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disrespectful woman

Sometimes a man can be totally oblivious to the obvious disrespect that the love of his life is displaying. It is the reason why articles such as this one are needed. Maybe writing this will convince at least one of you confused guys–who was never schooled on the game–will realize that the crap you are dealing with is not cool.

If she is slighting you, let her know or cut that bird off… women outnumber us in the world so there’s 2 more like her out there waiting to treat you right. Gain some self respect (they will try to fool you by calling this cockiness or arrogance), if you don’t budge she will have to choose and more often than none she will play ball.

Self respect guys, self respect… I don’t care how fine a girl is, when you hit 30+ you should know that beauty only goes so far… if she’s fine and disrespectful then you are a fool for being with her, that’s it.

1. Wearing her ex’s jewelry

If your girl has a nice ring or necklace that glitters ever so brightly and she never takes it off you may want to get some history out of her. Girls are quick to get pissed when we keep a trinket but all the while wearing an engagement ring or otherwise to hold unto from the guy who cheated on her and dumped her before your rebounded ass.

How can you respect yourself, making love to your girl and some dudes name is tattooed on her back… she holds your hand in line affectionately with some man’s ring on her finger. Check yourself, check her and look into it. It happens a lot, girls got jokes.

2. The hang-arounder

You know this guy… he hangs out with your girl’s parents. She gives you vague explanations as to who he is exactly but he gives you odd looks when you see him. Sometimes you go out to a movie and he comes along, because he is her friend… it happens a lot.

Check her my dude… that guy right there, he will marry her and leave you looking like a dumb ass. The hang-arounder is usually a childhood boyfriend who doesn’t have anything else going on so he’s patient.

  • When you piss your girl off he’s in those panties.
  • When you are trying to be a big pimp and flirt with other girls, he’s in those panties.
  • When you finally break up with her, guess what? He’s in those panties.

Mark my words, this guy is worst than the dick in a glass jar dudes, he knows the game and he thinks your girl is worth the wait.

3. Going through your cell phone

How far along in a relationship have you shown so much weakness that she thinks that this is cool? One way to avoid it, is to check her hard the first time it happens. Second time you catch her, cut her off and move on with your life, it’s not cool.

Editor’s Note: Do not go through my email, and leave the cell phone alone. If you think I’m doing dirt, have the ovaries to confront me, stop trying to be Olivia Benson.

4. Flirting with a guy on Social Media

If she’s at this point then you’re done. Seriously, wrap it up dude. If you are married to her and she’s doing this then something is very wrong bro. That guy is a plane ticket away from boning your girl. I am being dead serious, if she is doing it, she will f— that guy. You need to cancel that ticket.

5. Make you spend Vacation time to see her then ignores you

Is it rocket science that if a man is giving you his time, so much so that he takes a vacation to see you… that he is your girlfriend? Come on ladies do not play with my intelligence here, you know what it is, you just like your dick in the glass jar to know where he stands right? It happened to me once, I drove home 300+ miles the same night. The royal ass had to be kissed clean before I even talked to her again… disrespect me like that.

6. Keeping you on the sidelines (dick in the glass jar syndrome)

Okay there are only a few situations where us guys have girls as friends. Bear with me because this is a huge item that women have a hard time grasping. Here it is in black and white. IF A DUDE APPROACHES YOU IN ANYWAY OUTSIDE OF WORK, SCHOOL OR FAMILY HE WANTS YOU.

Okay let me explain now. A lot of guys get into the friend zone and are unhappy there. They are there because their game was weak, the girl feigned marginal interest and now the sucker hangs around hoping one day he will get some pity booty out of the deal.

I have seen it a million times, the friend comes over (and she’s female) and she gives me the time of day because she likes me… and then you are mad at me because you have paper handcuffs on her. Don’t play yourself, you will get pity booty in times of loss and rebound situations… if its worth it to you to be this woman’s male girlfriend, go right ahead.

7. Strippers don’t love you

I thought this would be common knowledge but maybe I am just a bit more rational that your average horny male. The girls in there are entertaining you… it’s like thinking a bartender is cute and that she likes you just because she knows how to work a flirt for tips. Come on fellas, you have to do better than this.

Now I’m not saying this is 100%, I’m sure there’s some Captain Save-a-Ho’s out there who managed to rescue Julia Roberts from “The Life” but I doubt it was anything less than him looking good, having some nose candy for her habit and a whole mouth full of game to snap her up into his web of tricks. Speaking of tricks… you know what you’re doing right? I mean, she squeezed a few hundred out of you and now you think she loves you? Tighten up guys.

* * * *

Grow your self-respect fellas. If you are insecure or weak… I can’t help you, you will lose her anyway… a weak man isn’t sexy, once she sucks you dry she will drop you like a bad habit in lieu of a dude who probably follows the code… not necessarily one of these grown men acting like teenage thugs, but a man who is really a man. Go watch a Humphrey Bogart movie and get your manhood back. Thanks for reading.

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  • Bre

    lol so true, women are shady, but not all women.

  • Rocksteady

    Dude, your wisdom is appreciated! With this knowledge, hopefully most of the guys out here will avoid the disrespectful/foul dame! lol Big ups!

  • Sol

    A book huh… ok… just one thing.. you better let me read that thing before its published lol cause now im worried lol 😛

  • Trevor

    Hah yeah we’ve discussed some of these situations as they’ve happened. It’s funny, you start switching from “friend” mode to “self-respect” mode, they suddenly don’t want to see you or they snap in line. Either way, it’s a win.

  • Alina

    What is on the cell phone that you have to hide? If she goes through your phone why break it off? Its like seeing who called on the caller ID or what came in the mail. Who the hell hides that crap? Only someone who has something to hide.

    If you are in a relationship then you should be an open book. And so should she. My cell phone is never locked. If the bf wants to see in it then he has every right to go for it and I don’t care. Just like if he gets the mail.

    On the other hand, he thinks it is his privacy to lock his phone. Then I found out he was texting his ex about us, orgasms and other shit and getting porno pics from friends. I am about to leave him because he won’t leave the stupid secrets behind.

    • Renee

      I disagree and I’m a woman. Just because two people are in a relationship, it doesn’t mean that your right to privacy has to go through the window. I don’t check his phone and he doesn’t check mine. What is the point? I will never understand grown people treating each other like little children. And if you have to check your partner’s phone? The relationship already has problems.


        She you leave honey! I seen women saying women just wanted man who puts up with her and tolerates her and his real nice to her and is really loving to her and just put up with her because she loves you and she’s not getting her get he throat pound it out by a couple other guys cause you don’t bang like a wh0re anymore.

        Just be nice and I’ll tell you what she won’t let two guys bang her throat out at once don’t you feel special. Most women if they don’t get what they want they let three guys plow out their throats at once LOLOLOL

        OK I OVER DID A BIT BUT YOU CHECK A BITCH. THE relationship is a dictatorship but I give you freedom. YES KIND OF LIKE CHINA it’s a communist country but you have some freedom. And you’re lucky because other dictators give their other pictures no for you, dog them, hit them and shit like that. Man because to much of a tuff guy using his dominant present over a woman mama bang you out like you want to be because deep down you want to be bang like a whore let’s face it. I ALSO going to be romantic I’m just a romantic kind of a guy buy her things like jewelry chocolate or shit that makes her smile when she earns it.

        A women will test a man to earn something they don’t even know that they do make sure anything she said to do you can do with flying colors will you tell her I’m not doing that shit don’t ask me again. DON’T put up with her be her mother fucking hero and daddy LOL! PUT UP? SO WOMEN are emotional at whatever age that nothing to put up with just who they are.

