Jun 06


There seems to be a disturbing pattern developing online where child celebrities are being treated with as much ire as their adult counterparts. People voice their negative opinions on public spaces but that negative opinion is normally in the form of personal attacks.

Online bullying has been revealed as a real thing over the years and many kids have suffered from it in one form or another. Children get YouTube videos posted about them and the disgusting commentators anonymously tear them apart with glee. In the last few years there have been more than a few suicides to come from this.

Are we to believe that child celebrities are somehow different and the attacks against them aren’t read, heard and taken the same way? Or is it the same as with many things concerning the haves and the have-nots where we assume that money makes for a different set of rules in morality, humanity, and positivity?

It seems that when it comes to child stars people are either counting down the years until the magical number 18 arrives (so they can objectify without accusations of pedophilia) or people are expressing how much they hate them, want them to die, and a number of other nasty things on public forums.

Celebrities are subject to ridicule, it is one of the bad parts of the job, but even their children aren’t spared from the 24/7 cameras, the perfection police, and the predatory adults who see them as fair-game for the poor and unknown. Is money and jealousy the root of all this lack of empathy? Maybe…, maybe not, but the amount of self-proclaimed failed actors and armchair critics on IMDB taking personal shots at kids leads me to believe it is a hate born from jealousy.

But I would love to hear what you folks think? I have spent so much time calling people out for the personal attacks on Willow and Jaden Smith that I am starting to feel like the outsider. Are children fair game because they “chose” celebrity life (being sarcastic there), or is this just another case of people behaving badly?

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