Apr 17

Creepy stalker guy

Have you ever made an advance at a particularly sexy lady, only to have her blow you off out of nowhere? What about when you hear from her girlfriend later on that you creeped her out and she was afraid of you? Chances are you have done one of the 5 things listed here, and if that is the case we offer up some suggestions on how to avoid being creepy when talking to a woman.

1. Prolonged Eye Contact 

This is a tricky one because there is a thin line between a lingering glance and a blatant stare. A man should avoid staring down a woman because it can come off as intimidating and scary. Stare down your enemy, not the cute young thing that you want to have sex with. If you find that your attempt at eye-contact is constantly leading to women putting you in their blinders, then chances are you are creepy. Dial it back… the best ratio I have found is about 1.75 seconds, a shy guy will look away, a creep will stare hard, but an interested man will look, do something else, then look again.

Editor’s Note: this is not to be confused with holding eye-contact during a conversation. Make sure you do that.

2. Objectifying Her Appearance

Okay it’s one thing to go and tell a woman that you love HER freckles but when you say “I love freckles” and then take it to the next level of staring at every woman with freckles, talking about every celebrity with freckles (ya you Lucy Liu) and having all your ex-girlfriends seeming to have freckles… then you have an obsession and it’s creepy. While this is an exaggeration of someone’s preference, it should always be about the individual woman that you’re lusting after… not her race, hair color or any other physical feature.

3. Asking A Million Personal Questions

If you are one of those people who take dating to be a formula that relies heavily on the woman doing all of the talking, then you may have inadvertently been guilty of this. When you sit down with a woman and ask her questions, it should have some genuine thought behind it as opposed to making it a job interview. Imagine how creepy it would feel for someone you just met to ask you about your exes, your favorite color, your zodiac sign, your birthplace, birthdate, social security number… okay I kid, but you get my point. Dial it back a bit and let her ask some questions of her own.

4. Kidnapping and Entrapment

This relates to a technique that super-aggressive men like to do where they block a woman’s path in order to get her to surrender her number or a promise for a date. Now it does work on some women… maybe due to some psychological background baggage going on, but average girl will go into defense mode and really be creeped out at your “rapist game”. If you have never done this, or seen it done, just go to a house party and keep your eyes open. One popular move seems to be the arm next to her head to where she would have to bob-and-wave to escape your trap, or the “stand in the doorway” maneuvers.

5. Blowing Your Load

This isn’t what you think (I just find the term funny). When you meet a girl and she’s interested in you enough to part with her number and some conversation, you can easily creep it up by running after her to ask her out on a date… that night. Awkward men do things like this and completely kill their chances; or the guy who calls her 5 minutes after receiving her number. Sure you don’t have to do the old “wait 2 days before calling her” bull, but you don’t have to spaz out and become a creepy stalker just because she showed some interest.

On a final note – being creepy generally means that woman is not and will not be interested in you at all, so move the hell on. If a chick finds you cute, handsome, or attractive, you have a lot more wiggle room to maneuver with the “creepy” label. But you never know what’s in a woman’s head, so do your best to avoid these pitfalls and you will find your dating life to be that much better for it.

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  • ”But you never know what’s in a woman’s head, so do your best to avoid these pitfalls and you will find your dating life to be that much better for it.”

    Avoid the invisible pratfall while you attempt to cow tow and worship her!