        WOMEN ACT LIKE THEY HATE CRYING TO BUT ONCE SHE STOPS CRYING IN A relationship she’s done with you. If you ever date one who is in a relationship where she’s not being submissive anymore and crying and you make he cry by not picking up the phone for 2 days because you were busy she’ll fall in love with you forever.

  • Alina

    Oh, and I did ask before I snooped and he lied through his teeth!

    • Alina my dear, your man sounds like a true loser if he is giving an ex play-by-play of your relationship. You deserve better, we here at the Hall do not back up that type of activity from a man. It sounds like he needs a lesson in “The Code of Man”.

  • Contrary to what you might think EVERYONE has something to hide, people have things in their lives they do not want everyone to know. You break it off if she goes through your cell phone because that shows there is no trust in the relationship, which is one of the foundations it should be built on. It also shows a woman does not have enough confidence in herself to not care about such trivial high school things, we are all adults and gong through cell phones, counting condoms, and listening to peoples voice messages are all childish things. Where will it end, you want a copy of his bank statements and documentation of what he ate at a restaurant without you to make sure he was alone?

    Just because your cell phone is an open book that is your choice, there are things I talk to my friends about that I do not want my girlfriend privy to. But in your case it sounds like you were with the wrong man and ignored the warning signs that I am sure were there. Also he played you, the reason he let you look at the phone is so you can dump him and he won’t feel like an ass for dumping you. It’s a classic trick that people do, so the person can feel good about themselves rather than getting dumped. Also every guy looks at porn, if he wasn’t that would be the strange thing lol.

    What tells me the most about this is simple, you said that you are “About” to leave him. If you are so adamant on your point why isn’t he dumped all ready? You need to be with a person who you do not have to worry about those things with, if you feel like something is going on where you need to investigate the persons personal belongings then find someone else.

  • Dude, everything you say is on point. We all been through getting disrespected by a woman. They feel its there right to do this stuff. Your article is so powerful that I have linked it to my site.

  • MAN

    There one thing i don’t tolerate when dating a women. If woman tells you she keeps in touch with her former boyfriends, you are in trouble dude. This chick is removed from reality and get rid of her quickly. Heck I dump chick like this the first time she mentions it.

  • MAN

    Another thing — men and women can’t be friends! When a women sings the word “FRIEND” it means you stand no chance with me. A women that is interested or wants you romantically never uses this word.


      YEA BUT GOOD FRIENDS TO WOMEN I DON’T TRUST then there’s some fuckboi that stuck around for so long because he either had a secret crush on her and love her and he bought a condoms while due to plowed her butthole out. Maybe he grew into a pimp pussy getter and really just sees her as a friend but how many 2% or 5% cuz when he turned into a pussy pimp cat or he would have been Banging her. first cousins can be her guy friends perhaps some of your friends when she’s with you but you don’t let her step out of line ever. Obviously Brothers her father her uncles and obviously male co-workers but there’s women who leave their house at night to go see their co-workers like what kind of shit is that

      • KK CC

        Nice spelling and grammar “bro”. Fuck’s sake. Delete your internet.

  • duke

    L o L I had one for 20 years took her to dinner always i made good money the last two years i have been unemployed her paycheck always went in the bank in the last two years she hasn’t taken me to dinner once. I sent her down the road

    • Don Dressel

      SMART MAN!

    • Don Dressel

      Do you have a new woman? The problem
      Is they all seem to be the same! They are not like the women of past! They are all self- centered and crazy now days!

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  • aaaa

    Since I’m not a guy, I dont know what it’s like to deal with dating women. However, I can tell you that dating men is no walk in the park. I know you’re just posting this to vent, but I have to vent too- i just find it insane when I come across men that actually think they’re the ones that have a harder time of it. So here’s your list.

    There are men that:

    1-lie and make false promises
    2- expect women to cater to them
    3-criticize women that are not attractive
    4-criticize their own girlfriends for not being attractive, gaining weight, or not being up to their idealistic standards
    5-act angry and aggressive when politely rejected by a woman
    6-act entitled to women in general
    7-act superior about their intelligence (there are a lot of men out there that really believe themselves to be superior to women, I’m not making this up)
    8-refuse to listen to women’s opinions or give them any consideration
    9-take credit for the work or opinions of women when convenient
    10-push their girlfriends/wives to do sexual acts they see in porn
    11-look down on a woman’s feelings as “illogical” or “crazy”, while at the same time refusing to take any responsibility for being rash, tempermental, and ironically, illogical and crazy.

    and this isn’t doesn’t even begin to cover the truly evil things that men do to women, including
    1-verbal abuse
    2-consistent disrespect
    3-abandoning women with children and/or refusing to pay child support
    5-physical abuse
    6-abuse of young women or small children
    7-more psychopathic forms of abuse

    Thankfully I have not had experience with every item on this list, but I have unfortunately had experience with quite a few of them. And to those of you that say this is an “extreme list” and most guys are not like that – actually, a lot of guys are like that. approximately half of the women I know have been hit or abused at some point in time. And then the other half of the time – we just have to deal with the more minor crap that we all have to deal with.

    • JFB1224

      ^ #2, 5, 6, and 11. .

    • vonhugo

      Your as lesbian.. …….. . rite?

    • Don Dressel

      I do have to agree with you on some of those points but then it seems that women always stay with or run to men that abuse or mistreat them in many ways! The same women always push away the good men that try to give them a better life!

  • elin

    the men and women can’t be friends is a complete bullshit. i’ve seen too many examples of men and women as friends to know better. what is true is that it isn’t common but sure as the sky is blue, these friendships exists. a better point to make is that if there is a dude who looks like a threat, then a man has every right to scope it out to see if it is a threat and then talk with his lady about it. don’t be insecure cause that’s a quick way to lock yourself out of your ladies panties for good.

    and the cell checking? my ex lied to me once after i suspected something and asked him about it i checked his cell and i was on point.

  • dragao

    A woman will only disrespect you if you allow her to, because you are weak and needy she can use you to wipe her ass. The moment u start radiating fear of losing ‘a pretty face’ and start asking her approval and giving her control u are fvcked! She’ll svck another dick, bleed u dry and leave you when you find out. Ask her : where u got yo bling?, oodafux dat skeezy guy (on the interwebs)? If your in the dickjar, touch her more fire her up with words and powerdrill dat azz.
    Get yourself together little poofter, think like a shark, theres plenty fish in the sea.
    Turn off your TV.. those fags are scamming you cause they fear real men.

    • Fawad

      Fabulous! you are the man. And that’s how we should treat women. Although, I just started with my girl recently made mistakes but after reading a couple of things, now starting to think like that. Although, these things were natural in me but still needed some reassurance and I was confused. if it is right or not but now I know we need to save women from themselves and treat them and ourselves right.

      • DL


        Nough said 🙂


  • dragao

    i want to add to my reply that a real man pays close attention to aaaa’s list of things NOT to do.
    (comment 13)

  • A Woman

    Each person is 100% responsible for whatever happens in any relationship. If someone is consistently disrespecting you, won’t make an attempt at self-awareness or listen to your feelings (man or woman), and you stay, YOU are responsible for making that choice.

    My ex-husband of 20 years, and I have a great relationship. We don’t hang out all the time but we stay in contact. I also wear my wedding band around my neck because I respect that marriage and it is a reminder of my part in ending that relationship. SELF-AWARENESS. I was not all perfect and my ex was not the only “bad-guy”.

    My boyfriend was told from the beginning that my relationship with my ex will not cease because of this new relationship, and they have both found a way to accept each others presence in my life.

