Jun 21

irritated woman

Insecure people all seem to have the same feeling – you should earn their trust (which is impossible) and that you can help them past their insecurities with patience (another point I would argue to the negative).

When you start dating it is important to figure out whether or not your potential long-term will be cool or if she will turn into the next Lisa Nowak… or Jodi Arias. The following is a list of 10 things that should be treated as red flags when the cards are shown at the table.

1. She Tells You On An Early Date

The funny thing about insecure people is that they tell on themselves constantly. When you are on a date with a talkative woman, listen in for clues as to why her last thing didn’t work out. She may reveal something to you that you will need to listen out for. For instance she may admit “I can admit that I do get a little possessive in my relationships” and your thirsty mind will translate it to “I take care of my man when in a relationship”. This is why you should actually listen and not allow your balls to translate.

2. She Has A Problem With Men’s Magazines

It’s one thing for a woman to be offended that you openly display that massive collection of Hustler, Penthouse, or even Playboy but if you have a stack of Maxims  and she flips out you better start watching your back for the crazy. Real women know that men like to ogle women, and those magazines are made for single men – which you happen to be… so her finding issue with them lets you know that she will be a problem.

3. She Wants To Play With Your Phone

First she “plays” with your phone and then she starts inquiring on every female name in your contact list. This is an entrepreneur’s hell if you have a ton of clients and if you are the type of guy to be open with answering her inquisition, it can be an hour’s task of stroking her insecure nerves to calm them.

I am of the opinion that this is no-go territory especially since I have always been intolerant of it. Emails, phones and diaries are private, if a woman cannot respect that then she will not respect you.

4. She Sherlocks Your Social Media Spaces

Insecure women want to know who is on your friends-list, which exes are still on there, and who the pretty girl is who happens to like all of your photos. One of the first sign of this nonsense is her signing up for some of these platforms as soon as she starts dating you. Facebook account less than a month old, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest all to spy on yours.

5. She Fishes For Compliments on Something She Lacks

Girls with no booty will go about it one of 2 ways, either she doesn’t care or she wants you to carry on like there’s something there. The latter is the one you have to worry about because as soon as a woman with a big, sexy ass walks by she will be on you like white on rice wondering if you are checking it out.

This is not reserved for booties or breasts either but any number of fad beauty traits that popular media have decreed is sexy for men.

6. She Attempts to Compare Salary

Men are very guilty of this very thing too – even worse than women, but insecure women will want the man to make a lot more than they do in case their girlfriend or mother asks. Insecure women don’t want to be laughed at by the women in their clique for dating down so finding out how much you make is a huge deal. We can blame it on the magical word Hypergamy… insecure women want to brag about your salary.

7. She Tries Too Hard Around Your Friends

It’s important to some women to get in good with your friends and for good reason since we do stress that you pay attention to that as men. Now there is a huge difference in what we say to look for and what insecure women actually do. There are women who your friends will like because they are cool, laid back and a bit tomboyish and then there is the girlfriend who pushes, and pushes and pushes for them to like her.

What’s the big deal for her to get them to like her? Well she assumes that if they’re her friends also she can glean information about your past, your current cheating status and even more. She can also have them as Facebook friends so the strip club photos you thought she would never see is spotted on their timeline.

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