Jun 03


Recently Samsung launched an ad that featured the stereotypical “lazy husband” trope that has been levied on males for as long as I can remember. In the past those of us who did not fall within this stereotype would shrug it off and ignore it but in 2013 things are much, much different for men. The difference with regards to this ad is that men from all over the internet are speaking out against it and swearing off of Samsung’s products.

Why Are Men Upset?

Every day we are reminded that we are rapists, underachievers and absentee fathers by women with a larger-than-life podium (internet blogs) whose main agenda is to shame manhood while pretending that they are out for equality. While the issues of black men and white men (when it comes to our women) have been very different from one another, there is a common overlap when it comes to cock-and-balls being taught as a bad thing and we agree that enough is enough with the foolishness. The ad is not cute or comical in the least to this man and apparently many other males.

Men have grown tired of the double speak and opportunistic attacks from every corner of the internet so when you have a company like Samsung which represents technology – a field that feminists like to attack for being white male dominated – it makes us say “okay, hold on now… not you too with this bullshit!?”

So what gives? Is Samsung’s marketing department being run by a bunch of out-of-touch people that think this sort of stuff is still “cute”, or has the radical feminist agenda found its way into their offices? I will tell you this, if we are going to have true equality between the sexes, we can no longer sit back and be showcased as Neanderthals, sperm-donors, and children to our female mates. We will no longer stand for Misandry like this from companies who have made billions off of male dollars, and Samsung needs to issue an apology and put a full stop on this offensive ad campaign.

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  • Lonnie F

    There’s not gonna be any equality. Many of the gains that women have today are because of men handicapping themselves. They dominate the fields that they drive because there’s no need to handicap something we don’t care about (see gossip of any kind/reality tv/pink collar). I’m not saying the workplace is fair or equal whether it’s male or female dominated, but women tend to be dissuaded from fields like tech because certain bullshit doesn’t fly. Competing isn’t asking the other guy to tie a hand behind his back while you do your thing.

    A similar point can be made about blacks in the STEM fields. Barring racism structural and overt good or bad intentions, we’re underrepresented because we’re not that interested. Every other person out there is a woman, but in the US not every other person is black. Feminists can’t acknowledge that natural advantage. My 50+ mom asked me if I’ve ever heard of 3rd party harassment because she had to hear a lecture about it at her workplace. I told her it’s a man law that favors an eavesdropper dropping a dime. She told me her and her coworkers were trying to figure out who snitched and what they snitched about. They never even said and nobody knew, but they all got an ear beating. She asked me what makes it a man law. Because we understand context. Say somethin about a man and WDGAF unless it’s about us in particular, but say somethin about any woman and she thinks we’re speaking on all women.

    About the ad, we can be offended, but we can still acknowledge the context and then move on. I can only be so upset because I’m a real cat and I know a cat like me didn’t make that ad. A thorough broad can’t be upset either because she wouldn’t even tolerate a dude like that. Overall man, that’s what they do because that’s what they can get away with. I say let them push it til they catch friction.

  • Female

    Until the misogynist and sexist “sammich and beer” commercials disappear, along with their bikini car wash cohorts, you can quit yer bellyaching and fuck straight off.

    • Why is it that logic and facts escape wannabe feminists when it comes to defending something as stupid as this commercial? As a red-blooded, knuckle dragging, take your misogyny and shove it up your ass male, I have seen tons of commercials targeted to me and none of them have “sammich and beer” rhetoric in them from what I recall. Do you know what would happen if they did? Just ask Mark Zuckerberg what a gang of 60,000 bored women with a petition is able to do and get back to me.

      Instead of being a worthless, waste of space and a troll with an opinion, how about coming with some facts the next time you wish to refute anything here, or kindly take your own advice and fuck straight off?