Sep 20

Dear jump-offs, cheaters, escorts and stripper girlfriends.

There will come a time when that married man with whom you’re having sex with will decide that you’re done and go back to his wife. At this time your instincts will tell you to run to the highest mountain and air his dirty laundry to the world. Don’t do it.

Let me ask you a question rat girl, and think deeply on this one. How many mistresses have gained any kind of positive support, recognition or money (with the exception of baring him a keep-a-player baby) for squealing about an affair?

I’ll sit over here and wait…

Yaaaa ask Monica Lewinsky how being a dirty rat has worked out for her. Last time I checked she was a depressed shell of herself reeling off of the media cyclone and public scrutiny that came with her admission. How about all the blonde headed booty calls that Tiger Woods allegedly hit? I bet most of you normal folks can’t even name one of them off the top, and aside from the main one, I don’t think they got paid that well if at all.

Is ruining the man’s career, marriage and life your goal? Okay I can see that working for you, but at the cost of what? Let’s recap – Bill Clinton: Largely forgiven and still deemed sexy by half the female population, Monica Lewinsky: broke down and depressed. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Go ahead and blame the double standards of society or whatever makes you feel good but at the end of the day that man was married and you let him sleep with you. I am not sure which society would take your side in the event of him wanting to leave and you deciding to show the world pictures of what he used to do to you.

Don’t be a loser, if you want to hurt the man then go to his wife, hell text or email her, but don’t go to the media! You’re just going to look like another salty loser who tried to steal a man and failed.

Y’all Know What it is! Go Sit Down!

You know the name of the game jump-offs, it doesn’t favor you. Get that sucker to pay your rent and keep some red-bottoms on your feet. Play the sideline and know your role, if he leaves then go find another. I am sick of reading about you writing tell-all books that no-one reads, going on shows to talk your crap and sending twitter pics to scandal rags. It’s lose/lose for a rat because nobody loves a rat, no matter how bad the other guy was.

If you play the game then play it correct! Don’t try to flip the rules once you lose out because nobody will ever take your side on this.

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