Jan 24

There’s an understanding amongst men (sometimes expressed in conversation) about women when it comes to dating. Men as a whole expect that a bachelor, with money, and a good head for conversation can bag any chick he wants all because we have women bottled up into a casual stereotype for our understanding.

We see women as the prized deer (with horns) that we have to coax into our trap nice and easy, just before pulling the trigger and snacking on venison burgers. The coaxing of course is assumed to be money, charm and a whole line of bull. So what are some of the things that your casual male date may be assuming when he texts you the address to the comedy show that you planned to go see? Take a look at these 5 things… sure they won’t make you happy, but trust me – it is what it is.

1. Women Can Be More Shallow Than We Are

A smart man knows when to cut his losses – Awhile back I did a post about how a woman sums you up at a glance and decides whether or not you were going to be in her panties within a few weeks or friend zoned for life.  The men who know this will play the odds and get out of dodge if a woman shows her cards and they are a strong hand. When you stick around and pander, you are merely delaying the inevitable pain of rejection.

2. It’s All About The Sex

A smart man knows that when he gets some, he must perform as if his life depended on it – So you finally get past 3rd base and your hand is roaming the warm tresses of the Garden of Earthly Delights and she is letting it happen. Men know that this is the proving grounds for what may come later… who will hold reins if the relationship is competitive and whether or not you will be legendary or laughed at in the morning (when she calls her best friend). Although sex has no real long-term holding power on a relationship it does make or break the honeymoon period when her options are still very open.

3. We’re Not Her First Choice

A smart man knows where he stands in a woman’s eyes – If we were her first choice then she would not be dating us, she would have been sexed up and tossed to the side a long time ago due to acting like a thirsty groupie on tilt. No, we men know that we are merely a macho hunk of clay that women assume they can mold into their prototype of perfection… but there is no perfection, because if you bend to her will then you are merely a bitch (in her eyes) and she will more than likely move on to more alpha pastures.

4. Insecurities Are a Woman’s Kryptonite

A smart man knows that no woman is perfect – The most voracious of wolves use this to an advantage. It’s a bit abusive but it keeps the attention off of the man so it works like a charm. A man who knows that deep down many women are insecure will manipulate that insecurity into a master/slave situation where the woman will give it up out of some messed up rationality. This also backfires for an overly caring and understanding man who comes off as merely patronizing rather than towing the line of balance that women love so much.

5. Money is Everything

A smart man knows that money is the root of getting some tail – Run that game all you want ladies; we know that you love the shiny things and trips to spots your salary would never take you alone. Sure the douchebag who flashes his Ferrari keys and has absolutely no style pales in comparison to the cool cat with a pair of nice shoes and a secure job, but we don’t see it like that. Men assume that broke equals lonely and the stories women broadcast on the dating convo about their broke ex just reaffirms the assertion.

The flip side with the expensive steakhouse date is that we expect a reward at the end of the night… it’s a sad state of affairs but where there’s smoke… I would say 95% of men believe that money is needed to get somewhere with a woman, we know your mom taught you to get it so we naturally act like we have it.

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  • DP

    This is very true. That’s why so many rappers have women who wouldn’t look twice at them if they were broke. Hell, I couldn’t get a woman without buying a drink first. Money = opportunity.