Oct 06

Dating can be both fun and a nerve wracking experience, depending on the people. That being said, many of us single-types have experienced the bad dates where there is either no chemistry or the person that you’re with is about as interesting as dirt. Still you cannot judge a book from its cover and giving up on a bore to move on to an exciting person could have you miss out on a great partner due to misreading the situation. We don’t want you to make the same mistakes we have so we offer 4 things that you should at least try before calling it a night.

Call an Audible and Change Location

Are you really feeling the restaurant, movie or event that you are experiencing with your date? No? Well your date may not be feeling it either and you both may be feeling trapped in thinking that the other person likes it. If your date isn’t very responsive and seems uncomfortable, try another locale, say “hey, do you want to get out of here? I know a great spot down the street” and find something that you like as an option. If he/she refuses then you will automatically know that it may not be the locale, it may just be you.

Use Comedy or Sarcasm

If you have a funny personality you should know by now and this may be your out in a bad situation. Everybody loves a good laugh and if you can break that wicked glass with some chuckles and laughter it will make things a lot better for you. Good or bad the date doesn’t have to end in a disaster and once the other person is laughing you can switch gears away from the awkward. If you go the sarcasm route just be sure to use it on a neutral party like the horrible waiter or the valet guy.

Switch Gears

If the fault of the bad date is due to your date’s incessant prattling about their life, don’t feel bad about switching the gears to yourself for a while. Find a nice exciting story from your past and enter it into the conversation, taking time to get the narcissist’s opinion. Don’t feel annoyed when they find a way to make it about themselves again but then you can flip it into the uncomfortable avenue of sex and relations just to see if you can get some juicy secret out of them. It can be a fun game and if it is you that is doing all of the talking then have him or her do some talking by asking them a detailed question.

Call a Waiter to run Interference on the Booze Hound

If you had a drinking date and your partner goes from cool to jerky, you may need to cut it short. But then again you really like this person and think that maybe alcohol isn’t their thing. One way to get around this is to take a bathroom break and grab the waiter telling him/her to cut off the liquor. Wait the night out a tad and go for a walk, if the person is super-resistant to everything you suggest then call it a night.

Listen we’ve been there  and a date can be confusing like a night of laughter and hand holding being left to that person dodging your phone calls or the girl who says 2 words the entire night telling you how much fun she had going out with you. When you reject them or get rejected it can feel awkward but chances are you won’t have to see this person ever again, and if you do who cares? You may as well go out in a ball of fire right?

Call an audible, switch gears and try your approach again. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing; it can actually be a fun story later on. Have you ever saved a date that led to bigger, naughtier things?

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    That’s a very interesting list with some very practical options. I really liked the audible. I’ll have to keep that one in mind.

    By the way, I don’t know if you noticed it, but in the intro paragraph you said “5” things instead of four. I just wanted to make you aware if that if you weren’t already.

    Good post.

    • Editorial fail! Thanks for pointing that out.