Jan 04

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Men of the world, 2012 was not our year… not by a long shot and if we continue on in the same vein as we have been we will accelerate the demise of masculine identity in this modern society. If we are going to make resolutions then becoming better men should be one of them.

What is a better man?

A better man is a better version of who you are – a more confident version, one who will not let the mainstream convince you that being a man is a bad thing. A better man is a hero to boys, an icon to follow for the confused and unaware, an avatar of where we should be going.

The following list of things are steps we could all take to become better men and it isn’t some hogwash textual castration disguised as a “good men project” or anything like it. No, this is a list that I truly believe is necessary for us to survive.

1. Say something… always

Gender-bashing should not be tolerated by a man as much as blatant racism, homophobia and other forms of generalized hate isn’t. Snide jokes alluding to all men being dogs, all men being dumb troglodytes, or all men being dead-beat dads should be challenged for proof of it being true. Being silent helps nobody especially if these accusations are echoed by an authority. Bark back men, but do so intelligently.

2. Mentor a boy in your life

Are you a dad, an uncle, an adopted uncle, or a teacher of some sort? Sensei, Sifu, Sergeant, coach… whatever – if you are in contact with a young man with no father (or none worth a damn) do that kid a solid and drop knowledge when you can. Each one teach one and we can make for a better breed of us in the coming years.

3. Be firm in your manhood

If you are a heterosexual, beer-drinking, skirt-chasing alpha male then by all means claim the hell out of it and stop being ashamed. You aren’t instantly a hateful, homophobic, womanizer for being a “bro” unlike the nerds in the media will have you believe. You know who you are so be the best you that you can be and apologize to no-one for letting your nuts hang.

4. Fuck the media

Yes, this includes the Hall of The Black Dragon too. No blog, eZine, or scandal rag  defines you. Is your family provided for and your place as an authority established? Then the most we should be offering to you is advice for you to take or leave. Nobody has the final answer on anything and most of the knee-jerk articles published on spaces are simply one person’s opinion.

5. Read more books

Whether it be financial education, relationship improvement, or Science Fiction it does a man good to read more. Half of the conversations I have with young men have proven to me that we are bypassing reading way too much nowadays. Trust me, the best stuff have not made it to documentaries or movies yet. Find time to open up a book during this year and read, read, read.

So what do you think men, is this doable? What are your plans for this new year?

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  • Orlando Bones

    Damn good list!

  • Frank

    This is a great list to set goals for ourselves as real men. Sinatra would certainly ascribe.

    • Wow, thanks Frank that’s one helluva compliment. If the Chairman of The Board cosigns any list I made on manhood it would make me feel like a king along with reaffirming my confidence in helping other men grow. Thanks for that!

  • Frank

    As I am new to this forum and as I read the list, images of Sinatra, Sammy and Dean sitting around a pool with cigars and drinks nodding their heads in agreement came to my mind. You know, some of us are born with “it” Greg. I am in agreement with helping others along the path grow. Too many chumps and wanna be heros from my vantage point. Keep adding to the list.