    The problem I’m experiencing with my boyfriend is that he has an issue with respecting women in general. He can be condescending, but I don’t put up with it and he is learning to listen and will have to change his view if he wants to be with this woman. He shows disrespect for his female bosses, his ex-wife and his daughter. Whenever he does that, it shows me what he thinks of his mother. Luckily, I see he is capable of self-awareness. It just takes time.

    All human beings deserve a basic respect as a place to start. That should not have to be earned.

    On being an open book in a relationship… Any relationship “expert” will tell you that the first thing a couple should do when they decide to be in a committed relationship is to exchange passwords to emails, phones, and social networks. What an awesome offering to show commitment! If you want to stay together, be open. If you want your relationship to eventually come to an end, be secretive.

    When my best friend tells me a secret, the first person I tell is my partner. I keep nothing from him. HE is my true best friend. I see anyone who asks me to keep a secret from my committed partner as disrespecting my relationship.

    The average person isn’t evil. They’re just insecure.

    • Lar0

      Your boyfriend is a chump if he marries you.

    • Don Dressel

      Tell that to my wife!

  • Single mom

    sigh… when did it all get so complicated? Life definitely has too many relationships that end badly. What if we considered that each both deserved one another’s respect. That both need love and kindness, that both will make mistakes… but that both need each other and in the end that is what matters?

    Thank you for your article… but men don’t forget, not every woman is out to make a fool out of you.

    • Terry

      sounds good in theory, but the reality is 99% of the time it’s the women that complicate the relationships. when theyre young they fuck hot guys, lie to and use marriage-material guys, and when they get older/life happens to them, then they want to say “hey, we all make mistakes and need to respect each other”. it’s like an alcoholic; they drink themselves into oblivion, until something bad happens, then they’re forced to stop completely – not because they want to, but because their lifestyle no longer allows it

      • STFU

        Speaking from experience?

      • Alex

        Dude is right. Another fucker angry at the truth I see..

    • Don Dressel

      I have been married three times my results are my first wife left and cheated on me but in defense of her we were to young my second wife treated me like a pay check and was a bitch to me until she died and my third wife is on chat lines talking to strange men!
      I have always been there for them and faithful bought them houses but they always wanted more!
      The only time women were decent to me was when I was single and drove a fast car and treated them like shit! They like the bad boys and if you are a good guy forget it!

      • Wendy

        The sad truth is that good women and men are not valued. You hear about about men who love bitches too.The ones who give bitches anything they want but the good women have problems their whole life with men.I’ve since learned from watching a slag for a friend i use to have that i since got rid of. When i was out with her and a male friend of hers she had no intention of being in a relationship with as she was mostly a leso, she would sit in his lap and hold his hand and take his money like the fucking tease she was. Never payed him back anything and i could tell she was just using him. She even only kept me around too because she was living off me as well. When i was with them i did nothing to them and they both did the wrong things to me and turning it around on like the pieces of garbage they both are. I got sick and tired of her taking my money so i stopped it and you know what she did? ”Even if it’s just 5 dollars you give but i’m more giving than you”. Like the years i spent giving her money didn’t matter like the unappreciative fuck she was and she’s the one taking from anyone around her. She wasn’t the giving one. She also acted like a sex offending pussy trying to force several of us women who were hanging around her to do sexual things with her and would say that she had to get it from someone like the dirty desperate cunt she was and we all got rid of her. One of them threatened to get an AVO on her because she wouldn’t leave her alone and i was with the two of them once before we got rid of her. In front of me when the girl got up to get a drink behind her back she said to me she was going to try and fuck her and another time she claimed to love her, yeah right.When she came back i watched her trying to force her away so she could get what she wanted and the girl wasn’t having it which was good. When i got rid of her she said she had more friends than i have when in truth she wasn’t a true friend to anyone. I only didn’t have many friends because i was forced to get rid of many slags like her and i only need very few friends anyway and i only have anything to do with people who are connected to my family in some way any more after what i’ve seen. Another time she told me to make up that my brother threatened me sexually when he didn’t because he was abusing me in other ways and i still wouldn’t do it. She said something like she has had to do something similar to get herself out of trouble which must have been the time she cried rape herself. So i don’t believe it now. I make a joke now that the poor bloke had to fuck her in the dark because she’s the most repulsive amphibian like creature that you’ll find in the zoo but an ugly one, not a cute one. She’s repulsive enough to throw up all over her face.There was no way i would have ever touched her. The guy must have had to pretend she was a headless body to fuck, LOL. Anyway, finally watched that slag and the male friend he was only loving a bitch because they were the same and deserved each other. Just like when a woman likes a bad guy is because she’s the same, a bitch as he is a bastard. It’s makes way more sense than someone actually liking being treated like shit.

      • Don Dressel

        Thank you for your reply yes I agree with you! I wish I could find a decent committed woman but now at 58 I don’t look as good as I use to. I guess this why my wife is online with younger men. I work out everyday and I am in good shape my hair is not grey yet and I make decent money and own 2 houses but I guess it is not good enough!

  • Men and women can be friends guys just watch yourselves because she smiles in a certan way or little perks thats what makes you fall for them and the women who do this for you to fall for are users and theres a lot of users out there i had one i helped get her kids back gave her money for rent, food, clothes, exc and then when i thought we were gonna be more than friends BOOM she had a new guy in her life and told me to go away she didn’t need me anymore i have found my one now she is great and i hope the same for all the other good guys out there but remember when you find a god one its respect respect and more respect thats the key

  • JFB1224

    Respect is a two-way street, and is the most important foundation of a relationship. If you are male or female and have a partner who consistently does any of the above, it’s time to rethink things.

  • Liz

    I was raised by a really loving father, lots of lovely brothers but sadly with a mum who was mentally ill, so I have grown up with a really positive view of men but a not so good view of women; even though I am a woman myself, does that make any sense?

    I have been fortunate to come across some truly lovely, gentle and kind people in life – of both genders. (I don’t mean to imply that I am bi sexual here, just that I’ve met and worked with some genuinely nice people!)

    By all means, be cautious and sensible. It is obvious that if you hang out with strippers, or people who are in professions that involve “using” people for money, guess what? – they are likely to end up using you as well!

    My number one tip is to take the time to really listen carefully to what a person says, because that usually reveals what they are about.

    Keep your wits about you, but at the same time, don’t be overly paranoid. Most women just want to be loved by someone who is gentle and kind and who doesn’t mind putting up with their flaws…

    • Don Dressel

      Wow a real woman! Can I have your address? If you are as half as great as you write I will treat you like a queen and be faithful as a dog!
      I am in great shape work out 5-6 days a week own 2 houses and drive a beautiful car and stand to inherited quite a bit of money and have a good income so let’s get together!
      Or maybe just a cup of coffee anyway?

  • Mike

    If she doesn’t pay the cell phone bill then she don’t need to check it . Woman would say well what do u have to hide and it’s nothing more than a sign of insecurity . If u know u have a faithful man then u wouldn’t be worried . Some woman like to play games and make excuses , gaining weight, stressing out why they need to see ur phone which is a bunch of BS

  • ew fedoras

    oh god you said friendzone, the friendzone is more like the “denied entitlement zone”

    since when did being nice to a girl ever entitle a guy to some pussy? being nice is something you should be doing anyway, no matter who it is.

    • STFU

      Ok you gay slave, be her little boy-toy.

  • h

    So friend-zoning is disrespecting guys? And every man who contacts me out of work school or family wants me? I highly doubt it

  • Wearing her ex’ jewellery? Bitch, please. I use the fountain pen I got from my ex-ex-ex, because it’s a damn good Mont Blanc, I’m still using perfume I got from my ex-ex because it’s the only thing he did correctly – chose the perfume. I have jewellery from my ex and I’m gonna wear it, because it’s a pretty jewellery. If you’re dating a quality woman, you won’t be the first guy in her life, she has the right to have her past, deal with it. With this attitude you won’t be the last one either. Nothing worse than a guy who lacks self-confidence and gets insecure and jealous for any stupid reason. The best way to make her break up with you.

