Apr 19

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What defines a manly show? Well it’s typically the type of show that your wife or girlfriend finds hard to sit and watch with you even though it seems like the best thing since sliced bread for males. It would be easy to list off some of the so-called reality series that have country boys swinging axes, farming and repoing cars but we’re talking about real TV stories and history here.

So if you’re in the mood for some hard hitting television to wash the girly True Blood and Mad Men from your mouth, then consider the following 5 shows for your entertainment.

Spartacus (Complete) – STARZ Network

Beautiful women, tons of sex, and men with the bodies of bodybuilders – this is Spartacus.

 It’s hard to call Spartacus a “manly” show being that it has a little something for everybody in it, but while it is chock full of drama, homosexuality, and tender love moments, the majority of screen time is dedicated to blood guts and honor. Spartacus manages to stay as true to the real history as it can while weaving in all of the juicy little tidbits of shows that we need to stay interested.

spartacus show

With a cosmopolitan cast of players, women who fight as fierce as she-wolves, cool phrases like “I will have words!” and “Jupiter’s cock!” what’s not to like about this show?

It may be hard to find Spartacus due to the divorcing of the Starz Network with Netflix and their refusal to let anyone else carry it, but if you can purchase the 1st season on Blu-Ray do so and witness men and women at their most savage.

Vikings – The History Channel

A show to make the feminists cringe with its “rape culture” and “patriarchy” standards; since Vikings is on the History channel it gives you a lesson on the Norse while providing the necessary drama needed to keep us tuning in.

Awesome fight choreography, great costumes and makeup, and acting that will immerse you into the time period with ease.


Vikings follows the life of Norse legend Ragnar Lodbrok and his ascension from lowly raider to a legend in history. The show has treachery, a realistic view of the gods and Shield Maidens who are as deadly on the battlefield as they are beautiful.

History has placed many episodes online for you to catch up so head over to history.com and join the madness!

Breaking Bad – AMC

It’s hard out here for a Beta Male and nobody shows it better that Walter White and his ascension from chicken feed for his battle axe wife Skyler to being the very Alpha Heisenberg.

What I love about Breaking Bad is the writing and the complexities and relationships of the male characters shown. I consider it to be a man’s show because the female characters are nowhere as nuanced as the males and we get the whole spectrum on male archetypes in this one.


Breaking Bad is one of those shows that everyone is talking about for good reason and is available on Netflix.

Hell on Wheels – AMC

Who can’t get behind a good old fashion Western revenge show? That’s what we love about the Wild West isn’t it? Shoot outs, revenge, men being men, dirt, grit, whiskey… it’s all here in Hell on Wheels along with Common playing a freed slave that loves to overstep and fight racist Irishmen… sign me up!


Though the show is only on its 3rd season and largely ignored by people who were distracted by The Walking Dead, the tale of Cullen Bohannon is a must-see for any of you boys who loved movies such as A Fist Full of Dollars, Unforgiven, and True Grit; the writers do a great job with accuracy and attention to detail plus Hell on Wheels has one of the scariest bad guys I have ever seen on television!

The Sopranos – HBO

Sure, it may be old as hell but it’s a show that should be purchased in its entirety and watched – it is THAT good. The Sopranos ranks high as a man’s show because that’s what Cosa Nostra is – a boy’s club, for money, with rules, that keeps the girls out; and HBO showcased the life better than any would have thought.

Tony Soprano is the classic bully turned boss to a cast of bullies who run New Jersey through racketeering, prostitution, and whatever opportunistic enterprise surfaces.


On screen you have his classic nagging, hypocritical wife Carmella (played by the lovely Edie Falco), his spoiled children, gangsters cracking jokes, hot mistresses around every corner, and guys getting their legs broken. What’s not to love!?


So there you have it, 5 shows that will firmly refill your testosterone cache when you watch them. So don’t say I never told you what was good on television. You just have to sift past all the reality drama, scripted drama, and imagined drama to find them.

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  • vettevet2002 .

    not a single one of those shows would i watch for ten minutes–all are about as manly as daytime soaps, if you can get past The Sopranos despicable racism…and yes, we all know the mob has never been an equal opportunity employer;

    with demise of both the original and BBC Law and Order, the only manly show left on the telly was the original NCIS–until the departure of Gibbs’ Jewish ex-Columbiana surrogate daughter the show is clearly struggling to replace;