Apr 13

People do not realize that they have more control over their work situation than they think they do. If you have a boss you don’t like then go find another job.  There are some who hesitate to leave stable employment in a tough economy, and choose to tough it out at their current place of employment.  If you decide to do this then you will need to find some personal value in your career that will help you make it through the rough days.

The Value of Benefits

As we age benefits become more important to us, a good insurance plan becomes paramount.  If you intend to get married and raise a family, these benefits can help you provide the care your family needs. In addition to vacations and visits to relatives, generous time-off  allotments empower individuals who want to travel the world without worrying about losing pay.  A 401(k), Roth IRA, or other type of retirement plan with tax-free growth and employer-matched contributions allows you to plan for the future after your best days working are behind you.

The Value of Being Challenged

Some people walk through the doors everyday wanting to be challenged on a daily basis by their career.  The ideal place of employment will balance between being too difficult and too easy.  Human intelligence seems to thrive when we are pushed to our limits, but not when we’re past what we can handle.  If you think about your current job duties if they are redundant or simple in nature then the days seem to drag on, but if the tasks are challenging and force you to think outside of the box then the day tends to go by a bit faster because you are being challenged mentally.

The Value of Contribution

Many people want the feeling that when it’s all said and done with they made a difference with what they did at their job.  There’s tremendous value in working for a company that strives to make the world a better place. The opportunity to contribute to a cause you believe in and to leave a legacy can make going to work every day a joy instead of a burden.  In a lot of cases though people have a hard time seeing their impact on the overall direction of the company for large organizations, while others get to see both the negative and positive impact they have.

The Value of Friendship

Many lasting friendships are formed in the workplace. Since we spend so much time there and have such a large portion of our lives in common with our coworkers, these bonds can be very rewarding.  From deep friendships to a career-shaping mentor to casual beers after a stressful day, these connections can make leaving friends the hardest part about leaving a job.  If you have a lot of friends in the work place that can sometimes be the difference between a person staying at a job they don’t like, and leaving the job because working with friends helps the environment seem better.

The Value of Compensation

The flip side of finding a challenging job is the recognition that you receive for doing it well. This type of praise can be as simple as an internal pat on the back for meeting a deadline, but any kind of recognition contributes to your overall sense of well-being. Superiors or even coworkers who take time to recognize and praise good work can make us feel better about all the effort we’re putting in, even if work feels crazy at times.  Many people tie recognition to monetary compensation and judge their value to the organization by that fact, but there are many cases where the compensation and person’s worth do not match up with each other.

Whatever it takes to motivate you may not be contained in the list above, but you need to find something that will help you focus on the positives of the job rather than the negatives.

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