May 17

sweet chocolate wine taster

Those who know me know that i love my food and wine. Being able to locate a cheap bottle (cheap being defined as under $15) without traveling too far is my forte. Contrary to popular belief, the key is making sure the wine is very drinkable on its own, not the cost at the counter.

I’ve been a frugal chick for much of my adult hood, and finding new bottles at a low price point has been easy. Trust me, I’ve spent well over $40 on a bottle before and still been disappointed, so I’ve become accustomed to trying new wines that only disappoint my wallet on a way smaller level. The following are some great bottles that retail at your local grocery store for less than $15.

Cupcake Chardonnay, California

This wine has a rich buttery flavor (one of my favorite attributes in a chardonnay) and goes very well with a garlicky, creamy, or olive oil, based pasta. Its great just to settle down on the couch for a movie or at the table playing a game of cards. I’ve served it several times and never had a complaint.

Yellow Tail Cabernet Savignon, Australia

Those who know Yellow Tail know that the bottle retails for anywhere between $5 and $8 at any grocery store and is color coded for easy selection. This one is the red label. A deep, bold taste and is my go to bottle for any dish where red wine is mentioned in the recipe. I almost always cook any meat dish with it. From basic spaghetti to a crock pot roast, it gives the meat a kick that everyone loves.

Oak Grove Viognier (vee-OH-neeay), California

A hint of crispness just right for spicy dishes. Another drinkable bottle on its own as well. I love to just sit on the porch on a warm night, sipping this and looking at the sky.

Alamos Malbec, Argentina

One of those wines that are very bold. Some may not appreciate it on its own as much but grill up some lamb chops and you will be in heaven. The heaviness of the meat cuts right through the tannins of the wine and leaves you with a great sense of comfort.

Although some seem to think that the key is spending a lot money on your wine, the truth is, if you can find a drinkable bottle for less, go for it. Unless your friends are total wine snobs, you will not regret it. Even if they don’t appreciate what you appreciate, you still come out on top as you can secure a good bottle for yourself without spending more than you are willing. Those are the ones well worth keeping as a staple in your house

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