Dec 13

counting money

There are a ton of articles on the web about great side hustles but most of them are absolute rubbish. The articles present lists of small jobs and 2-year degree options that we can do for work but give no clue as to how you get into it, how relevant it is and whether or not the writer knows someone who is actively doing it.

As a master of the “side hustle” I often get approached by people wishing to bolster their 9-to-5 with money that doesn’t necessarily involve working 2 jobs. The following list is a compilation of ideas that myself and affluent friends of mine have delved into to get a good amount of extra income coming in.

These are things that we do, not things that we hear are good. So if you are serious about bringing in some extra money, consider trying one of the things below—if you have the ability to.

Become a broker

Know someone who does something extremely well, is willing to pay for a referral and willing to bring in new clients? Then this is the time to play match-maker; find people who need the resources of said friend, and make that friend pay you to bring him and that client together harmoniously.

Another (much harder) way to broker is to play middle-man for goods and services. Let’s say you know where to get some cheap jeans for $10 a pair from a certain city. Online you know those jeans are worth $30 on Ebay… buy, sell and profit. Set up a little Ebay store and keep it going. You have to think outside the box on this one but when you figure it out its easy money all day every day.

Sell your talent

I had a guy offer me money to pretend I was him online to beat some trash talking kid at Street Fighter – imagine that!? People will pay for anything useful and if you are a master at Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft Office… Anything, you can get paid to teach those who don’t.

Setup a class and teach older, non-techie people how to manage a Facebook page to better their business. Charge $50 an hour for each person in the class and offer your time for their money. You will be surprised how many people are in need of a service that seems so easy to you.

The same can be done with coaching future athletes or anything that you personally are good at. Don’t show them how to do it, sell them how to do it!

Combine 2 things into 1

If you know of 2 great services that you can package and resell as one you could start a business for it. A great example of this is the dinner and movie packages that many hustlers were using back in the VHS/DVD days. They would pick up the meal you ordered from the restaurant of choice and would deliver it with a movie for you and yours to enjoy… marinate on that for a bit and find your 1 + 1 = 1 business model.

Teach online

Do you have a Master’s degree and too much debt to brag about it? Then why not use it to sign up for online classes as a professor? You can be grading papers while the football game is on and answering students via email while slamming wings at TGI Fridays.

Bounce at a club

Do you have some size on you and have the sneer of Lord Vader? Why not use your intimidating visage to keep douchebags in line, get free solicitation of hot drunk chicks, and collect a couple hundred dollars a night as a bouncer on the weekends? The only downside to doing this is its sort of an “invite only” job so knowing a connected guy is a must.

Do you have an idea on a side hustle that you’ve personally seen work for someone? If it’s not a secret then kindly share in the comments.

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