Feb 20

  1. Be Supportive.
  2. Act like a man… as in don’t be overly dramatic, be extremely candid and demand sex often.
  3. Never compare your man to your father. Keep that to yourself!
  4. Have a life (and friends) of your own.
  5. Don’t give up the sex too fast – until we’ve had sex, then give it up often.
  6. Be upfront and not passive aggressive.
  7. Express yourself, we aren’t mind readers and we lack your “intuition”.
  8. Have a sense of humor.
  9. Don’t pretend to like everything we like.
  10. Have a passion – something besides the man: career, cooking, flying jets… anything!
  11. Let a man be a man.
  12. Accept that a man isn’t into the same things that you are (shows, food, shoes, etc.)
  13. Have a positive and refreshing outlook on life.
  14. Never vent without want of a solution. This is irritating and worthless to a man.
  15. Don’t dictate a man’s entire dress code. Improve us, don’t reinvent us.
  16. Don’t be overly stubborn.
  17. Have a career (debatable I know, but this is my list)
  18. Keep it sexy, this can be in dress, mannerisms and even mundane things.
  19. Argue like an adult… sans name calling, dirty laundry and melodrama.
  20. Cook like Giada De Laurentiis and if you can’t cook at least be flexible about restaurant choices.
  21. Be loyal.
  22. Speak softly, especially when disagreeing with us.
  23. Respect our friends – they mean a lot to us.
  24. No matter how rough and tough you are… be feminine.
  25. Be yourself while allowing your man to be himself.
  26. Time your primping and preparation well and give good estimates on the time needed.
  27. Do not pressure or guilt a man into anything.
  28. Make fun of us and break our balls… just not in front of the boys.
  29. Know that you deserve a good man and can show appreciation for having one.
  30. Be Confident. Nobody likes a beauty that complains about being ugly…
  31. Pay for some dates, desserts or drinks once in a while.
  32. Don’t suffocate a man who is too polite to tell you to back off.
  33. Take pride in your appearance always.
  34. Don’t fish for compliments (how do I look in this dress). Allow us to volunteer our opinion.
  35. Masturbate – Know your body and be knowledgeable about what makes you tick.
  36. Be competitive – in sports, games and life.
  37. Do not use manipulation to get your way with your mate.
  38. Take care of your health and fitness but don’t obsess.
  39. Fight and defend us like we do you. (If a chick comes at your man, you should cut her down).
  40. Be active, somewhat childish and playful.
  41. Never nag a man incessantly.
  42. Be organized, or a good organizer. Most men are slobs – this would complement us well.
  43. Trust your man. If you aren’t able to trust him then why are you still with him?
  44. Know how to relax and have fun.
  45. Appreciate your man’s profession – if he is proud and happy of it himself.
  46. Experiment during sex and don’t be afraid to ask for favors.
  47. Be Adventurous.
  48. Admit to being wrong when you’re wrong.
  49. Don’t be overly selfish. IT IS NOT CUTE!
  50. Be a Lady Dragon – A harmonious blend of strength, intelligence and beauty.

Spot any contradictions in my list of 50?

Of course you did, because there is no such thing as a perfect woman. Perfection is a silly level that we all may say we strive for but in reality nobody ever attains it and will often contradict them if they claim they have. Still, I can guarantee you that the man in your life would appreciate at least 30 out of this list so if you have 25 or more of these traits then you are a winner my dear, a certified winner.

Fellas, what do you think? Did I leave anything off that isn’t crass like “bare-footed and in the kitchen making bacon”? What do you think of the 50?

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