Feb 06

asian couple sipping wine

So I have this friend who is a classic romantic, we’re talking old school, Clark Gable type of guy – so of course women love him. He does these little things for his wife that would never cross my mind and then when it gets posted on Facebook the rest of us men get in trouble for not being him. Ya… you know… he’s THAT guy!

Well how would you like to be THAT guy for Valentines Day? Think about it, you know the pressure is already suffocating and you don’t want to be Johnny Build-A-Bear just a couple of days before the 14th; pissed off at the price that you pay just for something that may or may not make your girl happy when she reciecves it!

Well break out your notepad apps, your Amazon gift cards, and ease your patience by using the infograph below. Leave the guessing to the pros like my friend who “gets” this stuff automatically, and surprise your lady for Valentines Day!

See… and you thought we Dragons were all fires and scales.


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  • Carlene

    Dear Dragon,

    I actually loved these suggestions, and do believe many are on point. I believe age of the recipient and age of the relationship might skew the percentages some. Here’s to demonstrating love!!!