Dec 26

Many of you will read the title of this article and be immediately put off by the word “bitch” which is one of those hot button words that gets people fired up; so I must warn you that I will be using the word continuously throughout this article so if you’re offended by it I would encourage you to read any of our other wonderful articles that do not contain the word and spare yourself the trauma.

I wrote this to point out to men that there is a difference between someone who hates them and someone who is just aggressive and tough by nature. I believe that a lot of men are missing out on wonderful women due to the fact that they misjudge the strong for being something that they’re not. When it comes to hating men, the term is misandry but we wont be using that word because I want everyone to understand me. See a bitch hates men and men can never do right by her (or him) whereas a lioness simply wants men to do better in order to gain her respect.

While there are similarities between the two, they are extremely different and typically run in different circles. Let’s break it on down for the boys:

1. A lioness is hard and flexible, a bitch is hard and uncompromising.
Think of the lioness as the woman who will complain about men being grown boys but will let you watch football all day Sunday without any attitude because she knows it means the world to you. A bitch will not be having it and will brag to her friends about how she disallows you from turning that dumb football game on.

2. A bitch puts you down, a lioness holds you down.
It’s quite simple, think of it in this type of scenario – if you and your lady are working on a project together and it fails the bitch will blame you and your inability to “take charge and be a man” whereas a lioness will say “we should probably try a different route next time”.

3. Some of your friends hate your lioness, ALL of your friends hate your bitch.
We did an article a long time ago about catching the warning signals that your girlfriend is a bitch. One of the biggest red flags is when everyone you know and love despises the woman. Recently I read a powerful book by Cherry Tigris called Toilet Paper People where a weak man allowed a bitch that he married to torture and abuse a baby girl up until she found a way to get the hell out of dodge. If everyone around you is obviously not cool with your bitch of a wife, ignoring it may cause more harm than good to yourself and to any poor victim that lives with you.

The lioness on the other hand may be a bit too domineering for your traditional male friends so they will dislike her for “not knowing her place” but really, that’s their issue. Another section of your friends will respect the lioness as being a good mate for their alpha buddy. Plus you can break a lioness’s balls… why? Well hell, because she will just throw an insult right back at you without malice. Who doesn’t love that?!

4. A bitch creates conflict, a lioness creates solutions
You will never hear a bitch say “let’s find a way to work through this” or suggest an alternative to an issue. No a bitch puts it squarely on you, you need to change, why are you always blaming her, when will you see her point, you , you, you, you, YOU! Bitches don’t own up to their faults, they would rather you kowtow and fall in line. If there is a tiny issue between you and a bitch, she will make it into the drama of the day. This will become your life.

5. A bitch will snake you but a lioness will make you.
Any indication that you are falling out of love will cause a bitch to call your job to try and get you fired, burn your clothes, burn your home, sleep with your enemy… you know the deal. A lioness on the other hand is a strong woman that will make you better, she strengthens your resolve, you can cry to her without fear of her telling the world, she’d willing to grind in the trenches with you, work long hours, switch up roles. Strong men need lady lions not sneaky snake bitches with an agenda!

* * * *

Do you know what the worst part about the bitch is? She still dates and pursues men so the chances of ending up with one is stronger than you think. This bothers me, and I am more than sure it bothers you too. If you want to avoid one – maintain your self-respect, keep the communication open and guage where a woman’s heart is before you put her in your life. Bitches hate strong men who fight back when they bite, trust me, bitches feed on the weak and unsure.

So be a strong and flexible man, and never let your kindness be abused and twisted into an emasculating relationship. That’s the way to keep the bitches at bay and gain a strong, loyal lioness in your corner. You want a lioness my good friends, a huntress, ready to make you better and bite off the heads of any bitch that would try to get at you.

Credit for Photos | Images: Green Packs
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