Dec 03

man and woman talking

Sometimes we men make women out to be a lot more complicated than they truly are. When men get confused with the way that a woman reacts to compliments sometimes it is due to him misfiring the compliment based on timing, using canned compliments, and plain old bad strategy.

When it comes to complimenting women the easiest way to get positive feedback is to make sure that the setting is right; pay attention to what she’s wearing, and let her guide you unconsciously to say the right thing.

What Should You Compliment Her On?

Women tend to be self-conscious about their appearance so the 1st clue is to look at the type of outfit that she’s wearing. Sure all women aren’t the same and you get a few who truly could give a rat’s ass how they are perceived but if you are going to gamble by house rules then you have to play where the odds are in your favor my friend.

When you look at how a woman dresses, you need to pick up on the cues: A woman that likes her breasts will wear v-necks, low-cut tops and tight outfits in order to accentuate those gams; but you as an outsider aren’t allowed to roll up on her on some old “nice breasts”, but if she’s sleeping with you and you want to make her feel like a million bucks then tell her those babies are perfect during spoon time.

If she has great legs she will show them off in the summer, if she has nice eyes she will smoke those babies up Mila Kunis style. Plump, succulent lips will shine with gloss or some bright color, a cute nose is open game – who can argue back that their nose isn’t cute?

Are you a metro man? Let her know those whatever heels are working with her outfit… this is a bonus to some women so why not use it?

Don’t Overdo It

If you have a girl who has a nice body that you love and appreciate but she is self conscious about it then complimenting her may help her move past it a bit and will actually score you points. On the other hand a new date may think it is patronizing if you keep on telling her how beautiful her eyes are when she’s never heard it before from anyone.

Keep things dynamic and as natural as possible, women can spot a forced compliment a mile away.

Bonus Points For Noticing

One of the biggest areas we men struggle with in complimenting is noticing the small things our women do to look pretty for us. A change of hairdo, brand new shoes, different nails, and even a change in wardrobe are things you should look out for. With all the work that women put into their appearance it is a big deal for you to notice it and most importantly say something about it.

“wow I love your hair, it’s different from the last time we dated, did you cut it?”

On the noticing change tip it may seem trivial but it works wonders. Even if you are a courting a beauty at the job, in your class or just someone who attends all of your friend’s parties – pay attention and compliment strategically. While a compliment may not always pay off in the long run, it has it’s advantages when you use proper timing and common sense.

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