lists – Let’s start with the title of this very post because we are guilty of it here too sometimes on The Hall… we have lists, granted they are good lists but we try our best not to go overboard – I wish other sites would do the same.

I won’t lie it is the easiest filler for days when we simply have nothing to talk about; just think about it. If you come up with nothing but lists for your magazine/blog then you will have an endless stream of content. Sadly there are spaces who make huge money off of advertising who use the “X something that XYZ” title on a majority of their posts.

Readers I have to ask you are lists really that great for reading?

2. Posting pictures of dead bodies in tragedies – Lots of the big daddy blogs tend to do this foolishness in order to shock you into reading their articles and clicking their ads. I find it to be very disrespectful and sub-human.

Just a few months back the beautiful Maria Santos Gorrostieta was killed by gangsters and every single news source had an image of her corpse by the road. This woman has kids and a husband who I am more than sure owns computers. These gory images are unnecessary for the news article as we are used to seeing a respectable headshot and good title when it comes to obituaries. Stay classy people.

3. Clueless Authors doling Out Advice – I write from experience; most of the people who write here are either authorities on the particular subject that they cover or have had enough experience in the game to offer insight. One thing that really bothers me about blogging is that it is oftentimes the blind leading the blind. A young guy or gal fresh out of college who is already married penning articles on dating and how to be a pickup artist.

While basing your theory on common sense, armchair psychology and trends on the internet may look like knowledge; to the rest of us here in the nosebleeds it is flat out wrong. Please stay in your lane and don’t tell people things through writing that you will end up coming back to apologize for later (I saw this with a popular female writer at another blog). It’s beyond embarrassing.

4. Racist black blog commentary knocking men for marrying non-black women – When Rob Parker spoke candidly about his feelings on the race of RGIII’s fiancé on ESPN he rightfully got suspended. He spoke out because he truly believed that folks at home would be in agreement with him. The prying into people’s business who you feel are too attractive, or too successful to “date outside their race” needs to end. There is no double standard – if you have this opinion you are a racist piece of bile no matter what color you are.

Many black blog trolls who plague the commentary of decent web spaces will echo this opinion (check out the first few pages of commentary here on Michael Ealy’s wife), here’s an example:

“Ever notice that the black male actors with the most successful careers(Sam Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Denzel, Will Smith, Chris Rock) ALWAYS have black wives? Just sayin ;)”

Now on a space like the one linked which is built exclusively to uplift black women some members of the community feel comfortable in levying their own backwards, racist opinion (despite the fact that many readers are in interracial relationships) and it shouldn’t reflect on the blog itself. But this is a common occurrence that I see daily and I don’t tolerate it here and wished that many other spaces would take this stance and lend a hand in aiding race relations instead of encouraging bias.

* * * *

So what do you think? Have you seen these trends being played out a tad too much lately?

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  • NaTaya1280

    You are missing ads on top of ads. I understand this is your bread and butter but if ppl stop reading bc of the popups and being held hostage to watch a dumb ass video then how much good does that do?
    Also of you are going to do lists make them all on one page. I understand that there are tricks o get around these things but why should I need them?
    Also the regurgitation of stories. I understand that nothing is really original and if something is a hot topic them it will appear everywhere but please atleast be original in your voice and check your facts. There were countless articles this year that were passed from blog to blog and none bothered to check to see that there were passing miss information.

    • That stupid list on every page thing pisses me off like nothing else because at least the ads can be blocked with the right plugin for your browser.

      The lists that force you to do page to page are cheating Google and will have a rude awakening coming this year from an SEO standpoint. I’ll tell you why they do it “pageviews” that’s why. If one blog post gets 100,000 pageviews you can up it to a million by making it a top 10 list where every thing on that list takes you to a new “page” on the same post. It’s a dirty game.

      Like you I have gotten to the point where I won’t click pageview traps disguised as lists anymore. It’s really, really annoying.

      • Lonnie F

        I skip to the end of a post first (not an issue on this site) just to make sure it’s all on the same page and if it’s not the I don’t read it. I’m not talking about real articles, but like you say people that are obviously stretching some bullshit.