Dec 28

michael phelps

1. Michael Phelps Defines Champion

How absolutely Alpha is Michael Phelps? Going out on top, snatching every gold that they dangled in his face and paving his own path as a legendary Olympian. I found it funny how the media tried it’s damndest to create drama for the titan with rumors of rivalry with a teammate and his dating a strange s“hot” blonde who they feared was out to dig gold.

Phelps’ Teflon ability to keep it classy, humble and professional when facing a hot mic made him that much more impressive as all the rumors fell apart due to them failing at shaking up his gangster poker face.

2. We Still Had James…

For all the changes in modern culture to do away with Alpha males it was great to see that the most Alpha of them all is still a relevant hero in cinema. James Bond’s Skyfall brought about the super-spy in the way we have always known him – drinking, womanizing and blowing things up while looking good doing it.

Daniel Craig doesn’t do anything but Alpha roles and is one of our favorite guys in Hollywood. We hope he reprises his role as 007 and keeps bringing the heat to our theaters.

3. Barack Obama For Another 4 Years

barack and familyPolitics aside Barack Obama does us well as men due to his ability to keep it classy even when people are lobbying barbs at him. Barack is a family man with beautiful daughters and a wife that deserves her own post if we’re throwing out compliments.

So when it comes to people making us all out to be savages that are all about sex and patriarchy, and scratching our nuts we can point to Barry O and say “you know what, that guy right there says you need to stop generalizing”.

4. Usain Bolt – Fastest Man On Earth

Haters were hating and fat beat writers were on blogs doubting but Usain Bolt took to the track in London and set it on fire with much prejudice. Of course people were still talking noise after he had racked up gold medals in 3 separate events and broke world records but the confident track star did hid dance, aimed with his invisible thunderbolt and represented his country like a champion.

5. The MRA Movement

What there are Men’s Rights Activists!? Say whaaaaa??? Well it’s good to have a hardcore bunch of guys to counteract the hardcore ball-breakers online is all I can say. Now the rest of us who can play nice with the fairer sex can stay out of the fires in the gender war and let the hardcore take on the hardcore.

For a long time it has been a rather heavy dose of angry women beating down otherwise good guys who stayed quiet so seeing a rally to fight back which as much hate is not such a bad thing afterall. Let them cancel one another out.

6. The Indomitable Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson

Say what you will about the NFL and guys squandering money, getting brain damage, and dying in pain – it is still a modern day Gladiatorial games and truly the greatest show on turf. The NFL is one of the last bastions of unmitigated testosterone no matter how hard Roger Goodell tries to turn it into the Lingerie Bowl.

2 guys who gave men inspiration and trust that hard work and dedication can overcome anything are Quarterback Peyton Manning and Running back Adrian Peterson. These guys had injuries that a lesser man would have let destroy their careers yet they came back arguably better than ever.

7. Felix Baumgartner Completes Highest Skydive Ever

On October 14th the Australian daredevil leapt from a balloon that floated above the Earth’s surface and reached a top speed of 1,342 KPH in his descent which broke the sound barrier. Needless to say Felix broke quite a few records that day and made us proud after splashing down in New Mexico.

8. Anderson Cooper The Professional

It takes balls the size of planets to “come out of the closet” as a man even in 2012 believe it or not… I mean think about it, we still have hardcore, unapologetic racists, memes about tragedies, and I think I saw a Halloween costume of a little kid clutching unto Sandusky.

Cooper is a consummate professional who inspires men to go at their career 150%, keep a cool demeanor and keep our personal lives high and tight. It took much pressure from nosy assholes to crack Iceberg Cooper but when he came out it was on the wavelength of “I’m gay deal with it” and nobody had anything to say about it.

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