Aug 12

Ambition: The desire and motivation to succeed.

It’s a beautiful word. Everyone considers themselves to be ambitious but very few actually are. It’s a word used at school to get into College, then into a University and after “Higher Education” – to land oneself a (preferably) graduate job. Okay, so a person goes through that and after graduating with a fabulous degree ends up in a menial job. The relevance of the degree is lost or wasn’t worth doing in the first place.

Imaginations run wild most times yet I’ve noticed one thing among many people. A lack of ambition.

Ambition encompasses drive, determination, willpower and motivation. A bit like a 4 in 1 Shampoo (I’m hoping for this note’s sake-it exists!). It is what will carry a person to reach a goal that has been set and visualized by the mind’s eye. People often have the end result/product in mind-yet no clue on how to even begin to get there. And then there is laziness…

Granted I acknowledge that all of us are different, and it’s something I’ve learned to accept over the years; but hailing from a workaholic background, my aim was to become independent as quickly as possible, which thankfully i became. However what i cannot stand to see is when people waste their grown, healthy, adult lives when there are others dying of terminally ill diseases – wishing, wanting and hoping that they had more time to live.

Being ambitious isn’t about (for ladies) marrying the richest man and living off of his wealth and (for men) being a drug dealer just because its easy and brings in a lot of cash. I’ve often heard many girls saying “Life is too difficult, lets marry a wealthy prospect” and the Gents saying “I NEED to own the fastest ride/biggest house with all this money i have”. Both are cheating themselves out of any potential in building empires.

Planning is so essential for an ambitious person. You need to know the end result and how/what steps are to be taken in order to reach it. Just like you pull up at a petrol station and fill up the tank before hitting the road, the same must be done in life. Though in life: imagination becomes the fuel, motivation the tank and ambition the car. Desire is often the road that paves the way to unlimited success.

Channel the hurt into positivity!

When i was younger and in school, I observed those around me. Everyone had different potentials and those who felt intimidated oft-times had something to say. Words can hurt but if you channel the hurt into positivity there’s nothing a person cannot achieve on this planet! Countless times non-ambitious people will attempt to make you feel badly that you have expensive taste in things, are highly motivated and will not take no for an answer.

There are two types: Those who like to lead and those who like to entertain. Rare are those in existence that encompass both. Yet they are the ones who have the ambition and foresight to see the prospective in other less courageous people.

Your task is to ask yourself if you are really reaching your own potential and if you aren’t then find someone in your life who is truthful enough to tell you why.

Just remember to listen carefully and implement. The truth was never sweet… It’s not her nature to be.

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  • Jay

    This article is so badly written, i cannot believe someone has actually posted this primary school level work.

    The editors must be dizzy.

    • Damn Jay, how do you really feel? The article came out a little early but after seeing your comment I went in and did my job. Thanks for visiting the Hall, next time you flame you could preface it with how you felt about the subject at hand. Are you ambitious? Does your daily life reflect something that has come from your inner drive? Hopefully my edits have helped clarify the point of this post rather than having it derail into stabs at writing styles. Read it again if you have the time.

  • Jay,

    On behalf of everyone at the Hall, I would like to offer our apologies regarding this article. Had we taken the time to…..wait…..

    You shittin me Jay? Most places would delete such a worthless troll comment, but yours is going to stay as a shining example of idiocy. Not often does someone step up to the plate and offer such useless, adolescent, butthurt criticism. In the future try to use adult words to formulate coherent thoughts and examples of your differing opinion.

  • Nadia

    Jay ,

    Thankyou for your comment. I look forward to people who hate on my work and myself without even knowing a single thing. Perhaps instead of hurling out lashings of confused venom, you ought to-as my article suggests, find yourself some real ambition.

    Props to the admin for keeping your comment up as you serve to show others what its like to still be stuck in high school transmission. When you are ready to deal with the world as an adult, do come back again. In the mean time, i most definately will be adding to this great e-zine !

  • Carly

    Hi Nadia,
    Thank you for the reminder to do our personal “check-up”, overhauling of our individual engines, and gunning forward. It is so easy to get stuck in the gunk of life, running on suboptimal fuel of jobs we hate, lacking love life, and wrecked financial status, just to list a few. Some of us as parents, wives, teachers, technical assistants, customer servive reps etc. continue to give and give and give and give…without stepping back to reassess our individual drive and performance.

    Jay my love – criticism is like an electrical surge, it is a temporary bright spark that is only a flash in the pan, with the potential to cause debilitating damage – which in the long run is a wasteful use of good energy.

  • Sk

    Even though the hall has a small viewer-ship I have rather enjoyed reading the articles here but I must say however, I am surprised that editors allow content like this to be published, indexed and resulting in further bad publicity for their small field of viewers. An article containing the word “thing” or “something” more then once is proven to be of poor writing style. This is not hate Nadia, you may have deluded yourself in believing you have no room for improvement. As I am sure to save grace you will agree, therefore you should improve on your writing style and not assume that you are looked upon as an idol. The fact that you even attempted to defend yourself by commenting back in an even further idiotic post, shows that you are too sensitive. If we are your viewership, you should write in the way we like otherwise when you have no viewers, you will get dropped. Final words to the editors, you know how they say, curiosity killed the cat? You tried to get a new writer, it failed, now can we get back to normal.