Jan 03

woman smelling a man

There is nothing like a man that is well put together and smells good. Appearances are not everything but they are all you have before you actually get to know someone. Personally, I would entertain a guy that is not my type if he is well groomed. And I don’t mean those divo types that are high maintenance males. Give me a man’s man that pays attention to the details. Things like a clean cut face, neatly maintained hair (shaved, dreads, whatever, key word NEAT), clean nails (yes, that matters), and smelling good will get you points with me. Especially the smelling good part. If nothing else it will hold my attention long enough to hear you out.

Certain scents I will forever love on most men. I call them my panty droppers. Not every scent works for everybody, something about body chemistry changes the scent from person to person. Even still, I have yet to come across someone who didn’t smell good in these!

dolce-gabbana 1. DOLCE&GABBANA Pour Homme

Masculine balance of sophisticated scents Top note: Lemon Clary sage Lavender Tarragon Middle note: Coriander Pepper Geranium Cinnamon Base note: Cedar Tonka bean Sandalwood Musk Suitable for casual wear.

very-sexy-cologne2. Very Sexy for Him by Victoria’s Secret

A spicy citrus blend. It’s as sexy and unexpected as the man who wears Fragrance type: Fresh aromatic. Top notes: Bergamot, tangerine, caraway, pink lime. Middle notes: Cinnamon, pepper (Sichuan), bamboo, sage. Low notes: Orange blossom, sequoia wood, vetiver, musk.

le-male-cologne3. Jean Paul Gaultier “LE MALE”

The sculpted body is a model of virility and expresses power. LE MALE is strength and sensuality. It gets under your skin. Top notes: Strength expressed by the freshness of mint. Heart notes: Traditional lavender is used with a twist. Reminiscent of old time barber shops, this old classic is revisited in a fresh-warm version. Base notes: The sensuality of vanilla expresses tenderness.

These are oldies but goodies and I love these scents equally. I wouldn’t dare try to choose one over the other. I don’t know what it is about them but they do something to me.

curve-cologne4. CURVE for Men by LIZ CLAIBORNE

Curve for Men offers a crisp mixture of lavender, Douglas fir, green leaf, bergamot, and vetiver with the active man in mind. A cool, sensuous scent with a fresh, exhilarating citrus burst.

5. Versace Blue Jeans

blue-jeans-cologneVersace Blue Jeans is a masculine fragrance opening with an immediate and refreshing burst of bergamot, citrus and lime. This clean, youthful scent from the creative minds at Versace is like warm wind and a beautiful clear sky. Top notes: Bergamot, citrus and lime. Heart notes: Freesia, patchouli and vetiver. Base notes: Sandalwood, oakmoss and cedar.

These are just a few of scents for men that I love. So fellas run to the mall and hit the cologne counter pronto. I’m sure the current and future ladies in your life will be very happy with you for it!!

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  • Definitely have to try out some of these. For guys who work in an office or any job that has an abundance of women from different backgrounds – I’ve found that to be the best testing grounds for new cologne.

    Women are more liberal with their compliments so just like trying out a new shirt or shoes, you can splash some on for a regular day of work and count the compliments as you make your rounds.

    The “Le Male” bottle is hilarious!

  • I have tried three of the five and love them. I will have to check out the other two. I didn’t know Victoria Secrets made a cologne for men.