Dec 19

female entrepreneur

Write it down

In this age of Smart Phones there is never a good enough reason for you not to record your thoughts on a notepad app or an actual notepad itself. Even if you have no other notes you should write your idea down, title it, and keep it handy for the times when you are able to expound upon it.

Try not to let the obvious obstacles like money, time or resources hold you back as you outline the idea in full detail of what you want it to be. Write it all down and list things off. For example if you plan on making a restaurant, write about the uniform colors, the ideal location, signage, types of food, how you plan to market it, etc. Even from a place of ignorance you should write things down – this will force your mind to push for it to be a reality and your idea may even grow some legs.

Look Up Successful Entrepreneurs

No matter what your idea is there is someone who started from where you are now and was able to get it going. Many of these people have written about their path and you can look them up on sites like Try to find detailed accounts of how that person did it; did they get a loan from the bank; were they already rich; did they just get lucky? These are the clues you look for when doing your research.

Sometimes your idea seems daunting but you can look and see that someone else merely knew a trick or two to get it going and you could apply those same tricks to your idea.

Find a Mentor

Every great Sith had a Darth and every great Jedi had a Master – it is great to be part of the “bootstrapper” crowd but why join them if someone could just guide you past the traps? If Anakin Skywalker had not met Qui-Gon Jin and Obi Wan Kenobi he would have gone through life as a technologically advanced slave. So find someone close who has some success with trying new things and pull their coat.

One thing you will find about Entrepreneurs is that we love to help out junior members of our fellowship. It happens to be this way because we know our club to be small and only a few brave souls will try to join up. Don’t be afraid to ask a restaurant owner to run it down how they got started, or ask a power broker to sing her tale of struggle coming up. You will be surprised at how helpful people are if you just ask.

Last but not least find other venture hounds to befriend

If you do get an idea off the ground and begin to see some money from it you will find that your friends and family will not be the most supportive of you. Most of this is due to a lack of understanding as to what it’s like to do what you’re doing. So I would encourage you to find other baby entrepreneurs to swap stories and lessons with; keep them close and use them as your reinforcement to keep trying.

Let me try to complain about clients asking for a lot but only wanting to pay a little and the family will remind me of how “lucky” I am to even have clients.

If I run the same complaint to my entrepreneur buddy he/she will come back with “ya I’ve been there too and it sucks” which is all I want to hear in that situation. So get you some like-minded friends because we all need to vent or celebrate at times and the last thing you want to deal with is someone who doesn’t understand.

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