    • eyes wide open

      Really? Bitch Please. Lets place the shoe on the other foot . Guys still wears clothes, jewellery or keeps anything given to them by their ex and see how most girlfriends re act. What a load of self righteous bullshit.Females are just as effed up and as insecure as males, only with alot more excuses for their actions .

      • Well, maybe next time try datng adults, because sorry, I’m not responsible for your sad love life, full of effed up women. I don’t mind my men meeting their female friends or having souvenirs from their past /as long as it’s not HIV/. But yeah, you need to grow up for this, so there’s a long way to go for you.

      • eyes wide open

        Oh . I am going to have to ask you to please point out to me ,where in my comments did i state that this was about me and or you?. If you could read, you would have simply seen that like you, i also have an opinions but unlike you i do not believe that my opinions are above rebuttal from any body else .I also find it amusing that you would suggest that i have to grow up when yet all your comments to me are nothing but childish , personal attacks with no basis to support any of it, the rantings of an incoherent child . But that is okay because i am a grown man with three grown up children and i recognise this sort of behaviour as i have had to deal with it many times in the past when my own children were young and childish.I also find it amusing that you would suggest that i have a sad love life ,full of effed up women .Once again ,not sure where you pulled that one out of , but i could take a guess seeing as that is where most of your comments have been coming from . .And if i ever need relationship advise , i will definitely not be seeking it from someone who has had more exes in their past then i have had hot dinners.So please little girl , do yourself a favor and go and seek parental advise before you try and argue with an adult.

      • Woo-hoo, butthurt detected. So, basically having kids proves that you got laid, not that you’re a grown-up. And again, you are the one whining about how ALL THE WOMEN have so many excuses about their behaviour, and apparently knowing “most girlfrends” personally. I hope that you have valid sociological research to back up your strong thesis.

      • ChargerGrant

        You sound like a trashy whore…

      • Like your mom?

    • michael borg acosta

      Well I hope ur man keeps wearing thise boxers from his ex ex exx and his sweater fromm his ex ex and his watch from his ex lol and im sure he stilk talks to his ex girlfriend

  • Alex M

    Honestly if you have an annoying woman in your life then the only thing I suggests you do is cheat on her dumb ass… Women are fucking annoying by nature and the best way to put them in their place is to fuck around on them. IDGAF what a females opinion is on this subject because in my case I’ve given this silly hoe everything! My money, my military benefits squandered and I even have a big dick! So you would think my relationship would be fine being monogamous; but in reality all she does is complain about my dick being to big and going to deep in her stomach in certain positions and basically treat me as if I’m her roommate. In fact the ONLY time she really goes out of her way to be perfect for me is when I’m fucking another chic on the side. It’s fucking MADNESS! I don’t even care if she cheated cuz she knows I’d leave the second I found out and there is no way another guy would devote his life to her the way I do. I mean yea, we do fuck a lot and I even pee on her face and fuck her in the ass. I love her a lot. It’s just she is constantly doing things I repeatedly explain to her that I don’t want. I told her to make me a grilled cheese sandwich this morning and this fool knows I like it made with BUTTER, not fucking OIL. She KNOWS what I want yet she won’t do it. I’ve fucked 100s of sluts and prostitutes and she seems to respond best when I’m involved with someone else. Sometimes I wish she was seeing someone herself, but no one wants this idiot. Yes she could get laid and used for sex, but what woman couldn’t! But can any women find a man to spend forever with her; be way a man and women are supposed to be? NO! That’s basically why I cheat… She is annoying as fuck.

    • Don Dressel


    • Yo yo

      Piss on my gf face, fuck her in the ass too Ive never loved awoken more in my life. For my kids to know they came from piss and fecies fetish is fucking hilarious.

      Thanks for the laugh Alex fucking great!!

  • Rachel Ramage

    Wow! Well first off, what fucking garbage! No wonder you and Alex M are shit talking women bc you guys probably had 1 bad experience that broke your hearts and now you guys are bitter and embarrassed that you got hurt. Well keep shit talking cuz all that’s going to get you is more of the bitches you are talking about who will continue to do nothing but use you and play you bc if you really treat a faithful, genuine woman the way you say to, she won’t stick around you long and truth be told you’ll die alone still bitter and still talking shit. And that attitude, that “I’m a playa” bullshit attitude that you seem to be mistakenly calling “being a man” if you really think that’s true then YOU need some schooling! Are you guys really that fucking stupid that you think you’re going to find that quality woman you say that you want, by acting like that? And the cell phone checking is stupid yea maybe she shouldn’t be going thru your shit but if you got nothing to hide and aren’t doing nothing wrong then what’s the big deal? You dudes freak bc you’re hitting up other bitches then blaming us cuz you know you’re in the wrong. So don’t go crying about cheating bitches when you’re a cheating Bitch yourself! So quit your fucking crying, grow the fuck up, learn how to treat women with some decency. Being chivalrous, maintaining honesty, and showing her a little respect, will get you alot further then your bullshit pointers! God I hope guys really aren’t dumb enough to listen to you. Oh and Alex M, you say “women are fucking annoying by nature. ..” let me tell you simply why you think that is. …… bc we women tend to try speaking to you men as if you can understand and carry on an intelligent and in depth conversation like we do with other women, completely forgetting that mentally we are more evolved and you “men” (as you call yourself) are barely a few steps above cavemen. So Alex M that annoying sound you here are called words. … thoughts. … feelings….. emotions. …. Things You guys won’t really get the concept of for a few million more years or so.

    • “we women tend to try speaking to you men as if you can understand and carry on an intelligent and in depth conversation like we do with other women, completely forgetting that mentally we are more evolved and you ‘men’ (as you call yourself) are barely a few steps above cavemen.”

      As I read, I was waiting for your honest feelings about men to come out and there it is. Here’s the thing, women that don’t do the things in this article do not get upset enough to post about it. I was never hurt, I am not bitter (happily in a relationship with a good woman) but I’m very honest. Men should not stay with women that do the things listed above. Thanks for reading.

      • Rachel Ramage

        Yet you men do the same exact thing to us and find it ok? Yea ok

      • chivalrous

        Your profile pic is a fucking selfie…shut up

      • Yo yo

        Here’re thing. The article is about men you are victims of female disrespect. The men on this site well for me, I’ve never cheated, always nice and treat women nicely. They throw it all away for the bad boy. Well guess what the bad boy is in jail and the and his woman has got a new baby and will have to wait ten years until he gets out.

        This is an example of real life and how fucking dumb woman truely are. That woman came back crying to me. I said you wanted a bad boy, go and get fucked and never contact me again. Just another stupid mutt just like yourself rach…

        And a selfie honestly, you vain daughter of a bastard…

        So this is they way I’ve turned. Nice guy to evil guy. Now when a woman want a bad boy. She can get devil boy that has the capabilities to chop her up to peices.

        Woman who want bad boy be fucking warned!!!

        I choose to be good, only because if I’m “bad boy” I know I wont be some gay ass thug or asshole bad boy. It will just be pure utter evil “bad boy”.I think there is a reason why I want to stay good. Because GOD wouldn’t want me to be bad & neither would I.

        Woman that want “bad boy” LMFAO, go dig an early grave coz your life will turn to shit real quick.

        Woman who what a nice genuine man that want to take the world on together as best friends, lovers & companion. Where that’s more than good enough!!! Not, NOT good enough.

