Jan 22

The video above will be met with some controversy because on one hand it denounces the fake “cool” nerds of today who are obviously using the term as the newest trend; while on the other hand it paints nerds into with a narrow brush as a monolith.

I felt the need to post it here however is because it almost feels necessary to remind people daily that “nerd and proud” is bull crap. If you grew up in the time when I grew up (or earlier) you can remember that nerds were not proud, nerds were in fact outcasts; not the theme of the day that popular culture has turned it into. Nerd has actually become somewhat of a modern day “n-word“, except that well – everybody can use it without being punched in the mouth.

I want to send this video to the celebrities who “think” that they are nerds, and to the people who think it’s cute to assimilate the subculture because they think that nerd only means “different”, “smart” and playing World of Warcraft. Sure the man in the video is a bit extreme with what he posits as his version of nerd, but beyond his words is a lot of truth.

Chances are you are NOT a nerd, you just play video games and wear glasses. Thank you.

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  • mcthick

    Zooey Deschanel…the dragon is talking to YOU. “Nerd culture” has always been suborned by the popular. Once something that nerds have picked to be nerds about goes mainstream, the nerds go all hipster and wail about how they “had it first.” 25 years ago, anyone who played computer games (not in an arcade) was a nerd. Now, that label has been nuanced to include only those that play fantasy games or MMOs. If you are one of the millions of man-children that play Black Ops or Battlefield 3 for hours each day, you might be mentally and socially stunted, but you’re still not considered a nerd.

    Also, as the dragon says, “nerd and proud” is just about bullshit. Nerd is a label given to you by others. It IS an insult. No one is proud of it, and those who have that label (really) want nothing more than for it to be removed.