May 27


It isn’t spoken about enough but like many other pink elephants in the room, the lack of true reward for the military soldier in a country that has so much is one that nobody wishes to talk about. Yet daily we see our parents, siblings, sons, and daughters put on the uniform and sign away years of their life in order to meet the needs of the state. These needs are not something that is either new, or something that will ever change as far as I can see. War is hell, but war is a part of the human experience. Unfortunately, as we all very well know, war desires warriors.

As civilians we have the weight of support and gratitude for our Spartans who are lucky enough to come home with their shields as opposed to on them, but speak to many veterans and they will tell you that unlike the Greeks of old, a military life comes with ridicule from idealists, poorly handled funds muffled by red tape to aid them, and worst of all ignorance. I can imagine that for a real life Captain America who signed up for love of his country, the reality of this aloof attitude can make the sacrifice feel unappreciated.

I personally have made it my honor to treat Memorial Day as one of actual remembrance. From the comfort of my living room and video reserves I have a number of award-winning documentaries, movies and reading material that serve as an eye-opener that brave men and women have died and are dying while I enjoy these luxuries.

usa-flagWe often think of Memorial Day with happiness and elation, not because it’s a celebration of our free lives but because we have the day off and can enjoy barbecue. Great! It has that added benefit to it, but we should find some time to give memory to the fallen, to honor the soldiers in our lives, and to show some respect to the very realness that is life and death for a soldier.

We have written extensively on some of the greatest men and women to have lived and died in uniform so if you have the time check them out:

My recommended movies and shows for Memorial Day:

While you may not agree with war, hate everything about it including the commanders who put soldiers on the ground in foreign countries, we still owe it to those who were there to show some respect for their sacrifice.

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  • Antonio M. Daniels

    We must never forget about those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for us to enjoy the many freedoms we have. It’s great that you are honoring our fallen troops.

    • Hey Antonio, I appreciate you commenting on this and sharing it. I am an armchair military historian so it sticks with me more than the average Joe and I do think about the losses. Since the Vietnam War we as a nation have had a very disjointed relationship with our soldiers and it extends to the aloof attitude we have for those who die int he line of fire. I am hoping that some of these “badass of the month” articles and reminders such as this one help to bring about a bit of change in people… especially those with family members in uniform.