        I can’t stand bad girls, it makes me want to treat them like a man, and knock their fkn teeth out. Don’t play tough bitch girls it isn’t for you… I remember I was getting yelled at in a bar and abused for 2 minutes because I bumped her in the line. She yelled after I said sorry.

        Well guess what that bitch endup up with a cracked skull in front of the bar counter after I elbowed her she fell like a ton of bricks. Her bf had a go and I ended up stomping on his head multiple times.

        A bad couple that thought they could abuse a phsychotic freak like me??? Not that night not ever.

        This I where Good conquers Bad.

        Stick with the good fellas ladies you’re much better off in the long run..

      • Don Dressel

        I’m with you!

      • ChargerGrant

        …and not hook up with this lunatic…

    • Alex M

      You’re out of your fat mind if you believe women are more “evolved” than men. Period.

      • Email me

        Agree, developed physically faster than men but illumination of the mind is still a long way off. Unfortunately unless she has hit the books and done the time chances are she has as much brains as a stripper. Good thing I love strippers.

      • email me

        No sex and no respect means no interest and so its time to cheat. Of course everything must be consential and allow for choice. But too often women avoid conflict and string people along. Its so much easier to just see the hints and go and get some fresh action. Sorry ladies feminism is equal rights but not a right to sabotage peoples lives because your too weak to step up to the plate. Just saying

      • Michelle Kirkwood

        You wish, troll.

      • Yo yo

        Michy it is true, u are the troll here in denial

      • Don Dressel


    • ChargerGrant

      That was hilarious. What an unadulterated nutjob and such a happy happy girl. Thanks for the laugh Rach!

    • michael borg acosta

      Lol even if u treat a woman good she will fuckmu over its the naturemof women.ive seen some nice guys treat their women like goddess, angels whatever you may call it they treated them respeftfully and what do u know they fucked up those guys lives of. Women are all the same just waiting to find a new guy to dump the old one.

      • Don Dressel

        Yes I see it all the time! Dogs are more loyal than a woman would ever be! I liked it better when I was single then I use to give them some of their own medicine!

    • Don Dressel


      • Yo yo

        Here yeee!

    • Yo yo

      Shut up Rachel you dumb bitch its women like you that make me sick. Get the fuck off a males article & grow up you clown.

      You’re fucking delusional, neck yourself…

    • Don Dressel

      I have been nothing but good to all the wives I married and because I am easy going and bring them roses this is my payback CHEATING AND TAKING ALL MY MONEY AND DISRESPECTFUL TO ME! EVOLVED MORE LIKE EVIL!

    • Joe

      You have a foul mouth dear and are a poor excuse for a respectable female.Ive never seen more curse words. Your dad must be very proud,that is if he didn’t leave you when you were young. More evolved? id say different in a lot of ways, but more evolved? It is socially unacceptable for men to talk about their feelings and stuff. Come on now. Women live in a different world than men in that way,and you want to say you’re more evolved? Get a clue woman.

  • Shade

    We’ll this article is more of a rant also–but ranting isn’t all bad. But I can say; when a woman points out things a man does wrong–eventually–he’ll comply to fix it. Bury his pride and step up and realize. But as soon as you point out fucked up things women do it’s like they can’t do no wrong. And they try to justify it by even not accepting responsibility for it all.

    One thing also is how they’ll idolize celebrity men. Like, heavily compliment them. I’ve seen it myself. Like, how would you like it if I constantly raved about how a certain porn star can fuck like this and that?

    When I am first dating a woman, I tell her straight up: don’t look through my phone. Because you’ll see things you probably won’t like. Some girls will be hard-headed and do it anyways. But it’s not like I didn’t warn you.

    When a woman says I don’t get along with females I only have male friends; we’ll guess what? Prepare to MAKE some female friends. Ain’t no way in hell am I going to let you keep making guy friends. It’s not okay for men to generalize women, but women can generalize whatever they want because they just can. So why group all women in one category? That’s like me saying, I don’t get along with guys so I just have a lot of girl friends. What type of shit is that???

    Bottom line is you cannot make sense of the stuff women do. I try not to analyze it. It gives you headaches.

    Yes men do some dirty stuff in relationships I’ll fully admit. But women do some audacious things. And many men say, women cannot admit when they are wrong. It’s like a cardinal sin to do so. They have to be right. And if they know some how they ARE wrong, they’ll find a way to make it your fault and STILL not apologize! It’s just funny. Hilarious.

    When a man cheats or fucks up, and he knows it, and wants his GF back really bad, what is often seen as done? Guys will be on their knees with flowers and shit. Serenading and whatnot. When have you ever known or seen a girl do such a thing? On the contrary to what most believe, women have bigger egos than men. Don’t believe it? Why don’t you think most “only have male friends”?

    See men do have huge ass egos. In sports and whatnot. But in the end, we’ll bury that shit and grab some beers or something . Not women. They have to hold a grudge and try to fuck up your life somehow.

    I actually recently got into a skirmish with a girl I know about a week ago. She went on about how these deadbeat dads need to step up and start acting like men. How these guys need to stop knocking women up and leaving. I said she is right. She actually is.

    I chimed in saying it is time that women start taking responsibility for the guys they choose and their willingness to have unprotected sex. She went off the rocker th more right I became.
    I said, no guys are forcing you to have sex. If a guy cannot wait, then he isn’t for you, right? So what you are on contraceptives, when you are having sex without a condom you are basically saying to that guy: I trust you with my future. I know you are such a great guy you’ll stick with me and the kid. But explaining this just didn’t register in her mind. She kept making other ways around it.

  • LoveScar

    Look, yes, in this world you do get fucked-up men and women. But there is a much greater percentage of fucked-up women than there are fucked-up men, and I’m speaking from experience. Rachel, yes, you do have valid points, I will definitely give you that. But you can trust me when I say there are a lot more women than men who are doing wrong. What do I base it on? I base it on personal experience. I am the type of man who prides myself on carrying the woman in my life on my hands, she is my queen, and she deserves ONLY the BEST, at ALL Times. Rachel, you know what I got for that thus far? The only thing that has brought me was a LOT of heartache, pain and suffering. I started dating when I was about 16 years old. I am 35 now, and I am still single. I have been engaged twice, but I haven’t been that fortunate to be able to get married, and also share my life and my all with ONE Special Woman, because so far, I have giving the BEST of myself and of what the world can give the woman in my life, but every time I get my heart ripped through my ass. Shade, what you said here below, I can vouch for it being the truth. But again it is not all women. But GOOD women are hard to find. Then Woman ask where all the GOOD Men are? Why ask? When you had one, HE WASN’T GOOD ENOUGH. WONDERFUL, WASN’T WONDERFUL ENOUGH. Also, History and Life in general proves one point. Any person only gets mad and defensive about something when he or she knows it is the truth but they DO NOT WANT TO ADMIT IT. So Rachel, why do you get upset? I mean, I have made mistakes in the past, all of us have. I don’t get upset about the truth. I’d rather learn from the truth and work at making myself a better person, because it will be a FUCKING COLD DAY IN HELL, when I drop my values and standards just to get back at the female race, cause you never compromise on who you are as a person. But that is just my view, and something I live by, and it is for each of us to decide who we want to become and what we want to live by. And always remember, “LIVING IN DENIAL IS LIVING A LIE”. May everyone here have a great day forward.

    • Beryl

      I was searching for men who are not so good to women and this male controlled Internet sent out several sites, one of them being this one about things that women do that are disrespectful to men. I want to know why the Internet did not put up titles that I was searching for? Oh yeah I know, this Internet is male dominated and so they put things out in the world that favor men. This is true.

