Oct 25

couples argument

Man Up!

It’s bad enough that in this day and age men can’t be solid on what defines manhood without some buffet feminist slapping us with a Misogyny stamp let alone for someone we love to tell us to man up. What exactly is manning up and why would a woman know it any better than another man? It’s an emasculating and uncompromising utterance aimed at men to mask the true intent of telling us that “we are acting weak and feminine”. This is why it is an unforgivable statement in most circumstances. Even if your man is being a punk it is not up to you to tell him to “man up” ever.

You Don’t Own Me!

Sure none of us own one another truly but isn’t that what the labels, the rings and the commitment is about? What do you mean I don’t own you? This comes off as either a challenge to a man who truly does own you, or a reason for release from a man who doesn’t care. Screaming “you don’t own me” is not only immature on the surface but it comes off as a free pass for a man to no longer concern himself with hurting you with his decisions. If you don’t own me and I don’t own you then sleeping with the next chick shouldn’t concern you too much should it?

I’m Not Your Mother!

This is just foul for several reasons starting with the fact that the woman may not know the man’s mother at all but chooses to use her as an insult. As close as men are to their mothers and women are to their fathers it is never a good idea to use either as an insult in an argument. While this phrase is used when a woman finds herself cleaning up after a man, there is no true counter if the roles were reversed is there?

You need to find a better job!

No man wants to hear this, especially if it something that he is well aware of and feels helpless in changing. How can a woman saying this to a man promote anything positive? To many it reeks of gold-digger aspirations and high maintenance, princess pandering. Hearing these words makes it quite evident that the man isn’t doing enough financially for the woman and she feels privileged enough to demand more. Think about that one for a second.

My Ex Used To (Insert Activity) All The Time!

Well maybe it’s about time you take your bird brain back to him then right? Why would a woman think that comparing her current man to a guy who managed to sleep with her first would inspire a positive change? This is the quickest path to an exit interview or an empty relationship that has become 100% physical in his mind. It is hard to love a woman who waxes poetic about her ex.

Have you ever had any of these things said to you my fellow men? Speak your mind.

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