Jan 05

1. Alimony Celebrities aka The “Wives” Reality Shows

I can’t watch these things and I am not coming from a place of ignorance in my avoidance as I have tried watching a few and they are so contrived it’s a wonder that the moniker of “Reality Television” is still fooling people. This is not reality people, it’s an edited, scripted show that uses… you know what never mind. The rise of the alimony celebrity is more disturbing than 2010’s sex tape celebrity – yup Kim K. Half of these women are not wives on the shows, they are ugly inside and will probably keep men single out of fear of landing one of these liabilities and being forced to pay a 6 figure allowance to her for years. Only the people can affect this change and women LOVE and support these shows so I guess I shouldn’t hold my breath.

2. Social Network Lynch Mobs

Some people are ignorant of the internet… which is sad being that this is 13+ years that it has been around in the mainstream. The idiots who think Facebook is safe enough for them to issue death threats (then snatch it down later as if that permanently makes it go away), run out racist epithets when they are on a government paid elected seat, or scam on younglings have every right to be persecuted but there’s gotta be a line when you consider their capture to be news-worthy.

3. Sarah Palin

Unless it’s a Cougar spread in FHM, Maxim or Playboy (she is kinda fine) I am about tapped out on this attention whore. Sure people with white hair and walkers love the hell out of her but me I’m just tired of seeing her. If you take issue with me calling her an attention whore, just realize that this chick has a reality show (nuff said).

4. Weak Hip-Hop Beefs and Twitter Celebrity Wars

Eminem, brilliant emcee but no-one has ever taken his angst aka “I hate you” raps seriously, so why would I take anyone after Eminem’s generation seriously when they try to “beef” through horrible, radio, Hip-Pop songs? Chris Brown, Fabolous and other young cats warring on Twitter is about as useful as f-cking a moldy donut and people paying attention to it are even worse Author’s Note: (I know, I know, I’m paying attention to it but this is from reading about it on blogs not Twitter. I don’t follow these clowns).

5. Women crying for sympathy from Men

Here’s the real ladies, when someone is accused of doing something that they know that they aren’t guilty of (when you generalize men), they will hold no sympathy for you having to suffer from it. Actually quite the opposite happens, the defensiveness of “I ain’t guilty of that shit” turns into “man fuck that bitch!” or similar sentiments and your cry for help is attacked through blog commentary or general disgust. With things on a near even plain in the war of the sexes I need women to take responsibility, kick the scrubs out of their lives and stop begging us guys on the sidelines to help them in doing this. Sack up ladies, sack up!

6. Black people falling for Troll bait

There are trolls in all walks of life, and again with the internet being in its teenage years, we should understand the cult of personality that it has bred. Getting emails, reading Facebook posts and SIGH blogs about what some random racist baby-boomer emailed to his buddy annoyed me several times over last year. People need to shake some of this stuff off and go at things when it’s really important. It got so bad last year that the NAACP went at a card company for an audio card saying black holes thinking it said “black hos”. Ya I’m still face-palming myself to death over that one… can we slow this down in 2011 please?

7. Obama-watch Blogs

Some of these horrid things disguise themselves as being “political blogs” or “the voice of the people” but in reality they are either cheerleaders or haters of Barrack using his crazy celebrity status to fuel views on their web-space. How much random crap do we need to know about our president outside of what he does for or against us? Not since Bill Clinton have I seen a President go Celebrity against his own wishes like this. Is it because women find him good looking? It’s not getting old, it’s already old and I swear the next “Barrack is out doing —-“ I see as a headline will make me choke somebody.

Last but not least…

8. People hating on celebrities that are kids

I think that you have to be the saddest, most worthless piece of excrement to go at a celeb-kid just because you don’t like how they look. The way people went at Jaden Smith for being the lead in Karate Kid, the Justin Beiber jokes (which are funny because I think most guys who are anti-Beiber probably have a sexual attraction to him – there’s a reason he is top 5 most searched face in Google… ya it’s pretty damn disturbing), and just the random “I hate that kid for having opportunities unlike me snarf!” articles and commentary everywhere. If you aren’t their audience, you probably can ignore them and move on with your life.

Here’s to wishful thinking… cheers!

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  • Ninja Bob

    Good luck on numbers One and Five. Women love those crappy “reality shows” that feature women living off alimony from an ex-husband and they’re never going to stop seeking sympathy from men. Now, men can control number two: When women seek sympathy from you and they’re not a relative, a really good friend or your lady–ignore them. I mean, do you have time to care about some bs decision that some random chick made? I sure as hell don’t and when a woman starts with a sob story looking for a shoulder to cry on, I tell her to find one of her girlfriends and talk about that junk over a cup of international coffee.

    Now, as far “reality televsion” goes–I don’t watch those crappy shows and if a woman wants to watch one or talk about one, I let them know the deal. Those shows aren’t even remotely “real” and if you think they are you might as well watch pro wrestling.

    And before I forget–number Eight. For real though, Will Smith didn’t need to do a “Karate Kid” remake. He should have done an original movie about a kid learning kung fu, karate, whatever and cast his son in the lead role. There are how many sequels to the first “Karate Kid”? Like four maybe? I’m pretty sure Will didn’t care about the internet chatter but there wouldn’t have been any had he done something original and not had “The Karate Kid” name attached to it. Those internet nerds are some of the most racist people walking the face of the earth and their main beef was that Jaden is black.

    • “Will Smith didn’t need to do a Karate Kid remake.”

      As men of color we need to look deeper into the impact of using “The Karate Kid” as the title to that movie. White internet nerds are beyond racist, I’ve mentioned this many times in the past, the lead for Karate Kid wasn’t just black, 99% of the cast was non-white… that just doesn’t fly in Hollywood when you want a broad audience. Yet… not only did it get people’s attentions but it gave validity to a movie before it was even filmed. Sure people will whine that its yet another crap remake and whatever else, but at least they started talking about it. Were it random karate movie starring Asian man and black boy, it would have not gotten any audience being that the white majority will see it as a “black” movie, doubt it’s worth (as with most movies that featuring a majority non-white cast) and it would have flopped.

      Will Smith used his huge cross-over appeal, united that with a recognizable brand and sold America a non-traditional movie with a large Asian presence and it sold like hot cakes. To me that is brilliant and lends hope to the fact that America can accept a movie piloted by people who aren’t white. I’m sure time will tell in my assumption but The Karate Kid transcended any hate that it received last year. And kudos to the Smith’s for at least trying.

  • Julia

    Well said! Except for one thing…Justin Bieber,lol

    • I don’t know Julia, Beiber’s fanbase is ENORMOUS… dude practically owns Twitter. He is too large to get rid of lol.