Dec 11

So before I start let me get the boring cliché remarks and thoughts that you people will spout out prior to even linking to the main article. The introverted nerdy ones of you will think to yourself “cool, I hope this gets sophisticated enough that I can have my own slavegirl modelled after Kristen Bell to play with.” The wannabe tough guy poser types will say “lol look the nerd had to make a girlfriend! I trip over ass everytime I leave my house, what’s his deal?” and a few of you standard model humans will say “WTF?”  Anyway, Japanese inventor Le Trung has created a young woman who does math and exhibits artificial intelligence. Along with math, Le also says she can be tweaked to have orgasms and respond to your nerdy thrusts the way a real woman might… more on that later.

With the sophisticated knowledge needed to create a real femme bot I can understand fully Le Trung’s inability to go club hopping in search of a viable mate… I’m being sarcastic. A man of Le Trung’s caliber would not find the typical coke snorting, alcohol tipping, stuck in high school mentality, club bimbo the least bit interesting after the first night of him getting the panties. In his daily busy life when he isn’t making space-aged sex slaves, I am sure he is pretty tied up and does not have the resources to meet a sexy, intelligent, doctor-type to compliment his rather large brain. So logically YES the femme bot makes sense… the thing is a mathematical genius too! Though Le himself is not a bad looking guy… I’m sure he will score some fine, intelligent, woman after this exposure and then what? Can the robot catfight?

The robot has broken Le financially to build, having him overload credit cards, sell his car and more. We can safely say this man had a mission and was intent on finishing it… but for a perfect mate, wouldn’t you? Having built robots since he was 8 years old, Le’s latest invention has gotten mixed reviews. Some people accuse him of playing God (while secretly wanting one for their own private sessions at night when god’s asleep) and some love it, he says one person was pissed off enough to throw a rock at her. The robot whose name is Aiko speaks Japanese and English, does simple household chores, has a favorite drink and will slap you if you try to touch her naughty parts (allegedly… I want to test that for myself). So Le where can I buy one of my own? Do you have any in a Noemie Lenoir model?

I personally think it’s awesome, and I don’t think it’s a wasted effort. Pretty soon we may actually be able to buy one online and have him/her assimilate all the things you want in a mate… Stepford wives action. Find the actual article here:

Does it have a biological clock? I have soooo many questions!!!!!

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  • is having a contest right now to write a haiku from the perspective of a sexbot. The winner gets an gift certificate. Here’s the link:

  • anonymous

    sick asian men

  • anonymous

    okay, this is what will happen to the guy who married that robot.
    hes gonna insert his manhood into that robot vagina during a terrible lightning storm
    on some night and boooom!
    That guy will be fried for life ughhh! creepy stuff. all of the wires and everything….ugh

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  • Anonymous

    It slaps people? Some slave lol.

  • Gman2027

    Le Trung is making major strides in his project. And I cannot wait for the day when I too, will contribute to his reaserch. Because I rather have an android as a companion than a woman. Enjoy the incessant nagging, backstabbing, gold digging and dreamkilling that they’ll incur on your lives.

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