Dec 31

2010 what a year… can I say good riddance to one of the worst years ever socially? For the Hall 2010 was HUGE and I am appreciative but in life… Let me explain…

2010 Boomer Racists Came Out Of The Closet

It isn’t so bad that I turn a year older as it is that I worry that 2011 may be the same thing all over. It seemed that when Barry Obama took office it was akin to an exterminator setting off a bomb and all of the little Baby Boomer era racists started scattering out from their hiding places. I mean it’s been a mess this year and a major hit to the “post-racial” debate circle, seriously I couldn’t even make this up – wanna see for yourself what 2010 wrought, just check the archives of any News Blog. It’s been an ugly year, and it goes to show that when people lose a little power and money (shitty economical year), their real side will find its way out. That’s as much as I will say on this topic since this isn’t the platform for it, but wow… it cannot be ignored.

Huge Year for The Hall of The Black Dragon

For the Hall, 2010 was a monster year – an absolute monster. I cannot express my gratitude in a sufficient way to thank all of the denizens (you lovely readers) that support, promote and continue to rent rooms in our Halls but thank you so much. In my hectic life, I find that writing and expressing myself as an artist is the necessary splash of water on my face in this Rat Race Marathon. I absolutely love writing and there is no better feeling than the knowledge that agree or disagree, there are so many people reading. Nothing tops that for me, and although I would continue doing it if I was left with only 1 guest (me), I acknowledge and thank you all from the bottom of my heart for tuning in.

Techie Details: This site was hand-coded originally and updated via HTML/PHP and has remained that way up until this year. We are now running on a real server, using Databases to fuel the entire Hall and changing things can be done even from my little Blackberry 9700. We have revamped the Top 100 Models to allow YOU the user to vote up or down on our selected ladies and even in it’s youth phase several people have ranked up or down based on your input – I love that! What this means is that by this time next year, the number one lady will not be my number one lady, it will be The Hall’s number one lady. This is just one tiny element in many cool things that have rolled out unto this site and much more to come.

Upcoming For A New Year

Personally I will be writing more articles from my personal knowledge base. What this means is that I will go into the things I am considered knowledgeable in ie: Gangster Philosophy, Martial Arts, Fitness, War History and Beautiful Women – just to name a few (tongue planted in cheek… mine not yours). We have had some awesome talent come on to write for us and we look forward to sharing many more in the New Year. There will be a new wing built, but that may take some time and things will move around, but article-wise you can always rely on us 5-7 days a week giving you our candid opinion and advice on everything relevant to being an Extraordinary Gentleman.

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