Sep 13

A lot of times women get with guys that they assume are good only to be blindsided when the supposed good guy breaks their heart.

Many women mistake decency and good manners as the traits of a “nice guy”. In reality a man’s actions can mislead you, the true sign of a man’s heart lies within his speech.

You have to listen. Men are honest to a fault (unless you have one of those rare guys that lies non-stop). If you can get him talking he will tell you his intent, long-range plans and past transgressions.

This isn’t to say that you should ignore his actions completely. If you listen to a man and he says something then executes it – you have to realize that you are dealing with a solid man. However, if you meet a man who says one thing and then does another, then you should be prepared for disappointment.

What happens many times in a relationship is that a woman will hear something and ignore it completely, allowing her agenda to cloud his reality.

So if we start dating and I tell you that I (as a man) abhor the institute of marriage, children and family, why would you stick around knowing that you are gunning for the family ideal? You cannot change me, you have to listen and move on.

When you let assumptions cloud your judgment early in a relationship, you will end up angry and disappointed that the man will not fall into line with what you assumed him to be or assumed you could change him to be.

“I thought you were a nice guy!”

You… thought… you didn’t listen, you didn’t do the math, and you assumed. Now whose fault is that? Listen.

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