May 22

Editor’s Note: I am sharing this article by on the ways a woman can romance her man because her article is pretty spot on as to what can get our gears truly turning. Max starts her article explaining how she tried the traditional romantic gestures in reverse for her guys and how they basically ignored them due to not being wired to accept such gestures. The things she suggests will seem silly to many of you women but as a man trust me, she knocked it out of the ball park. You should check out her articles on as she writes aggressively and very well about love, life and relationships. Thank you.

Blue roses on Valentine’s Day, spontaneous gifts strategically hidden so that he finds them when he least expects it, cards and notes just to say “I love you” or “Good luck today”. I did all of that. Because my mission in life was to make my man feel like he won the lottery the day he wifed me down.  So I made sure that Mr. Max got a Hollyw0od-esque grand gesture on a regular basis.

The thing is though that – as sweet and thoughtful as these moves were – those men could not really have cared less. Because that’s girl romance and it just doesn’t have the same effect on men as man-romance does. And it’s not that men don’t want or need romantic gestures, it’s just that a man’s definition of romance is wildly different from a woman’s…

…how to romance your man in ways he actually gives a shit about…

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