Mar 10

Men, I realize that we have quite a few articles on this site regarding strip clubs but if it’s one bit of advice that I can give you to keep above others it is that you must always keep in mind what you are there for. One of the main problems guys have is in  forgetting why they went to the strip club in the first place. You go to a strip club for yourself first of all. If you are there on a special occasion like a bachelor party or a birthday then you are there for a man or a woman (depending on what type of party it is). You are never there to impress other guys because simply put other guys are there for themselves and they could care less what you and yours are doing.

When You Make It Rain Dollars Baby Jesus Cries

One of the most annoying experiences I’ve had at a strip club was when a group of young men came in and proceeded to “make it rain” with $1 bills.  Now this “make it rain” phenomenon was popularized by rappers and athletes who have the capital to actually “make it rain” hundreds to the stripper’s delight. You being a young punk who is probably living check to check if that, coming into the strip club and making it rain $1 bills is pretty sad because now you have the attention of the entire building. The icing on the cake was when those same individuals that I am referring to proceeded to pick the money back up after it was thrown. Seriously, if you aren’t a rapper or making rapper money, then you have no business making it rain in the strip club. And the guys who end up doing this should probably leave the money where it falls for the girls or the bouncers to collect it. Don’t scramble to pick it up – because now it just looks like you attempted to impress everyone with money you didn’t have… all $30 of it.

Stripper Romance – Every Boy’s Dream Come True

Guys that go to a strip club with the intention of finding a girlfriend is another breed of man that just simply confuses the living hell outta me.  Considering the fact that a high percentage of the girls that work at strip clubs hate men just for being men. It takes a lot for a woman to remove her clothes, grind on strangers and shake her ass every night because lets be honest here, a lot of the guys that go to strip clubs are not normal guys. Degenerates are drooling, some probably trying to rub one out on the sly, and reminding the girls of that uncle who couldn’t keep his hands to himself. So the assumption that your good looks and boyish charm will be enough to woo these women is probably misplaced. You’re not as charming as you think that you are, and they have seen hundreds of guys just like you by the time you have made it in there.

Stripper romance is not typical (don’t believe what T-Pain tells you) and it is not something that comes with going in there and just being a good looking guy. I know a few masters of the art of bagging strippers and trust me, their methodology will blow your mind. So really you should be going in there to have a good time, get your dances and go the hell home. Outside of the celebrations that I mentioned; the bachelor parties and the birthdays, your strip club experience should be a very selfish one. Not an experience of you trying to impress your buddies and all the other male patrons that are in the place. The guys that are there to impress usually end up getting bounced out at the end of the night, getting a glass slipper to the face (I’ve personally seen that happen) or pretty much cold cocked by some random dude in there for crossing boundaries. You aren’t in there to impress the male patrons, we don’t give a damn about you. Have your fun, go home and lets keep things professional.

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