Aug 16

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A fit belly is a pointer towards good health; additionally it gives a boost to the physical appearance of a person. It is a recognized fact that excessive fat can lead to many harmful diseases. Besides, it can lead to lowered self esteem as people become more conscious of their uncouth form. Even though the above is true for man or woman, belly fat is a bigger concern for women because fat accumulation has been linked with menopause; researchers believe that more fat can get deposited owing to the hormonal changes that happen, particularly in middle age.

Why is a fit belly an indication of a woman’s heart health?

A fit belly means no unnecessary fat in the waist line which translates into a healthy heart.  Excessive quantities of Visceral fat or the fat stored in between abdominal organs like liver, pancreas, gall bladder, intestines etc. can trigger extra hormonal secretions which in turn lead to undesirable consequences like raised blood pressure, bad cholesterol build up, insulin resistance – to name but a few. Such conditions could eventually land a woman with heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and breast cancer and increase her risk of stroke.

After reading articles that talk about risks associated with fat bellies, women might panic and get into a stress mode. But, it is important to realize that the above is a continuous process and nothing happens overnight! And the positive news is that a fit belly is achievable and belly fat can be reversed with the right diet, exercises and perseverance. Knowing the risks associated with a large waist line, it should be the endeavor of women to make the effort to reduce the harmful fat in their bodies.

Exercises to shed belly fat

Keeping active all day long is a primary factor in losing extra fat. Activities like walking, swimming, jogging or gardening, cleaning a yard and high energy house work can all support in burning fat. Strength training with weights and resistance bands is useful in burning calories much more effectively. Stretches ensure better blood circulation and metabolism. Thirty minutes of any one activity every day should be a good starting point, even for overweight women or women with unduly large waists.

Diet for fit bellies in women

By cutting out processed food, women can take away the biggest contributor to their waist size. Including fiber rich food like vegetables & fruits and switching to whole grain meals, low fat dairy, nuts, olive oil, green tea etc. help accelerate the burning of stored fats.

Yoga – Surya Namaskar for fitter bellies

Yoga is an ancient practice of striking poses in combination with controlled breathing. It is found to produce excellent results in improving the body’s metabolism which influences fat loss positively. Even though Yoga is not known to have instant or quick effects, the results are permanent and continuous after a time. Surya Namaskar is a cycle of poses that works on the entire body and mind.

Women with bulging waistlines who realize its impact on their heart’s health can follow a suitable fitness regimen and get rewarded with fit bellies.

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  • Women and men need to become much more serious about our health. A bulging belly means that one’s concern for his or her fitness is tremendously lacking. Good and important article!