May 22

lady gaga felt upLast Saturday I went to dinner with a friend, and saw a reality show celebrity in the company of her husband, son, and another male at dinner. My dinner company was the first to recognize the son, and when I turned around I saw the familiar short, blond hair cut of the woman. I was amazed at how quickly my girl recognized them, and I had to admit this moment would have easily passed me had I been alone. Am I that unaware?

Most importantly, I had no desire to “meet” her, and even as I walked past her table I had absolutely no urge to “holler” at her in the typical ways fans do. This led to a conversation with my friend who shared that another individual who is big in the game was highly insulted when Jasmine Guy did not acknowledge him as she danced to his music at a social event.

Well, I personally could not understand his pain. This led me to remember this guy, who only a couple days before had to speak to me twice before I realized his comments were directed at me! I gave him a half-hearted “Heeay” and waved as I tried to search my mental rolodex to see if I was supposed to know him.  These days one can never be sure how the next stalker, pervert, crazy, or gift from God will cross your path. Being polite or playing coy may bring endless grief of unwanted attention, while a cold shut down could possibly end your life. And your gender does not matter!

I wonder if that is what was going through Will Smith’s mind as he “gently” slapped the face of the Russian pervert who tried to kiss him in the mouth or push his tongue in Will’s ear or whatever the hell he was trying to do? This is disgusting when a perfect stranger just totally invades your personal space and tries to get THAT personal with you. Have we lost our mind? And NO, this does not come with the territory. The paparazzi stalking Halle Berry’s daughter at school is totally off limits. This is no different from the pervert sitting on the park bench eying kids at play, while he or she plots the outcome of such an encounter.

Listen, if we know each other, by all means walk up and say hello. If you want to meet me, find an occasion when I am open and prepared. Don’t high-jack me at dinner or when I am on the dance floor with my honey. I would not do that to you, and your so-called “heroes” deserve the same courtesy.  Remember, we assign value to anything and everyone, based on what we perceive the utility is. There are other things of value to collect besides signatures.

Live well, Laugh much, Love abundantly.

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