Jun 29

1. Let the man (always) pay the bill

Can all the new age women stand up!  I am still a firm believer that the if a guy asks a woman out he should pay for the date, but there is nothing wrong with a woman stepping up and paying her part of the tab.  It is probably one of the best moves a woman can make if she isn’t interested in the guy he can’t say she took advantage of the situation and if she is interested it will make a big impression on the guy she is with.  Men go into the date expecting  to pay the bill, but when a woman says she will pay her own way she is going to differentiate herself from all the other women the guy may be talking to.  Inevitably you will still have the petty “free meal” women who go on dates just so they can get a free dinner, but those women come a dime a dozen and for $20 you learn to leave them alone and let them chase their next free meal.

“I’m all for chivalry, but I’m also about equal opportunity. Splitting checks is sexy and not just during these slower economic times. More than anything, the gesture shows me that this is the type of girl willing to put her half into a relationship.” — Malcolm, 28

2. Put on a show to impress your date

Let’s face it first dates are pain, you are meeting someone new and you do not have a clue how they are going to react to you.  Many people resort to jokes and a comedy routine to break the ice and get their date laughing at every turn.  The misconception is that this shows off how great of a personality you have, and how easy you are to get along with.  But your date may think you are a blithering buffoon who can’t hold a serious conversation, and won’t let them have an opportunity to speak.    The comedy routine is not needed, just be yourself, relax and enjoy yourself.  If things work out they are going to meet the real you eventually at some point anyway, so why not let them experience your true personality on the first date?

“I got so tired of feeling like I had to impress my date with a comedy routine. Once I learned to relax and be myself, that’s when the real connections began.”— Danielle, 29

3. Divide TV time equally

I hear this from couples all the time, I went to the ballet with her and now she has to let me watch the big game on Saturday without interruption.  When did relationships become a point system to make sure both sides get equal time doing the activities they want to do?  Compromises should be made, but for the most part I don’t see much sense in forcing people to do things they don’t want to do only to have to do something you don’t want to do in return.  Fellas if your lady does not like football, then give her a few bucks to go shopping with her girls while you are home watching the big game.  The times of accumulating wife/husband points should be over it was archaic when it started and reminds me of something Al Bundy would do, I would think we have evolved since then.

“Let’s do away with point systems when watching TV together: A girl should not have to sign three hours of her life away to the New York Jets because she wanted to catch an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.“ — Mike, 22

4. Go out alone on a first date

Many people follow the same traditional methods when it comes to first dates, dinner, a movie, or both.  One of the biggest fears people have is being alone with someone they hardly know for several hours, and it makes some so nervous that they can’t relax and be comfortable.  Why not meet up with some friends at a local hangout spot, and bring your date with you?  This is a good way to create a comfortable environment for both of you as long as you have a good mixture of males and females in the group you are meeting.  You can’t take a woman with you when you meet up with five of your homeboys to watch the latest UFC pay per view, make sure your date is comfortable with it as well.  This way you can relax and be yourself, and your date will get a glimpse into how you are and the type of people you spend your time with.

“I don’t think that a first date has to be a ‘first date.’ A first hangout can be just as great. Bringing friends along really helps ease the stress and pressure.” —Sophia, 23

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