Mar 05

charming guy

When it comes to “Game” many guys mistake the art for being one that is mastered by following flowcharts, saying lines that have worked for other guys, and doing the same thing for every woman until one bites and gets trapped. This is why we felt the need to give you some tips to help you grow some actual game instead of the stereotypical garbage that will chase women away from you.

The following list of 10 things comes from the tactics that real wolves in the dating game swear and live by. They are realistic things that exude confidence, machismo and makes a woman comfortable to let you in – first her aura, then her thighs, and then her heart. Peep game:

1. Give compliments from the heart

We have preached this until we are getting blue in the face over here. Do not compliment a woman on a feature unless you truly admire or acknowledge it. Pretty eyes should not be complimented to someone who doesn’t have them.

2. Be Politically correct!

You never know who a person has or has had in their life, and you never know what their political stance is or their religious background. Many men fail from the jump by getting into a conversation with women and then vomiting up some sexist rhetoric, political affiliation, or some blast at religion or mental health. Keep the conversation safe fellas and watch your damn mouth!

3. Don’t care so damn much

So what if you look like a cornball, sound like a fool, or feel like a sap. If she was a he and you had to engage him in conversation just to pass the time you would not give 2 hells if he thought you were cool or not would you? The same ease and nonchalance you have when talking to other males is the same level of care you should give when approaching random women.

Men have this fear of being embarrassed in front of a woman and while some women find it cute (and score you points for it), most will smell your fear and eat your heart for it. This is why alcohol has been a great drug for men when game is involves

4. Master the art of small talk

You can practice your small talk skills on other men and women by mixing it up at random social gatherings. Going to a friend’s house party? Why not talk to some complete strangers and work on your social gab game a bit? Places with strangers are safe because if you suck they will just fade away instead of putting you on blast. When you are comfortable doing this then keeping a conversation going with a woman should be a breeze.

5. Have a goal and a follow-up plan

Ahh the trickiest part right? Women will entertain your game but if you cannot close then all you have managed to do is waste yours and her time for an extended period of time. This is why you need to know what your goal is if the bird is giving you positive feedback. It doesn’t matter what the goal is as long as there is a goal and you are willing to move forward with it. Wrap the conversation up with a request of some sort.

Trust us the worst thing you can do is leave it hanging so bully up and ask.

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