      Anyway, we have got to stop making articles that lecture and scold wives for being disrespectful to wives, UNLESS we are going to also write articles that tell husbands to not be disrespectful to wives

      Females you have a duty to stop defending men all the time. Also we as women need to open your mouths and tell other females that we need to love ourselves and be respectful,. Stop sitting back in silence and making me and a few other females to do all the work to support the female gender.

      • Don Dressel

        Lady if you saw the women I see in California you would tell men to run! Feminism has ruined this country!

      • Yo yo

        Ahaha elaborate, I’m from australia & the women here are horrendous. 20-30yrs they are stuck up, cheeky bitches.

        I’ve gone past the point of nice guy. I’ve turned evil phsychotic and don’t take smart ass remarks from women. They get the shock of their lives when they try to try act like there all that. I’m starting to treat women like men. YES because they have done it to themselves…

        The other day I was spoken too by two girls mid 20s with a smart ass remark about my load in the ute. With dried up Palm leaves, I said’ light it up if you like?!!! Being in a petrol station the girls were in disbelief to why we & other people in my mind will blow up to smitherines… It’s just my black humour. I got a laugh out of it, they got the fuck outta the station real quick. I think I heard her say God your a phsycho. Because I said back’, hahaha Hun u ain’t seen phsycho in your life yet so shut it.

        Be ruthless, women won’t fuck with you. Better being single than caught dead with a female. My dog more fucking loyal

      • Yo yo

        I’m 25 so not some creep 40 yr old talking with 20yr old girls.

        That shows the young men are waking the f up

      • Don Dressel

        Thank God you are! My wife told me I bug her when I am around and yet she will text these guys for hours on end! I have done nothing wrong never cheated on her bought her many nice gifts and always been there for her! This is what I get in return! Take care my friend and give your dog a hug for me at least he will appreciate it! Women have ruined many good men and God will pay them back!

      • Gerald Clampett

        why is a guy in his forties talking to a girl in her 20’s a creep? European women love older men and guess what? that’s why I go to Europe. American women are c****

      • Don Dressel

        If that isn’t the truth! My jack Russell is much more loyal and loving than my wife has ever been! My wife at 59 suddenly feels a need to chat with all these strange guys because she needs to and yet calls me crazy when I question it!

      • Yo yo

        Boooo fuck the female gender!!!

      • Raul

        Feminist here. Imo women are more confused than men. U do not know what u want. There are guys who pour their souls and bank account for u, and they get dumped, then they are with an assholes suffering and they do not leave them. I used to be a good guy bend over backwards for my girl. She dumped me for a loser who treat her wrong. I was better looking than him. I got into a fight with his out of shape ass kick his butt and still she stayed with him. It broke my heart and my self esteem. Im very strong minded, So i got over it and, became an asshole treating women like shit. And i had more girls than my dick could handle. For the guys reading this do not become an asshole u must find the line in between. It took me time but im there. So do not blame it on guys. U are resposible to

    • Dion Scott

      i gladly take all the men who the women mistreat!! Thats why men are turning to gays and transgenders!! Women better ask themself why they loosing in 2015? Its only going to get worse let them keep up with there mean spirited ways. The joke is on them! Alone and lonely with or with out child. It really is a mans world after all.

      • Alex

        Honestly why tf don’t you fucking fags die? I mean NO ONE WANTS FUCKING FAGS OR TRANNYS IN THEY CIRCLE but you homo niggaz just keep thinking you’re part of the fucking plan. Humanity only has place for bi sexual women. That’s it! Gay men and white racist (including wannabe hispanics who THINK they are white) are the last sub-demographic groups that society has to destroy because you are the root of the world being fucked up. PERIOD.

      • Dion Scott

        Only thing that matters to me is a good piece of dick and ass, nothing esle in the in this world besides my family matters to me. What can I say i just LOVE men, men, men! The dick inside my ass is like a speeding bullet!! Alex your just a jealous faggot and wish you could be FREE like me to express yourself. Honey I know your kind a mile away, you would snatch the dick out of my mouth…

      • Hey fellas, I caught this exchange late but let’s keep it civil and cool. I don’t like the name calling and would prefer if we stay on topic. If we don’t like each other’s color, sexual orientation, tastes in whatever, religion, political affiliation, anything, let’s keep it off the comments. Everyone is welcome here and it’s all about information right? Dion if you need me to wipe out the adhom let me know and I will. Thanks for reading the Hall.

      • Alex

        What kind of bullshit is that! Why are you so eager to provide a rest haven for this faggot piece of shit? This is a man on a man themed sight talking about sucking dick. What the fuck? Don’t defend this perverted shit. It reflects on your character. That whole gay man shit needs to be treated naturally. If a gay dude stepped to you acting as though his ways are normal and accepted what would you do? Youd punch that faggot in the fucking face! And rightfully so. Homo men have existed since the begining of civilization and it ALWAYS is a disaster when you start to accept their bs ways. Get mad if you want but what I’m saying is true and THIS faggot is a prime example. He ain’t saying shot accept “suck dick” “ass fuck” and that’s it. Why the fuck would you pretend that what he saying has any value?

      • Alex M

        Your stupid retorts mean absolutely nothing because you are a degenerate faggot. You know everything I said is true. Homo men do absolutely nothing but spread disease. YOURE jealous of the fact that no woman will ever love you and none have because you are too weak to be a normal man, which is what homo women aspire to be like. NOT YOU FAGGOT. What future do you have? You will NEVER have a family. You will NEVER be accepted anywhere for being a man who wants to suck dicks. Your family and everyone who has ever known you thinks you are a perv disgusting freak and they are right. Look at what you just said, idiot! Female homosexuality is accepted because the very idea of homosexuality is feminine in nature. But gay men are NOTHING and when you die no one will care; in fact they’ll be glad. And they should be! You are gross even by homo standards.

      • Dion Scott

        I will agree with you to a degree on your comment, im not going to tell you what I will agree but i do agree with you Sir.

      • Don Dressel

        You said it great! I wish women would realize that feminism has ruined them! I own 2 homes have 2 pensions work out everyday and am going to inherit quite a bit of money and would be willing to share that with my screwed up wife or another woman but after the way I have been treated I am going to use it to travel with friends and buy myself a real hot black Z06!

      • Booty Trap

        Don that is the spirit!! Good for you. Im a homosexual and have been treated badly by some black women as well! However all women from all races can be nasty kunts, im sure you know that. Would perhaps consider taking me for a spin in your new car on the highway? I will pay for gas!!

      • Don Dressel

        I would love to! I don’t have the corvette yet but I do have a challengerSRT8 that is red with black stripes. A complete cop catcher they would see me a mile away. I don’t care what color skin or what sexual orientation a person is I accept everyone for who they are! Yes I would love to go for a ride with you! I live in Santa Rosa. Don’t let other people bring you down! Take care and stay in touch
        That is Northern California by the way

      • Booty Trap

        I live in Nyc now but born and raised in Los Angeles. My first love was from Oakland he was one of Yusuf Bey sons from Your Black Muslim Bakerey. Thats a whole other long drawn out story!!! I have been to Oakland several times. I LOVE the Bay..

      • Don Dressel

        How do you like NYC? I live in the wine country in Sonoma county and it is nice here but there are snobs in some areas. I am just a working class guy. I have been through hell with my wife and I have lost it in some ways for her.
        Life is to short! My dad is from Pittsburg Pennsylvania and grew up poor.
        Take care I hope life is going good for you back there

      • Raul

        Dude ur money is your money do not share it with anyone unless they are dying of starvation. Let them bitches buy their own shit. I treat women like my equals do not kiss their butts and buy them meaning less shit. And i have them crying over me. One girl tatted my name on he arm. Even though i do not understand women. I am very successful with them. Do not put the pussy on a pedestal.

