May 16

It’s been ironed out that men and women speak different languages when it comes to matters of the heart so of course there are times when a guy and gal are friends and one is in love with the other. With either of them clueless as to the other’s feelings the crush can go nowhere and more often than none leads to frustration and confusion. For you beautiful birds out there with a man that you call bff, here are 8 clues that we give you that means we actually want you to be our lady:

  1. No man is good enough for you – If you ask his opinion on your current guy and all you get is negative feedback, cances are he wants you for himself. A friendly guy could care less about the details as long as the man isn’t hurting you.
  2. You hang out all the time – Guys as a general rule do not hang out with one girl on the friend tip.
  3. He isn’t doing ordinary guy things – If you can take off your bra to change in front of him and dude isn’t all “damn girl let me put my face on those things” then he may be trying to play the “if I respect her she will come” game.
  4. He’s willing to cuddle while you watch movies – Girls do this with one another, couples do it (although the guy doesn’t care for it) but guess who doesn’t do it? Yup you guessed it – guys with friends. If we’re cuddling you then we are merely hoping that the movie will get you hot enough to step it up and lock some lips.
  5. (MAJOR TELL) Raising the flag – If you’ve been together at your house all night kicking it and it’s time for him to leave, give him a nice firm hug… if you feel him poking you in the front then you are doing that man a disservice (just kidding). Men show their attraction through THAT too, if he’s constantly sitting to hide that hard-on then obviously he wants more out of you.
  6. He never talks about girls around you – See point #3 about respect.
  7. Your parents know him, love him and wonder about him – The guys that are too timid to come at you hard will have no qualms with coming home with you for Thanksgiving and complimenting the shit out of your dad for the roasted turkey. see if the family is in his corner then eventually they will start asking you what your issue is and why it is that you never give dude a chance.
  8. Your boyfriend hates him – As men we can smell a vulture from a mile away. We know that he knows that we know that he’s trying to get in but you are too blind to realize it.

Look I have many female friends, some of who I consider to be my closest friends but I don’t hang out with them like I do my boys. I am a man and you are a woman, if I haven’t been with you then chances are I want to be with you and if it’s not the case then I’ll see you when I see you. I’ve never felt the urge to call up some chick to hang out because she was cool as hell to me… no, men aren’t wired that way. I have one girlfriend I’d kick it with like that and that’s because both she and I would both be scoping out hawtes, if you get my drift. Don’t be naive, a guy will give you his time only if he sees something bigger int he future – and some of these mugs are super patient about it. They will stay in your life through relationships, boyfriends, husbands, deaths, all in hopes that some rebound, pity sex will give them a chance at bat to be your man.

Do you have a hang-arounder that you suspect likes you? Well guess what? 9 times out of 10 he does so guesswork isn’t needed.

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  • I totally agree! every playa has done of one of these a time or two in their life