Feb 27

So the warning signs are going off like alarms in your head and you know that you’re about to get “the talk” from your woman about the relationship and how you need a break, which will lead to your being dumped. If your feelings are anything but panic at this point, chances are you are going to be somewhat happy about your newfound freedom. Being that we at The Hall have all been there before, we offer up 5 positive reasons why a breakup can be positive.

1. You’ve got your free time back – If it’s one thing that separates the sexes it’s the importance of chill time. Most guys will agree that our respective women look at chill time as “her time” which leaves us slinking away in the shadows, rationing off what little time we have to do stuff we actually like when she’s either too busy or (god forbid she actually has friends), she’s out with the girls. Now that she’s gone, it should feel like a freaking emancipation, run out into the sun my man, throw up your arms and scream it to the heavens “free at last! Free at last!”

2. You level up in improving yourself – Honestly it’s rare that someone gets dumped and doesn’t think on the reason for the dumping. If you’re a lazy slob and you lose a woman that is tired of cleaning up after you then you will work on that. The same thing goes for being a jackass. Like it or not our exes make us into better men for our future girls, especially when it was something we did to lose them. Had she stuck around you would still be picking your nose and wiping it on the carpet… just think about it. You ought to call and thank her.

3. Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo! – Think about all of the dinner dates, movies, random crap that her rich friend Misty kept inviting you guys to and the tapped veins that kept bleeding out on a weekly basis leaving you broke. Well now you only have to pay for yourself, if you so choose to go out!

“when I was about to break up with the last legit gf, that was all I could think about…  all the money I’d have” – Colin

4. You Can Finally Meet Your Queen – With breakups we get a chance to look into what is wrong with ourselves and with the person we were with. Having that knowledge gives you the clarity to avoid a similar build of woman or anyone who exhibits the negative parts of her. With your newfound freedom you will be able to meet someone who clicks a lot better with you and can become the love of your life. Staying with a soul draining woman that brings the worst out in you will never be a good thing, better she dump you than for you to continue the charade.

5. There’s no pushy like new pushy – Your other ex is newly single and texted you… can we say booty call? Especially off of a fresh rebound… I mean sure it’s unhealthy and a dumb thing to do but come on! You have needs, she has needs and now the wicked witch is gone right? In reality the world will not open up random women legs for you to celebrate being dumped on your face, but if you have been cool during your relationship, normally there is another woman who was waiting to grab your attention anyway.

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