      • Don Dressel

        Yes I agree! I am separatated from my wife
        and have about 6 women lined up. I am realizing don’t kiss their ass let them kiss my ass.
        If your a guy with a great income and have your shit together then your the one with the power

    • Don Dressel

      Dont feel bad you could be like me and married them and be broke because of it! My first wife left me but we were to young to be married and my second wife took all my money and my third wife I have done everything for including selling my home and buying her a bigger one and now she tells me she is not happy!
      You think I would have learned by now! I will never get married again and I have picked up the pieces by owning rental property and my best pal is my little legged jack russell Winston.
      Women are just self-centered and unhappy within themselves now days! Even my next door neighbor treated his girlfriend like a queen and she treated him like shit and dumped his ass!
      Like I said women are unhappy bitches!

      • Raul

        Ok im no expert in relationships im 30 single just hooking up. This is what i think u are doing wrong. I meet this girl who broke up with her boyfriend. I asked what were the reasons. She said he would focus all his energy on her buying her this and that. She said it got boring having some one so easy. I know this might hurt u. She told me by the end that he was a loser with no life. The dude gave her a new bmw and all other things i was disgusted by her. I think that is what happen with all of u. Here is what i do. Never buy her anything outrageous. Flowers work. Do ur own thing. Tell her she is welcome to join u if she wants. Do not be to available all the time. Give her space from time to time. Be in charge, what i mean by that, u make the plans, u pay for food. I have notice woman like a man who is in charge. And most of all be your self. Do not kiss ass treat her like ur partner not a queen. She is not better than u or above u. U are both equal. Do this and u will have their respect. And love is nothing with out respect. I hope this helps. One last tip. If u have a fight, get lost for a while. They will miss i and come crying to u. Men are more emotionally stronger than women. Peace and good luck love is a battle field only the strongest make it do not be week.

      • Don Dressel

        Wow you are so right! Nice guys finish last! It is unbelievable how some women think. That woman sounded like the real loser.
        Why some women gravitate towards me that treat them like shit is beyond me.
        No wonder there is so many good looking women on dating sites. Women do not know how to treat a good man!
        Feminism at its finest!
        I think we will see a lot of women living in apartments with their cats by themselves more and more as time goes on

      • Brandy Mundy

        Not all women are feminists you know. Some women love good men but a man who has his own need a woman with her own or working toward her own because that is the kind of woman who understands the value of what you have earned. An honest woman will not take advantage of you because will not want to. Those type of women are mature and are used to paying their own bills,committing to themselves and when they’re ready for a relationship they will be the ones to help you grow to be your best.

      • Katie Bartlett

        ^Not all feminists hate men, you know. I am a feminist living in a house with four men. My three sons and their father. Raul wasn’t off exactly, but let me tell it from the woman’s perspective. Don’t pick a woman who would desire outrageous gifts. Flowers, a card, any little sign of appreciation is nice (later this oculd turn into a small hug from behind, or a made bed when they get out of the shower. You have many gifts to give that don’t come from a store. And you want it as that… gifts as kind gestures, not obligations. Do not be available is dependent on the individual relationship. I have three kids, so yes… even if he is out, I expect him to be available in case of emergencies. (Ie: able to answer the phone and leave if need be) It’s not about being in charge, but it is about being able to make decisions. Some people like to be controlling, but in a mutual relatioship if one person is doing all the planning,…. that takes a toll. Instead of where do you want to eat? Try, Hey, let’s go eat at “insert wherever you want”. It starts off with little things like dinner, but in the long term it mean vacations and birthdays and children things (if that’s what you want). No one wants to be responsible for EVERYTHING. BE YOURSELF! No one wants to fall in love with someone to find out later that is not who they are. Be equals. If you have a fight, own up that you were both responsible for it escalating to that point. Do not run off. If it gets to a highly escalated point, give space, but talk it out when you both cool down and talk it out shortly after the incident to best insure that it doesn’t come up again. Lastly, Men are not emotionally stronger than women. Crying is not a weakness. Men and women tend to handle emotions differently, but the measurement of how we deal with them is not based on gender. Some men handle emotions better than others and some women handle emotions better than others. It is regulated in the brain, not the genitals. Hiding emotions takes less strength than showing them. Women want to know how you’re feeling. If you have a fight and you are left feeling hurt while the other person just walks away, where does that leave you? It leaves you feeling like the other person doesn’t give a shit. That’s a two way street. That is about being equal. Love is a battlefield, the trick is battling it together not against each other.

      • Don Dressel

        Thank you very good advice!

  • commentator

    In the first paragraph, you make reference to 2 more out there to every one which is disrespectful. Don’t be so naive, there is a thing called influence (a term I call by a different reference) which is undeniable, which has sparked and caused all our social problems today, so as the former group Petra sings, “Wise up, and Rise up.”

  • Backwoods


    • Bongstar420


  • u lame brokenigga

    people aint shit rich or poor im not going off what i hear on the internet be yourself an if a person cant except that fuck em. everybody has been hurt learn to change but not everything about yourself even though youre not the perfect person try to be. respect yourself stop puting yourself down dont ever look at it like u losing out if youre a good person then they losted out they wasnt good enough in the first place seriously thats how i carry it an im happy if u keep negative fake friends from around you’ll be okay sombody gon always try to destroy youre relationship cause their not happy its not fun sleeping with multiple people stop planting that bullshit in your head. when people see people in the perfect relationship they try to follow an do the same thing. just stopsleeping with mulitiple people it wasnt meant to be like that im me an im good dont make people look at as a nasty diesease waiting to happen men and women thats so disqusting if youre jealous cause somone is sleeping with somone youre justa dumbass STOP TRYING TO BE SOMBODY YOURE NOT YOU KNO U BETTER THEN YOUR FRIENDS U HAVE YOUR OWN MIND LISTENING TO FRIENDS WILL LEAVE U JUST AS FUCKED UP AS THEY ARE FAKING LIKE THEY HAPPY IT DOSENT FEEL GOOD NOT HAVING SOMONE TO COME HOME TO LAYING BY YOURSELF EVERY NIGHT UNLESS YOURE JUST WITH DIFFRENT PEOPLE EVERY NIGHT THING ABOUT THAT U NEVER KNO IF YOURE SLEEPING WITHA PERVERT,CHILD MOLESTER OR A PSYCHO EVERYBODY NICE WHEN YOU FIRST MEET THEM THE NICEST COULD BE THE WORST NO TELLING WHAT A PERSONS THINKING PEOPLE HAVE FLAWS DEAL WITH IT

    • Brandy Mundy

      So true I have learned that no one is perfect. You have to evaluate your relationship, your man and your woman for who they are and decide if that is the person you can and will see yourself with in the future. You won’t always feel that desire to be with someone, especially when your personalities are different but does it mean you should throw it away? No. Wait for things to settle. They will.

  • u lame brokenigga

    one more more thing i love women im not a woman hater u cant make somone sleep with u or be with u would u be with somone u dont want some guys are sick an disrespectful u cant go through life hating people. really we are all equal if a guy pays somone to sleep with him imagine how many other women he tryed that on theres no tell what he got would u lay down with somone like that to make matters worst let alone have kids by this sick bastard im not taking up for women either they have their ways but dont everybody we all make mistakes

    • TheOnlyDecentHumanBeingOnHere

      …Bro. LEARN. TO FUCKING WRITE IN ENGLISH. I’m assuming you speak English and it’s your first language, yeah? Get off the internet and go back to 1st grade.

