Mar 28

Unapproachable is a different way of saying intimidating or scary. When someone seems perfect or devoid of flaws, it makes them seem unapproachable to others who may be interested. It is also the reason why you see dorks with some of the best looking chicks and guys that probably would make great couples with these women by them themselves feeling salty and being haters.

It is if the best thing a hawte can do is smile like an idiot and make dumb remarks in order for a guy to feel comfortable just to step to her. A super cultured, well dressed, well mannered, well spoken and well adjusted chick will scare guys away left and right unless he has money, power, or something else that bolsters his confidence.

Usually the guys that win women like this are the ones that can step pass the initial and move forward to talking with her without worrying about looking better than she does. Despite her royal presence, he steps in, makes a joke to break the ice and she becomes butter in his hands easily. The average guy will think “oh she’s gonna think I’m an idiot and I am going to look bad”. They laugh at the confident guy who made the hawte laugh and say things like “man, you’re such a cheese-ball!” But at the end of the day the confident “cheese-ball” has the beauty’s attention, her number and probably her panties while the scary, average guy is alone and left on the sidelines.

Observe the beautiful Shay Maria, who many average guys will not step to out of fear that she will clown the living shit out of them for using corny lines and that she may be above them, just because she is beautiful:

Image of Shay Maria taken from

Man candy (amirite?) She looks like your rich buddy’s beautiful fiance right? Well let’s observe her in her natural element being a normal person and see how your views on her change:

Yeah we love her to here at The Hall. That video proves my point that a lot of times guys put barriers in between themselves and a beautiful woman just off of the strength of lacking confidence and over-thinking things. Most women are unapproachable because men are afraid to approach them due to personal issues versus anything being wrong with the woman herself. So when a guy calls you unapproachable, do not take it to heart, it is usually something personal dealing with confidence or in extreme cases you could just be a pretty mean chick.

Guys, there are no unapproachable women, we all eat, crap an piss to survive. Bully up, spit game and bag the hawte despite how “corny” you come off. Here’s a secret – most beautiful women are single. Get on your game!

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  • Good piece! Men have to muster the courage to fight whatever insecurities they have and simply just approach women–no matter how beautiful and articulate the women are.

  • minime

    Useless piece…the word unapproachable is applied to beautiful women for a reason…its because they’re unapproachable!!