Jun 13

There are a number of personalities in any group of friends but certain people stand-out as useful when it comes to life itself. The list following are 5 of these individual personalities that make a friendship very rewarding.

The Married ex-Player

Like it or not, a friend that has proven experience in life becomes the go-to man when you are faced with certain situations that warrant interference. Let’s say you’ve met a woman that you love but you find yourself having office sex with your married co-worker just because she happens to make it very convenient every week. The ex-player will recognize your folly and step in to check you on your stupidity. Not only is he valuable in this respect but he can also provide answers when it comes to dating being that he has the history. The ex-player who is now married can also bring sense to the whole “settling down” thing, which is a huge bonus whenever the time arises.

The reason why we stress “ex-player” married guy versus “regular” married guy, is because a lot of “regular” married men are still trying to be players. Wannabe players come a dime a dozen but a friend with stripes is a General in the game and a valuable aset to any man.

The Enterprising Capitalist

Whether you speak his language or not, this guy is always coming up with something. For the friends that suck at making, keeping and flipping money he can teach them a thing or 2. For the friends that are like him, he’s a source of building through flipping ideas off of one another and even forming partnerships. Money is a source of attaining some of our most material wants in life, so how can an expert not be a valuable part of your clique?

The Honorable Wolf

This friend is a hardcore womanizer but respects the game enough not to cross swords with friends (he won’t sleep with your girl). Normally he is chronically single (on purpose), charming to be around (women love him but hate the idea of him) and has your best interest in mind (getting you laid). The wolf is an invaluable asset for trolling the town scamming on hawtes, he isn’t filled with “theories” or false bravado, PLUS he knows how to track, trap and kill his prey from years of practice. A friend like this comes with a wealth of knowledge about women, plus hearing his stories of conquest never gets old.

The Gangster

Once in awhile life takes a turn for the savage and a man has to don shield and sword to go to war for his. Many of us don’t have the stomach for violence, jail time or court so to have a friend that will fit the bill when it’s time is beyond invaluable. Of course it doesn’t have to be that extreme but you can always use a friend to slap a douchebag in the mouth when he steps out of pocket. The downside is you may need to bail him out, visit him in jail (make sure you do it), and look out for his family while he’s on the inside, but the benefits of having a warrior by your side as a brother far outweighs the small money donated to keep his sanity in check.

The Trust-Fund Baby

While this friend will always be at odds with the Entrpreneur, he is the one that can bring excitement where money’s concerned.The safety net of rich parents plus his carefree attitude of spending due to always having been with money makes for great parties, all-expense paid overseas trips and all the gold-diggers you can eat. Although he doesn’t get along with the Enterprising Capitalist, he is still valuable for the sole reason that he will spend on things that the the EC won’t – like a Pamela Anderson clone popping up out of a giant cake for your bachelor party.

So which one are you if any? Do you feel like an asset within your circle of friends and do you covet the position?

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  • I am diggin this one! Any brother who has been to all parts of the earth(metaphorically) will have a homeboy in very category. It actually makes a man very balanced in his perspective of life as well