    • Bongstar420

      It doesn’t matter how most women act with respect to if I can get a boner…in fact, I reject most women because their standards are higher for their penis than they are for their vagina.

  • Don Dressel

    I know a lot of guys that put up with shit from their women now days. My wife has these on-line “friends” and i usually ignore it and tells me she wants a separation so she can go play around and then we can get back together.
    My response is no sell the house I will move to my rental and get a Z06 CORVETTE! She suddenly changes her mind but each time she texts or brings this up I pull away that much more!
    Women if you have a good man do not look over the fence all you will find is brown grass!

    • Bongstar420

      Why can’t you be swingers without exasperating?

      Childish emotions like jealousy control you?

      • ReBo Man

        Gee whiz oh yeah ! Dumb Ass … What stupid weak Ass fagtard disaster,
        foolass dumb shit dimwitted born last night moronic fruit cake WiSDom con job/blow job Constitutes Maturity? Really ? GROW UP

  • The Man With A Big Heart

    Good article.

  • Tracy Fleming

    great article. funny though. i was assuming opposite. I feel personally that eventually men give up on women that realize afterwards you are “the one that got away”. I’m done hearing that. Im happier alone!

  • Lejon Leonard

    My cell phone is her cell phone too,so she has no reason to go thru that.

  • John

    here’s a question for women. do women like to hear about the evil shit that we men have done? i figure women don’t love me before i tell them and they certainly won’t love me after i tell them

    • Bongstar420

      What evil shit?

      Like acting like your talking to them because of some other reason then their wet holes?

    • Kathy Martin

      no we don’t

      • Kathy Martin

        I mean are you bragging? do you want to impress with stupid past activities-evil shit impresses no one

      • Kathy Martin

        and I never use exclamation points-ever

  • deepsixx66

    If your girl tells you while she sleeping she sucked somebody’s dick. Should you believe her.

    • Lol… I wouldn’t necessarily believe her but we’d have a serious conversation.

    • Bongstar420

      I’d ask her if he had a big one and could sling it proper

    • Brandy Mundy

      If that somebody isn’t you I would be worried because if she hasn’t done it she is thinking hard about it.

    • Kathy Martin

      she probably wasn’t asleep and wanted to see if you trust her or she was just playing with you-you men are so insecure I’ve never met a woman as insecure as men

  • KK CC


  • KK CC

    Many men deserve a swift kick to the family jewels. Most of you are epic assholes. And fodder for blogs, and our girl talk. Thank you fucktards for giving us an endless cesspool of “shit” to talk about. Aren’t you so sweet. Get a God damn clue. Would you want your mother treated like this? You wonder why we deny you…. shit…

    • Kathy Martin

      no shit-totally the worst point of view I’ve ever read outside of a porn mag

    • OmniZombie

      Coming from someone that’s actual fodder, in this case being you, that means the world that you hate men so much that you and the rest of your little groupie bitches care enough to write blogs about the woes of the way men treat women. In reality they only treat you type of women badly. Maybe you’re the one that should get a clue, grow the fuck up, stop caring, and move on with your pathetic life.

  • Brandy Mundy

    Interesting article. I do none of these things and am still told by my guy I’m disrespectful. When he say I hurt his feelings I always apologize. He got mad this morning because I was talking to him on the way to work instead of trying to help him with the directions. I had thought since he was making the right turns that he knew exactly where to get off to drop me off. THe started yapping about th

  • Pagan

    I went through my EX husband’s cell phone when he was acting odd. I don’t regret it one bit. I found he had been having a 3 year affair with a family friend. He denied denied denied. So then I downloaded Dr. Fone and undeleted all his deleted text messages and sure enough! I might add though prior to his acting odd, I never once looked through his phone in 16 years. He used my blind trust of him against me and I’ll never let another MF do it to me again. Disrespect????????????? Disrespect is having a wife that treats you like gold that you disrespect by taking for granted and taking advantage of while you are sticking your you know what in a family friend. At least have the respect for yourself if not your spouse to be freaking honest!

    • Adrian Nichols

      Okay I think you’re hurt and angry but if you were being the wife that he wanted instead of having this image of yourself in your head and giving him what he asked for instead of ignoring him when he talk to you thanks might have been a little different you want to put all the blame on him and take no responsibility but your part to blame in it because you wasn’t the wife for him you was the wife for you

      • Pagan

        Didn’t know you were in my marriage for those 14 years and witnessed everything you THINK you know. You couldn’t be more wrong or fucking stupid.

  • gunna

    After a two year separation, I can’t believe I’m giving a woman a chance. She has: 5 kids who disrespect her, no job, a duplex that’s nicer than the average working female(but not nicer than my apartment), driving her mothers car who lives alone but too old to drive, and claims she’s sick , but no disability. She thinks I’m too stupid to know that doctors do not call their patients and talk for 15 mins, they have secretaries for that. Neither do they pay out-of-pockect for HER surgery; unless she’s hoeing. And she MUST have jokes if she thinks I believe she’s cool with their wives; bit then again. I have seen where wives ho to strip clubs with their husbands and watch them get lap dances. And they pay for it.
    But anyway, she is starting to billy me around because her children bully her. They are teenagers who can’t be left alone, and they all have Oedipus issues, and she forgot she started the whole waiting till they’re asleep thing, so she blamed me for it. She forgot she used to always talk shit about her kids to me in front of them, so if I said anything about the 2am call from her 18 year old about practically nothing, she blamed me for it. Bit its worth reading this, because I beat her at her own game. And I’ll tell you how I did it. Not paying attention so much to what she wanted me to; only the facts. She blocked me after I told her that them not listening to her was not my fault. Because they were kicking her ass, and she couldn’t do it to them, so she s tarted doing it to me . I cut that ahit short.






      • Kathy Martin

        post as anonymou

      • Kathy Martin


      • Kathy Martin

        maybe you’re a pig

      • The Truth

        And there you have it folks, another retarded woman started this topic.

      • Kathy Martin

        this is strange. I have never posted here yet here I am-thought I was hacked several weeks ago-I turned up here to see reviews on the last ship and find I’ve called somebody a pig not to mention other comments. whoever is using my name it’s actually
        pitiful since I’ve checked the reviews here maybe twice ever. but….carry on

  • EfJoshPeck69

    Saying Josh Pecks wedding was beautiful.

  • Zachary Lancour

    My girl says the meanest shit, can act straight cold and don’t care if she’s wrong cause she never is lol jk, and wonders why we ain’t having sex. I honestly think she wants me to go elsewhere for my needs cause thats what she tells me to do. How many out of how many girls are like this? Appreciate input, thanks guys😎

    • anonymous

      if she says it she means it-and there’s a reason-you probably know what it is but you won’t look at yourself-what have you don’t to her that she doesn’t like? are you bad in bad? have you cheated on her? think about it honestly and you’ll understand it. I told my bf the same thing and the truth is he’s cheated on me so many times I’ve lost count and he thinks I don’t know. women know. trust me

  • The Truth Teller

    Most women nowadays are just very horrible creatures altogether, especially these days.

  • Most Women Today Aren’t Normal

    Well unfortunately most women are just down right very nasty with a very bad attitude problem when many of us men will try to start a normal conversation with one of these losers that most of them are nowadays, and with most of these women now just don’t have any respect for us men anymore with very bad manners to go along with it as well. And it is very sad that a great majority of the women are real feminists now as well since they really do have a very severe mental problem today the way that i look at it. That is why most of the women in the old days were real ladies and the very complete opposite of what these women are today which makes it a real shame how very horrible women can be these days. Back in the old days it was much easier meeting women for the men in those days with no trouble at all either which unfortunately today is a very different story for many of us good innocent men looking for love now.

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