Sep 27

golfer woman

Gentlemen, spelunkers, travelers and Indiana Jones types – we all know that one of the bonuses to traveling is in seeing the different cultures that vary from state to state – Northerners do this, and Southerners do that. But let’s be honest, it’s the women that we’re looking at (most of us), am I right?

So what if there was some sort of guide to get you prepped and ready for the hunt eh? What if there was some sort of field guide that you – young Indiana Jones can use to not only identify the hawtes, but know their weaknesses and strengths in order to make it easier?

Well there is… Field Guide to Chicks of the United States, is the definitive guide and visual resource for bird watching like a pro. Author Joe Bovino takes us on a journey across America, breaking down the various birds, their species, profiles, and (clears throat) assets for easy spotting.

page from book

The book offers amusing insights into the most distinctive physical characteristics, vocalizations, behavioral tendencies, and mating habits of American Chicks from regional and ethnic subcultures (or species) across all 50 states.

Check Your Political Correctness At the Door

We all know that humor comes at the cost of prudish, tender feelings. Some of the comedians of my day who came up on off-color jokes are now being persecuted for doing what they’ve always done. So we know that many of you will catch heat and rage over names like “Taco Belle” and “Seoulmate”. This book isn’t for you – serious town is thataway->.

For the guys and gals that are able to deal – you will find the depictions, descriptions and illustrations hilarious… see for yourself:

I am under the impression that as soon as my friends see this book in my house, flip through the pages, and see the goodies inside it’s going to end up missing. This is a wolf’s bible in illustrated form! Check out the names of some of these various “chicks”:

  • Hole in One – from Las Vegas
  • Freshman 10 – The College Party Chick
  • Seoulmate – Korean American
  • Mattress – Model/Actress from Los Angeles (Editor’s Note: I loled…)
  • Armolicious – Armenian American
  • Taco Belle – Mexican American
  • Holy Heisman – Born Again Christian
  • Win-Nguyen – Vietnamese American (Editor’s Note: This one is awesome..)

I thought I came up with crazy names for women but this blows me away… muhahaha. Check out Field Guide to Chicks of the United States and upgrade your bird-watching game to space-aged limits. You can purchase the book directly from the source at or at (Kindle peops, snatch it from this link here).

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